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Post your reaction if you saw this happen.

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>hehe it's funny because it's jack and he's retarded
did no one in your family teach you that making fun of the simple-minded isn't nice?

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if that shit had any heat to it whatsoever this wouldn't have happened

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I'm not dumb enough to try and cook eggs on a grill.

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>calls people simple minded
>doesn't know that isn't jack.
Jesus Christ absolute the state of Europe.

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now that you mention it, his hands aren't as fat as jack's

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I'd laugh and pull out a frying pan so I can actually fry my eggs without them falling off

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Why even buy this dumb grill mat when you can just use a cast iron or carbon steel pan on the grill?

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cast iron shilling on /ck/ is really getting out of hand lately

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Two large grill mats cost only $10 or less, while a single cast iron will cost you $10-$20 while having less cooking surface than said mats. Jack was just dumb and tried to cook the eggs before the mat was properly hot.

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>cast iron shilling
Hi back to whatever shit board you crawled out of.

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WTF purpose is a grill mat?
I can't see any purpose for grilling over smoke and not having the food and drippings go into flames to come back as smoke.

Maybe these would be useful for bread dough or pancakes. Can't think of any other use. Like another anon said, just park a pan there.

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nah i'm staying

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Except most people already have a cast iron pan, and if you don't why would you be buying a grill mat instead of one?

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same ring

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because copper

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cast titanium is where it is at baby

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how upsetting

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Sintered carbide

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i love it

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You get to do the cooking outside in nice weather, and there's less cleaning afterwards.

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La creatura...

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one eye on the juice one eye on the streets

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That watch says it all

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I can do better with a spoon, chefs knife, another bottle, fence paling and ur mom

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The grills are upside down. If they were the right way up the bars in the middle wouldn't be making grooves in the mat and they would work fine

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Why are you even giving attention and views to this fucking retard? He cant do nothing right, he eats like a gross faggot. He cant cook for shit, serves stuff raw and undercooked and cant even fry an egg.

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>when he hears the guy who's been posting all those webms

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That absolutely is jack you retard


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Enjoy your ban.

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Lol fuck off dipshit

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He's whiter than the average 56 percenter.

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that wop ain't white.

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The same reason people watch Report of the Week. Watching the mentally challenged is funny.

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his balding is really picking up pace

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it's funny to watch and talk about

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Where is this from?

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those are twist offs..

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How would you react to this?

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He's like a toad man.

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Is it just me, or are the barbeque war tours even worse than his normal content? He bitches about everything the entire video while vlogging like an obnoxious cunt with his uncharismatic hick friend. AND he has the gall to wear his disgusting mustard colored hat advertising his gelatinous sauces to these various establishments while talking shit about their sauces and food.

Also for someone who has their own line of sauces, it's incredibly hilarious how he has no clue how to barbeque ANYTHING decently.

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