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It's time again my boys.

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Thread saved!

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This is easily my favorite of all of these.

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w-wrong hotsauce senpai
not that you can't buy both at your local wal-mart

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I don't understand how a human being is capable of such acts.

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jack is just on a higher level of existence.

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I still can't understand how he got cut.

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Knife rotated to face upwards at ~05 seconds

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This is easily the biggest fuck up of them all. I always feel like this one needs some context.

Jack put this in his freezer and kept it there for 2 entire years. He did not thaw this product before cooking it, and managed to absolutely burn the outside while not cooking the inside at all. He then proceeded to cover it in store-bought sauce.

He brought this meal to a cooking competition and accused the judges of foul-play when he didn't win.

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Before someone asks about this one, he added a shit ton of corn starch. You can do this at home, I don't suggest it.

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what a fucking idiot

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And that's the end of my jack collection. Hope you enjoyed.

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I'm glad you faggots are making your own threads instead of shitting up the actual webm threads.

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Why mayo, Jack? WHY!?

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ok /ck/ so is this guy for real or is jack just pretending to be retarded

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Hes for real. Hes a complete amateur at cooking, and he thinks hes absolutely amazing so he refuses to learn new skills or look up how to do anything.

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Jack thread?

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>that drizzle at the end
lol, wa la

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i know, he literally cut the hand holding the knife

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Jack doesn't think he's good he's just lazy and doesn't need to be good or practiced to succeed in his format

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>Jack doesn't think

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I couldnt tell if this was a Jack video or a Boris video until the cocked up icing job.

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But he was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada.

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He has 10 knives within arm reach why use his teeth on video

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The theory is sound (mayo is just eggs and oil anyway, which are common ingredients in cakes), but I still wouldnt fucking do it.

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Get out if here with your viral marketing shit

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How the fuck did he even cook those? They have no grill marks or sear of any kind, did he just bake ground beef in the shape of a patty

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>Doesn't even remove the sticker
I know those stickers are edible and stuff but it just shows he doesn't wash his fruit or probably any of his vegetables

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pan fried, you can tell by the searing you claim doesn't exist

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That looked really good until he poured the doodoo butter all over it

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i love this man and i want his children

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The one on the left has some sear the other two don't unless it's on the bottom but why would you not use that as your presentation side

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I can't tell what's clumsier; Jack or that file name.

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>it's true
holy shit

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both the left and the right are seared, the middle one has searing but only over a little bit. the general answer to why he does things poorly is that he's inept

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What words did he use when he though that pork skin was the "fat cap" and needed a cross-hatched pattern?

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I won't argue with the truth

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>Voted for Hillary
I know he was talking about Mexico not Canada but Trump was right they aren't sending their best

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He was still in California before Youtube even launched, fake news

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>sunny Nashville, CA.
but yeah Jack is a New Yorker

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c-can you link his channel
t. newfriend

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>calling something fake without providing proof

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>gee I wonder why all these early jack on the go reviews are in southern california for some reason and then magically stop when his kitchen also changes and he talks about leaving california for tennessee because they were teaching his kid about commie bullshit like homosexuals

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>flicks that shit in the can away into the void

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>just puts them in cold ass oil

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>he made a non newtonian marinade

Fucking howling with laughter

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thanks anon

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>69 replies
>5 posters
The absolute state of samefaggotry ITT

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Also I fucking hate the arm spread this borderline retarded golem does when he tastes his """cooking""".

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>oil, nice and cold

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This webm makes me think he's actually got impaired motor skills. Didn't he have a stroke or something at some point in life? That might explain it.

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You are telling me this fat jersey wearing fuck can't open a beer?!

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Hello, newfriend.