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Britbongs-- Please explain yourselves.

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Taco Bell has started to expand in the UK from a few novelty shops to a larger presence. 'Mexcan' food is fashionable and Taco Bell is something that's been in a lot of American media but most people have not been to as they only have had about three shops. Thus, a Taco Bell would be a local curiosity for a while and attract a decent opening crowd just for the novelty factor alone. Personally I would not go to one.

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>the random clock on the side of the building
Where is the bell, though?

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It's the same as when chain from x rolls up at country y. It's different, it's unique, but we've all heard about it for centuries!

We just had a Krispy Kreme open up in NZ (In the less savory neighborhood, go figure) and there was a multiple-hour queue for it for a couple days, as if nobody had ever had a doughnut for fucks sakes.

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Krispy Kreme won't make you sick.

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Not every country has the same fast food standards or ingredient sources.

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As an American I find that ridiculous. Most countries have their own fast food chains and everybody knows that all fast food sucks.

>waiting multiple hours for fucking krispy kreme

Like, what could they possibly expect?

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>Not every country
Does the British government in charge of food preparation at Britbong Taco Bell now??

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A thousand likes on their facebook page I guess?

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Europeans are obsessed with America

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yuros are always talking shit and then eat up our fast food. hilarious

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To try something the Simpsons talked about. It's like if fictional characters came to town.

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>euros are one person

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It's not random. It's purposely put there for people to see the time. But currently it's wrong because Serbians are cunts.

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There's more than one person in that line jackass.

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i bet you fucking money that the krispy kreme is better than whatever you fucking kiwis have for doughnuts

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It is, nz is a quaint backwards shithole stuck 1-2 generations behind on everything

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Tell me about the great advances in doughnut technology from the past two generations. I have never been out of my quaint shithole.

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They cut a hole out of the center

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>what is diabeetus?

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They're the biggest faggots in the entire world. Quite hilarious indeed.

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Diabetes is a meme

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What's hilarious is a line that long and not a single morbidly obese person.

Let's see that happen in your shit tier hell hole.

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one of these opened in brighton, and i went in to try it out of curiosity. it was absolute shite.
and yet it daily has queues like pic related.
wtf is this shit?

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Fug that's Colchester, live near there. The town if full of mouth breathers young and old, so I'm not surprised. I have seen that Taco Bell and never got food there because I don't think mexican food is particularly good as a fast food and also the hygiene of it looked really poor.

Why the fuck is taco bell even in England now? We don't have a large Mexican population, I swear we just copy everything from America a few years later. All this shit is imported from the states and its terrible, places like taco bell, subway etc.

You wouldn't see a cornish pasty company place opening up in the states I imagine.

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Hey brighton bro. Want to meet up and fuck?

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There have been mexican restaurants and fast food places in England for decade, wtf are you on about?

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Gourmet mexican restaurants are different to low grade fast food.

I'm saying it makes sense that we have lots of kebab and indians due to immigrants as it does make sense to have Taco Bell in America due to its mexican immigrants. But it seems really out of place here. I'm just surprised there is demand, personally I think Mexican food is only worthwhile served in a halfway decent restaurant not as a fast food item.

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I see your point now. I'm too hungover to argue.

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no, i am not a homosexual

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Honestly what's the point in living here then?

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i live in hove. it's a great town.

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So do I...

Wouldn't it be easier if you just agreed to have sex with me?

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just put it up his bum. he'll come around.

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Curiosity for something us brits see in the media plenty but many haven't tried. It's the same for Shake Shack and Five Guys which have done alright over here, but at least both of those have a somewhat decent product. The first UK branch of Dunkin Donuts opened in my town and has closed after a year or two.

Not sure how well Taco Bell will do. I've never tried it (and i'm not really tempted). Wahaca is a good Mexican chain but i'm guessing it's priced higher

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The thing is everything is more expensive here. I assume the attraction of taco bell in the US is the cheapness of the food. There's no dollar menu at the UK one, the tacos are over £2. It just doesn't work.

Anyway, I've tried pretty much everything on the menu at the one in Brighton and there's only one thing worth buying.

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Surprised they didn't rename it Taco Bong tbqh

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This raised a genuine chuckle.

Well done.

Or should I say well bong?

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You’re a meme, fatty

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You're the fatty, memeboy

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>t. constantly refers to every American he encounters on 4chan as a 56% mongoloid atrocity.
Doesn't feel.good when someone does it to you, does it?

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Pretty much all fast food is shit, Taco Bell included, but the price is decent here in England. Most fast food places are fucking expensive, were talking over £6 for a Big Mac meal. I understand going for the novelty as well, but I don't understand queueing down the street to get in. It's still going to be there next week when the queue is gone.

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>the virgin Greggs vs the Chad West Cornwall Pastie company

All I can think when they're right next door to each other.

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Back in the 80s Taco Bell was amazing. You could hard, soft tacos, maybe a burrito, nacos and cheese and a beer.

Their nacho chips where tiny triangles of delicious salt and the cheese wasn't phony garbage. tacos were frsh as fuck and went with the nachos perfectly.

Now its just tostitos and grocery store garbage mixed with sawdust.

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it's not like there aren't 1000 other taco places to choose from now

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I couldn't disagree more. You can get three cheese burgers from McDonald's for the price of one small taco.

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Media is practically America's largest export to most countries. No shit they'd be curious about things that mostly exist or happen here.
It remains successful because of how inexpensive it has stayed over the decades. It does suck, but price and familiarity matters more to enough people.

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2bh if a Hesburger or something like that from Europe opened up in my city I'd go check it out

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>the Taco Bell in my town shut down for renovations

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This is the closest thing in Minnesota. Food truck is meme
The door behind the truck is the actual store. I doubt many people actually visit. I lived only a block or two from it at one point. It's the back entrance of a basement of a strip-mall - so the entrance isn't on the strip-mall side of the street. You basically go down some stairs and at the end of a hallway they have a half-door where you can order food.

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pic related

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I'm surprised it took them that long to adopt mexican food. I'm always surprised some dude in east/central europe has never had a taco.

Sometimes I don't think I mind being close to mexico.

Canada's never given us shit though. Pouring gravy on french fries doesn't count.

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we've had mexican food for years. my town has 3 or 4 mexican restaurants
i even remember seeing a few in london in the late 80s although i never ate there.
but lately they have opened a whole bunch of these places, and they are terrible.
we have maybe a dozen great independent pizzerias in my town, and yet plenty of people would still rather go to pizza hut. it's not even cheaper, so price is nothing to do with it.
unrelated, but i always though it's weird how we get great canadian cheddar in the UK and yet I have never seen a cheese from the US that wasn't absolute shite, but surely you must make good cheese. surely?

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>Yuropoors and Australians spend their entire day crying about Americans on 4chan
>wait hours in line to eat at American fast food restaurants

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tastes better than what they already got

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Fat the fat fatty

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>waiting in a long line for fast food
>garbage, overpriced food

Why would anyone do this?

>> No.10269072

Maybe there are multiple demographics with a broad range of opinions living within those regions. Not like in America where we all have the same view of the world, right?

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>great canadian cheddar
It’s hardly Montgomery’s lad. Adequate at best.

>> No.10269089

Its very rare for brits to get to have any kind of meat besides lamb. Not halal you see.

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Hell we had a Krispy Kreme open here in Houston and there was a line and backed up traffic for weeks

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Memesly Memesworth III

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The UK needs millions of Mexican immigrants so they can experience a mediocre taco. Its worth it

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Oh wow I didn't know nigs and spics liked donuts

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Calm down Aiden

>> No.10269212

Is it hard to make your own tortillas and taco meat?

>> No.10269223

well you need corn and a cow so yeah

>> No.10269236

Only if you’re gentle with my feminine penis

>> No.10269289

Can this be achieved under Sharia law or does the UK need to import mexican refugees?

>> No.10269303

Well, i know there is a cow close by. So i guess i'm already half way there.

>> No.10269313

Inshallah, we will teach the kuffir to respect us

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>Where is the bell, though?

It interrupted the call to prayer so they melted it down.

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Lol, as if there's a single non white in Brighton. It's literally and figuratively the white city.

Americans on suicide watch.

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See you in Brighton sauna in 30. You'll know me because I'll look exactly like someone who browses 4chan.

>> No.10269435

i know lad. nothing beats a whip-cracking vintage somerset cheddar.
i just think it's weird that canadians can manage decent cheese, yet americans can't. or at least we don't get to see any of it

>> No.10269443

this. probs the whitest city in england

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Have you ever tried Blacksticks Blue? They sell it in Sainsbury. Even if you don't like blue cheese I recommend it, it's my absolute favourite cheese of all time.

>> No.10269454

just to clarify this for the uninitiated, this is an inside joke
everyone who goes to that sauna looks like someone who browses 4chan
because they do

>> No.10269457

same in SA, i remember kids taking the morning off school and coming in late with the stupid hats on

>> No.10269465

I didn't know they had Krispy Kreme in South Africa

>> No.10269490

Yeah I love black sticks.

>> No.10269492

it's a prime example of corporate idiocracy. I guarantee you every single of them took a photo of their food and only hate half of it in the end.

>> No.10269499

yes m8. blacksticks is banging.
the same dairy also makes a blue goats cheese called 'beacon blue', it's available in the tesco finest range.

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do they still have a watersports/scat room?
asking for a friend

>> No.10269509

I used to know a guy who worked the front desk for a while but was straight, apparently the owner would constantly try to ply him with cocaine to fuck him. No idea why he worked there. Never been in there myself, not really turned on by the idea of sex with strangers.

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As this is now a Brighton thread, ha anyone eaten at sixty four degrees yet? My brother in law went last night and said it was good, he had the 13 course taster menu. I really want to go.

Does any rich brighton bro want to take me? I could be your date (male).

>> No.10269533

Currently at the north end of the Level if anybody wants to share a needle and some friendship.

>> No.10269542

I'll take you if you let me bum the heck out of you after

>> No.10269551

Unironically: you will have to ask my husband about that.

>> No.10269555

i'll bum him too

>> No.10269562

i'll bum anyone m8

>> No.10269567

I'll bum you m8

>> No.10269568


Also has Plateau gotten any better recently? I went there about a year ago and thought it was overpriced. The meat was dry and the wine selection pretty poor.

>> No.10269574

Same happened when we got Carl's Jr. I went to it on opening night in Pakuranga (even though that was the second or third store) and me and my mate waited in the drive through for over an hour and when we left the que was twice as long as when we pulled in, and was right down the middle of pak highway

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I live in Massachusetts and I've never known a Dunkin Donuts to shut down. There's at least 4 within walking distance of my house. I don't doubt a fifth could open up and get enough business to stay open.

>> No.10269577

This isn't about taco bell any more, it's about bumming people silly in Brighton. Get on board.

>> No.10269578

Deal. Nice fives.

I don't want to sound like a vain cunt but please don't be fat or ugly.

>> No.10269584

Mate I'm the one potentially getting bummed, I'm fully on-board.

>> No.10269585

What's so good about Dunkin Donuts? I know you Americans shit your pants for them

>> No.10269594

>What's so good about Dunkin Donuts
they look like bumholes

>> No.10269596

I'm a lean mean soyboy with a big willy and an even bigger pushbike

>> No.10269598

only new englanders like dunkin. the rest of the country goes to micky Ds or starbucks

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Oh mate you're gonna get bummed. You're gonna get well bummed

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It's more a regional thing here in New England. When one opened in LA, there were lines around the block. I can't honestly say what's so good about it. The coffee's only slightly better than Starbucks to me.

>> No.10269608

>Starbucks and Micky D's
What a load of sloppy shit you people eat

>> No.10269610

Decent coffee for a fast-food place and cheap+quick breakfast food. I'll just go to Wawa and spend a little more for better coffee and food, though.

>> No.10269611

>not knowing about the different AIDS

>> No.10269612

Oh and here's my kik mariaboss33. Pls no bully

>> No.10269613

>waiting in line for shitty Mexican food made by Indians that only eat curry.
in b4 you faggots end up with a curry taco

>> No.10269617

I don't have kik, I don't even know what it is

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i want you to you sing and dance for me like pippin?

>> No.10269624

McDonalds coffee is crap. And has all the hallmarks of being coming from a fast food chain. Just barely edible to satisfy everyone's tastes for cheap. Starbucks is only slightly better.

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>in b4 you faggots end up with a curry taco
if all goes to plan, i'll have a curry-tipped burrito soon

>> No.10269631

I'm fucking dying here, Jesus this thread has taken such an unexpected turn. Just had to explain to husband why I'm laughing so hard and what `shitposting` is. Should I tell him he's about to get bummed so I can get a free dinner?

>> No.10269633

no, don't tell him, let it be our surprise

>> No.10269638

i know m8, i've gotten digits like 6 times, tonight is going to be a night to remember

>> No.10269647

Yeah I've never used kik, also now I'm worried about how far this is going to go `as a joke`. I'd rather it end up getting bummed by a stranger just for the sake of a good story to post on a Welsh taco and sauna review forum.

>> No.10269654

I'd rather not*

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too late. i'm on my way

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Very nearly ordered taco bell from western road earlier (hungover day), but went for kfc instead, and a milkshake sent separately from maccy Ds. God bless the queen.

>> No.10269690

You two sound like a couple of good eggs. Have a bumming together tonight, on me

>> No.10269712

He was up for it but I had a hungover wank while he was out of the house. Might be able to go again later though.

>> No.10269750

/ck/ - non white fags

>> No.10269752

That doesn't make any sense. Get out.

>> No.10269771

>a thread about mexicans males in bongistan meeting up with each other for anal sex

>> No.10269826

>"yuropoors" covers roughly 500 million people
>talks about a few pictures on 4chin showing at most 100 people all in all

>> No.10269827

Why would we be mexican? Top zozzle.

>> No.10269859

I'm an Anglo mate I don't know what you're on about

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>people equating taco bell to mexican food

>> No.10269884

Went to Amici's today in Hove lads, 10/10 would recommend

>> No.10269911

Nice, did you have a pizza or something else? Expensive?

>> No.10269950


>> No.10270113

I had stuffed gnocchi. It's not expensive, £6-£10 per pizza. The tastiest pizza base I've had in Brighton. We go quite often.

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Still up for a quick bum if any anons are nearby.
I'm loaded up on Volcano Tacos and onion rings, but it should stay put.

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>> No.10273216

if you want we can act like we do not understand Spanish when we deport them and send them to the UK for you

>> No.10273241

I mean, for starters that photo is two years old. Taco bell opened in Colchester in 2016 and these are launch photos, its nothing like this now. Plus they were offering like buy one get one free at the time, hence the queue.

Mugs the lot of you ITT

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Hotdogs, hamburgers, tacos, burritos, kebab, all of it was invented in Europe before the Dutch colonized the east coast.
Stay obsessed with us, creatuur.

>> No.10273327

We had the same when Five Guys opened up.

>> No.10273329

> Based West Cornwall Pasty Co

My nigga. Their big breakfast deal is utterly godly.

>> No.10273330


It's memed pretty hard as the go to food for stoners.

>> No.10273342

Ding fries are done!

>> No.10273344

yanks always talking shit about Britain and typing/speaking english

>> No.10274040

>Why the fuck is taco bell even in England now? We don't have a large Mexican population
That's exactly why. Somebody's gotta cook some decent food for you bongs, and you don't have any indigenous spics to do it for you.

Be glad you don't, they bring a lot of crime with them.

>> No.10274045

the bell is a taco bell

>> No.10274048

They really went downhill in the late 1990s. They changed their refried bean paste recipe and the new version was horrible. The old stuff was at least edible.

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reminder that indians washed their arse with their hands and water, obviously some gets stuck in their fingernails they then prep your food, main reason i dont eat indian food or arabic food.

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>> No.10275354

dude you live in brighton, the gay capitol of the world.

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>> No.10275436

greggs is far su[[perir tak wha4 you dsaid back triufhgt

>> No.10275539

I thought we didn't have taco bell because the food doesn't meet FSA requirements

>> No.10275789

Pretty much this. Americorp fast food has to use better quality ingredients when they open in other 1st world countries because they have govts that don't want to allow megacorporations to poison their own citizens, unlike the US.

>> No.10275826

Wow, this thread is still on. Did anyone get bummed in the end?

I assume this is the reason why fast food is so comparatively expensive in the UK, desu I'd settle for worse ingredients and cheaper food. I was working out how much I spend a year on food the other day and its like a sixth of my salary. Although I do shop at Waitrose and eat a lot of takeaways/pub roasts. (Not fat).

Anyone want to weigh in on the best Sunday roast in Brighton? Heard good things about the Shakespeare's head but honestly it's was not good enough for £14, not good enough at all.

>> No.10275859
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>being so stupid you think Taco Bell is Mexican food

>> No.10275863

It aint chink food, fedora

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People here are obsessed with American Culture.

For example there is a Five Guys in my town that opened fairly recently. I have a brother who is obese and he is obsessed with 'american snacks', and has literal binbags filled with imported american treats.

When the Five Guys opened he had 4 meals a day there, every day for 2 months on top of his usual bags of 'american candy'. it only stopped because he got kicked out for sexually harassing a server there by refusing to leave the restaurant until she died her hair red and put on blue bowties he bought for her so she would 'look like Wendy'. he still pays me to go there and get food every couple of days.

>> No.10276032


>> No.10276107

>But currently it's wrong because Serbians are cunts.

>> No.10276266

>Europe is one town in one country

>> No.10276293

The food in the UK is so bad they line up around the block for Taco Hell and American Snacks.

>> No.10276303

Brighton fucking sucks. Please stop discussing it in this thread.

>> No.10276575

Have you seen the shit bongs eat?

Oven baked beef with baked pancake batter and potatoes rolled in fat is the height of it.

No so much cuisine as fodder.

>> No.10276636


>> No.10276669
File: 3.60 MB, 480x360, f9khjFB.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10276700

and sell it back to you at an additional cost

I was in Invercargil in 2005. People were unironically listening to 80s rock and Michael Jackson and everyone had a mullet or a rat tail. In 2005.

>> No.10276757

I haven't had Taco Bell since probably about 1999. I remembered loving it and then starting to think it was pretty bad and stopped going. So yeah you must be right.

>> No.10277831

Taco Bell is the only restaurant that survived the franchise wars

>> No.10277849
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>too classy for a little sawdust in his meat

Get a load of David A. Rockerfeller over here.

>> No.10277923

why americans eat this shit

>> No.10277936


>Ever going to Taco Bell

>> No.10277940
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>> No.10278056

ill equate you to a mexican too

>> No.10279259

taco bell isn't real mexican food.

come to socal, we have great mexican food

>> No.10280543

And they say AMERICANS are the ones obsessed with media?

You do realize Simpsons has been an undead zombie shilling corporate bullshit for the past decade+, right? Did you try Minecraft because they did an episode about that too?

>> No.10280573
File: 109 KB, 931x677, Queue_to_Burger_King_in_Helsinki,_Finland.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finns, explain yourselves as well.

>> No.10280588

That can't possibly be Finland, people would never be that bunched up together.

>> No.10280596

this actually

>> No.10280601

I've been to that BK. In fact, I enjoyed European McDonald's more than American McDonald's.

>> No.10280646

Oh hey, I lived a block from there one year at college. Their pies suck, they need better gravy.

>> No.10280660

West Cornwall is better - but the items are 2-3x the price - it's not that much better. Both are utterly mediocre in the grand scheme of things.

>> No.10281846

Something that has a higher chance of happening in fat people. You can eat sugary stuff and not get fat

>> No.10282352

The best Cornish pasty I ever had was in a British pub in Japan. The owner was Cornish and made them himself from scratch.

>> No.10283738
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Aussie bakeries do better than kk donuts and coffee any day.

>> No.10283747


>t.t.they are all obsessed about me! why are they obsessed about me! omg stop talking about obsession you obsessed people. Fuck you and your obession for me, you are all the same and all obsessed.

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>> No.10283757

>97 unique posters
>200 post thread about literally america
Wow you really told them how not obsessed with them you are.

>> No.10283759

Checked, keked at bum rekt

>> No.10283761
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>I’m obese and smell
>my ancestory puts a mongrel dog to shame
>I shit myself in grocery stores
>why is everyone looking at me?

>> No.10283768

I went to mexico and all the meixcan food there was served on the side of the road.

>> No.10283773

>I was in Invercargil in 2005. People were unironically listening to 80s rock and Michael Jackson and everyone had a mullet or a rat tail. In 2005.
>implying there's anything wrong with that

>> No.10283774

Freeaboos are a thing, don't ask me why

>> No.10283778

So not because your racist

>> No.10283780

>respond in this kind of manner
>ready to pull out baseless insults that apply to <15% of america
>assume I'm american
100% obsessed. Take a break anon.

>> No.10283788

Good spit roast at the sauna.

>> No.10283804

>lol look at those Americans eating fast food
>they're not like us who have refined tastes and eat actual food
>what's that a Taco Bell opened here?!

>> No.10283810

If you eat a lot of sugar, it doesn't matter how fat or thin you are. If your body is shocked by sugar and your insulin levels get fucked cuz of it constantly, you'll get the beetus.
Doesn't matter if you one bit if you're an Olympic level athlete who burns off all the calories.

>> No.10283818

Even in your own city a new franchise will cause a ruckus.
We only had one Popeyes here but it was in middle of the ghetto so white people would never go.
Then suddnely a new Popeyes opened in a white area and it got super busy for a week

>> No.10284055

The entire thread is about brits. Very few of the posts are from actual brits, it's mostly American shitposting (about Brits). Keep insisting that we're obsessed ones though if it helps you sleep at night my overweight mulato friend

>> No.10285519

The Old Albion in Hove is 10/10 Sunday Roast my man

>> No.10285529

>Almost 90% of people living with type 2 diabetes are overweight or have obesity. People who are overweight or have obesity have added pressure on their body's ability to use insulin to properly control blood sugar levels, and are therefore more likely to develop diabetes.
You are so fucking wrong.

>> No.10285653

Being fat is a byproduct, not the cause
If a fat person gets fat because he ate a shitload carbs, he won't get diabetes

>> No.10285657

Good thing I renewed my Eating License™

>> No.10285658

How did you come to this retarded conclusion?

>> No.10285668

You're not that bright are you

>> No.10285730

>People who are overweight or have obesity have added pressure on their body's ability to use insulin to properly control blood sugar levels, and are therefore more likely to develop diabetes.
>People who are overweight or have obesity have added pressure on their body's ability to use insulin to properly control blood sugar levels, and are therefore more likely to develop diabetes.
>People who are overweight or have obesity have added pressure on their body's ability to use insulin to properly control blood sugar levels, and are therefore more likely to develop diabetes.
>People who are overweight or have obesity have added pressure on their body's ability to use insulin to properly control blood sugar levels, and are therefore more likely to develop diabetes.

>> No.10285761

That shit isnt mexican though. Its ok if you are drunk or high.

>> No.10285764

Because they they eat a lot of sugar, it's nothing to do with the actual weight
You've completely gone off tangent of my original point kiddo.

>> No.10285779

Jesus christ I spammed the sentence 4 fucking times and you still fail to read it properly.

>> No.10285787

I was gonna call you autistic for repeating it four times but it seems this retard needed more.

>> No.10285788

Nah. You're like a middle schooler trying to teach an adult about stuff with limited knowledge on how it actually works

>> No.10285830

I really hope you're purposely being retarded and aren't actually this fucking stupid

>> No.10285959

>fat and in denial, Shitposting Edition

>> No.10285977

Look up sumo wrestlers, They're all obese but they rarely have diabetes?
Because they don't stuff their maw with sugar like most obese do.
Like I said. Being fat is a byproduct of diabetes, not the cause.
Massive amounts of sugar consumption is the cause, where eating massive amounts of sugar will make inactive people fat.

>> No.10285998

Sumo wrestlers often get diabetes

>> No.10286010

Ah yes, the Japanese hate that devil grain rice

>> No.10286032

Are you unaware that first world countries have specific health, safety and cleanliness standards for their food-related industries, that businesses have to comply with? Well, now you know, shitskin.

>> No.10286059

Hence the inverted commas

>> No.10286087

Should've seen the queue to Taco Bell, it was long for weeks during lunch time.
There's really nothing to explain, and you haven't even seen the worst of it

>> No.10286092

This sums it up. As the largest English speaking country in the world, much of USA media appears in the UK, and Taco Bell is featured in lots of American media so it's a new novelty in the UK. I am not from the UK but I would imagine a similar hype would happen if one opened in my area

>> No.10286124

Sumo wrestlers get diabetes less often than other obese people, but much much more often than people of a healthy weight.

>> No.10286137

>The negative health effects of the sumo lifestyle can become apparent later in life. Sumo wrestlers have a life expectancy between 60 and 65, more than 10 years shorter than the average Japanese male, as the diet and sport take a toll on the wrestler's body. Many develop diabetes or high blood pressure, and they are prone to heart attacks due to the enormous amount of body mass and fat that they accumulate.

>> No.10286147

Yep, the phenomenon was comprehensively explained by the first post, the rest of the entire thread is just shitposting

>> No.10286163

You must be new here if you think people come here for comprehensive explanations

>> No.10286165

laughing IRL at this fat retard that thinks he can be fat and healthy at the same time

>> No.10286579


>> No.10287794

I feel so sorry for the people working there

>> No.10288073

In most other countries we have only a couple of fast food franchises though. So when an American place turns up it's kind of exciting until you actually taste it.

>> No.10288125

don't you come from the country where fat cunts sit in a drive through for 40 mins rather than walk in and be served in 5?

>> No.10288670


Is this in Platteville

>> No.10288685

>nigger in greggs
>wh*te in luxury PASTY shop
england in a single picture

>> No.10288760
File: 100 KB, 1073x1200, 1508968420127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit 15% shit their pants regularly?

>> No.10288764

>beef not halal
>chicken not halal
>mutton not halal

>> No.10288766

this desu

why the fuck is shitting yourself normal in Burgerland?

>> No.10288770

>Most countries have their own fast food chains

Name one French fast food chain, one Italian fast food chain and one German fast food chain. Monarch doesn't count.

>> No.10288780

This is so fucking gross. God damnit.

>> No.10288784

>muh murka v yuro civil rivalry yeeeeehaaaaaaaww

Deport yourself into the ocean, Juanito

>> No.10288786

>Why the fuck is taco bell even in England now? We don't have a large Mexican population, I swear we just copy everything from America a few years later.

Preparing us to become le multiculti, just like shithole USA. We're already an Islamic caliphate, but I've noticed shit tons of South Americans in my town all of a sudden and out of nowhere the past few years. Enjoy. There's no escape.

>> No.10288787

We've been fed a steady diet of American media showcasing american products for decades and its no surprise when something like this comes over we want to try it as it's already in our popular culture

>> No.10288788

I cook for myself, and it's better than any HFCS-laden horse shit I've ever sucked down in the Jewnited States. I can go outside right now and take a short walk to town centre and eat a better meal than anywhere I've ever dined in North America, and I've lived in the USA and Canada for several years each. You're out of touch with the world around you having never left your containment state.

>> No.10288789
File: 105 KB, 750x1005, gwyneth14f-2-web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the agricultural subsidies industry is about the same size as the entire GDP of Asia, and 99.974% of it goes into subsidizing three things: McChickens, HFCS, and Pink Slime. as a result unless you make six figures you're eating basically like a prisoner in a dystopian sci-fi film, every meal contains more unpronounceable ingredients than the Manhattan Project. wealthy celebrities sometimes try and step in but it's more complicated than a collateralized debt obligation so they get raked over the coals for getting it wrong every time. and due to class consciousness that gets confused for "regional pride" (the south shall rise again, etc), if you're caught eating a fresh vegetable you're basically branded as a traitor for life, thus the poverty trap

you'd have trouble controlling your bowels too if you had our diet

>> No.10288791
File: 53 KB, 500x400, 9AA5F7EE-7EB5-4E8E-9363-F136A852CAA4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Quick Rabbit pizza and Quick Burger
Vapiano, Kochloffel and Nordsee
Pasta Flyer
Feel free to shut up and fuck off any time, retard.

>> No.10288797
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Junk food seems so much more appealing when it's in French. They should have called it Poulet a Velocite or whatever the fuck "quick rabbit" is in surrender monkey

>> No.10288798

Spizico is Italian as well.

>> No.10288800

so capitalism works for you I guess?

>> No.10288803
File: 120 KB, 1024x441, guide-sheets1-1024x441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well I guess you could say yes because "I've got mine" (I'm one of the librul elitists who eats like a human being)

but traveling across flyover country and seeing all the ham planets and seeing them defend hamplanetry on the internet is kind of heartbreaking... for them as much as it is for me

I don't like seeing fat people, I don't like knowing fat people exist. it's bad for the soul

>> No.10288809

i went to the one in southampton last week
the chips were really good, the burrito ok, and the taco awful. pretty good value though

>> No.10288815

well I'm not even a yank but I could have told you that.

I think the problem comes from being such a young country with no real identitiy, (hence muh heritage). The ideals of other countries such as the ones in Europe seem appealing yet he can never reach that as it isn't 'profitable'.

Hurrdurr include me in the screenshot.

>> No.10288818