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Talk to my ma yesterday. We're Vietnamese and she was born in the late 50s. Asked her what she ate as a kid. Basically it looked something like that. Lots of greens. Some pickled vegetables. And of course rice. She said they had meat maybe once a month. Once in a while they'll have tofu and some kind of nuts/legumes. But most days their meals would look like that.
Obviously they ate this way because of the circumstances of the time. Still my great grandfather lived till 85 and had no belly even when old. My grandfather developed a belly after retirement, had a stroke and was bedridden in his early 70s and died late 70s.
I'm starting to think perhaps the best diet for each of us consists mostly of what our ancestors ate. Not what some ass shat on the the internet says. Almonds and olive might be healthy but no Vietnamese tasted that shit 1000 years ago.
So yeah share your ancestors diet.

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lots of greens
pickled vegetables
salted/cured meats.

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87, lives off shit tier american food, take your theory and shove it up your stupid gook grandfathers ass.

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Was there at least some nuoc mam to go with that?

So is that soup not even chicken soup? But the liquid from boiled vegetables?

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Hey we're not so different you and I. How often did they eat meat?
>he believes the jew lies
He probably eats babies you idiot

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It's not his diet that keeps him alive it's his ability to create a hospital wing in his house. Ever wonder why aids infected magic johnson looks so "healthy"?

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>best diet for each of us consists mostly of what our ancestors ate
You only think this because you are an intellectually bankrupt jungle ape. Maybe if you had half a brain you'd be able to recognize othed factors that affected the longevity of the elder members of your disgusting tribe.

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blah blah blah back to /pol/ with you

No, i never wondered why, it's because he doesn't have AIDS, he's HIV positive.

I do wonder how you can be so fucking stupid though

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HIV causes aids faggot retard.

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im 1/16th irish so we ate a lot of potatoes, soda bread, bacon and guiness.

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everyone who has AIDS had HIV but not everyone who has HIV will develop AIDS.

you clearly lack any understanding of how the virus works.

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>but not everyone who has HIV will develop AIDS.
Because of money, you retard.
Which is my point.

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oh, my bad, i live in a country with socialized medicine.

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you said he has AIDS, which is 100% incorrect.

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So your people die of aids?
Meanwhile in america Magic Johnson is living a well life, I bet he's glad he didn't have socialized medicine otherwise he would have died from Aids years ago.

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>I'm starting to think perhaps the best diet for each of us consists mostly of what our ancestors ate.
It's something to take into consideration but there are still other factors. My ancestors all came from places with a heavy focus on dairy farming, and I've always loved dairy products. I can drink a quart of milk and feel great while someone else gets horrible diarrhea. I'm also allergic to potatoes and tomatoes though, because those weren't in my ancestors diets for the most part. I do best with dairy being my staple food, supplemented with whole wheat, leafy greens, and shellfish.

I think it would be pretty helpful if genetic testing became cheaper and more available, it might tell us what foods our bodies work best with. And if we could eventually edit those genes so all foods were viable.

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yes, we get it, aids is a condition and hiv is a virus. Big fucking woopity doooo.

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lol, just because you live in a country with socialized medicine that doesn't mean you can't seek private care. holy fuck you are straight up retarded.

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Oats would be a more traditional Irish food than potatoes since they're a new world crop

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The trick is eating light and consistently, eating a christload of protein and meats and shit is really fucking hard on our bodies, it's not good for longevity.

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i'm glad you opted to google it, hopefully you have learned something.

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>doesn't mean you can't seek private care
You'd have to come to America, we research and find cures. You just steal treatments from our ideas.

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I think they did have nước mắm yeah.
Lol its just boiled vegetable water. Put some salt and lime in there and its very tasty and refreshing. People used to drink that in place of water.

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I've learned most HIV niggers have aids and only autists differentiate the disease from the condition.

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That depends on where you come from, too. If you're from a place closer to the equator then it would make sense, but people wouldn't have survived in extremely cold places by eating light salads most of the time.

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> thinking the only place you can get effective treatment and management of HIV is America

not even worth addressing

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>not even worth addressing
So you sat through shitty sensitivity trainings in public schools to de-stigmatize HIV patients but you failed to see through the bullshit. I understand.

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My thinking is the devil's in the details. Like what was your ancestors daily meal look like? How often did they eat? How often did they eat each types of food? What kind of physical activity did they partake everyday?
It would be great if each of you could all give your parents a call.

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Wife is Vietnamese but got lucky and parents have coin.
She and I and not overweight but we could lose a few pounds to be ideal. (She just had our 2nd baby so she has a good excuse to be a few pounds more than when we met.)

Pic related is mostly what I grew up on in Australia. My parents were very good at providing as we had a farm so plenty of meat always stocked in the freezer.
Lamb was not uncommon and I still love lamb till this day.

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Post wife

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whatever, i'm bored and have nothing bettter to do at the moment

> only autists differentiate the disease from the condition

only autistic people and the entire fucking medical community. what's your point? that you are too stupid to understand a disease that has various stages?

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i think what you mean is: post her feet

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>that you are too stupid to understand a disease that has various stages?
So why would you differentiate it unless it is a scientific paper? faggot. I forgive you since you're a victim of public school indoctrination they molded you into the overly sensitive faggot you are today.

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Virginia folk, owned land that is now confiscated by the government, everyone is overweight, diabetic, or dead, I'm not. They eat like shit. Grandma was 400lbs(Google to convert to stone) and swears she hasn't touched a salt shaker since the 80's.

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i'ma just let your comment speak for itself

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Get Aids, retard.
Oh I meant the virus that causes aids because I know you autists like precision.

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you mean the virus that if treated early enough and properly won't develop into full blown AIDS?

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yeah, that one. And full blow me.

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>tfw parents forced me to be a veg
>tfw try meat and dairy and find out I wasn't missing anything
>tfw find out this is probably the reason I'm not likely to have health issues
life isn't suffering

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You can be pretty healthy as a vegetarian or meat eater as long as your diet is good. Cookies and soda are vegan but mainly eating them will make you sick. Meat eaters grow muscle better than vegetarians even with the same amount of protein though.

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whatever cookies you are eating that don't contain butter are not very good

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which they didn't know how to grow and thus caused a famine

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I was mostly thinking of prepackaged cookies from grocery stores that are made with shortening or vegetable oil. But yeah I always make my own cookies with real butter.

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>Meat eaters grow muscle better than vegetarians even with the same amount of protein though.
Nice science bro
back to >>>/fit/

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>Thus, a vegetarian diet is associated with a lower muscle mass index than is an omnivorous diet at the same protein intake.

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That was because they were relying too heavily on one type of potato and also exporting too much food

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>he doesn't think there are different types of protein
What would you say if I said all carbs are sugar and all fat is saturated?

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I would say there are nine amino acids you need to meet

Here's your (You)

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>post a source backing up my claim
>reply with memes
Do you just not want to believe that there are benefits to consuming animal products? There are problems with overconsumption and modern animal farming but you shouldn't ignore the benefits.

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You're painfully ignorant. Gay guys die all the time of AIDS


there are many that simply live hiv positive for a long fuckin time.

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>that doesn't mean you can't seek private care

Then why the fuck would you even bring up socialized medicine if you'd just seek out private anyway you mental midget

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my dad ate meat and potatoes on the farm
i have no idea what my mom ate, probably pretty close although they became vegetarians when they converted to weird religion in california
i don't really know we don't talk

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>muscle mass index
>is the amount of creatine in your piss
>vegs do not eat creatine
>thinks that this is proof that there are benefits to eating animal products that are different than eating plants
>You shouldn't ignore the benefits
>the benefits being you get more creatine in your piss, says one single study on this topic which by definition is not well researched
Do you just not want to believe blah blah blah? Because there are blah blah, but you should blah.

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>live hiv positive for a long fuckin time.
no. They die of aids.

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Muscle mass index is not the same as body mass index.

>LBM was significantly lower for the vegetarian athletes compared to their omnivore counterparts

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In the past meat and dairy was really rare so most of Korea's dishes were vegetables. To compensate for the lack of nutrition and energy (from vegetables), Koreans used to eat insane amounts of rice every meal. Also, most of our vegetable dishes were preserved and fermented (thus very salty) so that's also a reason why we ate tons of rice every meal.

It explains why every time I went to Grandma's home I was always served a huge bowl of rice. We eat much less rice now and more meat and fish.

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The Polio Diet has been proven to be the healthiest. No one lived longer than cave men.

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>muscle mass index isn't the same as bmi
Yes I know
I was trying to figure out what muscle mass index is

>Results from this study indicate that compared to their omnivore counterparts, vegetarian endurance athletes have comparable strength as indicated by leg extension peak torque, and possibly a greater degree of aerobic capacity, particularly in females, as indicted by a progressive maximal treadmill test to exhaustion. Dietary intake on several key nutrients differed considerably between groups. Some, but not all, results are consistent with previous reports.
>hurr durr lets just not make the nutrients consumed a variable
>this is science gang

And why are these studies only on women?

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A popular restaurant in Seoul. Note that women were forbidden to eat with men. They often had to eat in the kitchen.

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Also I just want to say that people who are vegetarian usually pay more attention to what they're eating compared to people who just eat anything. But if you eat animal products and also pay attention to what you eat, you can be healthy too. Overconsumption and obesity is a bigger factor in health problems related to diet than almost anything else, and those two problems can also affect vegetarians and vegans.

Most people eat too much meat, and too much in general. Modern animal farming is horrible in a lot of ways. It doesn't mean a balanced diet with meat is bad, it's actually good. I was a vegetarian for a long time until my iron levels got low even while consuming plant foods that are supposed to be high in iron and had to start eating red meat occasionally. I just decided that supporting the development of cultured/lab-grown meat so that we can have meat without killing animals is a better solution than trying to totally eliminate it.

You seem kind of unhappy, I know that vegetarians catch a lot of flak with people who think it's awesome to go HURR AM GONNA EAT 3 BURGERS BECAUSE YOU WON'T LOL and I hope that's not why you're acting this way. If it is, just don't let it get to you.

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>Study subjects were measured using bioelectrical impedance. Because muscle and fat have different water content, electrical currents flow through them at different rates. Bioelectrical impedance is the measure of how much fat or muscle mass a person has based on the speed of those electrical currents.
>Based on the results, researchers calculated each subject's muscle mass relative to his or her height. This value is called a muscle mass index, defined as muscle mass divided by height squared.
>In 1988-1994, 3,659 people—males over 55 and females over 65—were surveyed for their muscle mass index. In 2004, researchers determined how many individuals had died from natural causes and correlated it with their muscle mass index.3

>The results were clear: People with more muscle mass were less likely to die of natural causes. Total mortality was significantly lower in the 25 percent of individuals with the greatest muscle mass index compared to the 25 percent of individuals with the lowest.1

Not sure why they're all on women, maybe because they have lower muscle mass in general so it's easier to measure bigger changes or something.

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Uh thanks for telling me what muscle mass index is and why it applies
>Not sure why they're all on women, maybe because they have lower muscle mass in general so it's easier to measure bigger changes or something
>so it's easier to measure how much change their muscle mass undergoes when we don't feed them the same nutrients

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When did Koreans start becoming so tall?

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you watch too much K poop and K dramas. The average height for South Korean males is 173-4cm.

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My great-grandparents ate tons of greasy meat and drank plenty of alcohol, yet all of them lived past 85.

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But yeah compared to the past, South Koreans are much taller. Every new generation since the 1960's were taller than the last due to better nutrition and food. The average height for South Koreans kept rising until the 2010's when it started to stabilize, showing that our genetic height potential has finally been reached.

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They also fought Nazis and Russians

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enjoy your elliot rodger kids

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>HIV nigger detected

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>HIV nigger detected

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Is this the real American dream?

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Damn, your ancestors must be small as shit.

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yogurt, walnuts lamb, rice, wild garlic, various greens

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>I'm starting to think perhaps the best diet for each of us consists mostly of what our ancestors ate. Not what some ass shat on the the internet says.

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Are you Mongolian?
How so?

>> No.10267503

>tells people on a Hungarian hand-made children's toys forum to follow his advice instead of "what some ass shat on the internet says"
>how is this ironic


>> No.10267512

I never told anyone to do anything. Just sharing my thoughts and ideas and curious in other cultures' diet in yesteryears.

>> No.10267519

>doesn't mean you can't seek private care.
Sometimes it does, some social medicine programs don't allow two tier

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Flip here. My grandmother ate alot of vegetable based dishes cooked in a broth. Pic related was one of her favorites. Chicken cooked in lemon grass, ginger, garlic, pepper leavrs and onions
She lived untill 88, and died because of poor treatment in a public hospital
Her father lived until 103 and died from falling off a horse

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Another dish she loved

>> No.10267629

The traditional flip food actually looks really good. Would love to try.

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>>>10266363 (OP)
>87, lives off shit tier american food, take your theory and shove it up your stupid gook grandfathers ass.
Yes, it is simply good genes. OP should simply figure out if he had ancestors that lived to a long age, period.

Here's another example of someone that ate sliced pork daily and corn dripping in butter and lived to 104
He was also short. And, like dogs, your height and your heart health is related. Your heart has an exact number of beats before you die. If you run, or have a high resting heart rate, same thing. The bigger the heart and person (think great dane vs corgi heart differences), and you'll understand why great danes live only 7-8 years.

OP the lack of protein, fish, calcium in your mother's diet probably has a correlation to shitty teeth throughout your family, and some osteoporosis risk and some IQ differences. Be sure there's nothing magical about the ancient diet unless you've replaced fermented food with no vegetables even. If you want to look at calorie restriction, however, there's some evidence of it being linked to longevity.

>> No.10267680

>> thinking the only place you can get effective treatment and management of HIV is America
At the time that Magic Johnson contracted it? Yes. His money and his citizenship is directly correlated to his access to the right care and continued longevity...in the US. Talking about $10-15,000/month in prescriptions alone. Also talking about his well kniown status getting him into medical trials when each and every thing that is commonplace now was once new. He was clearly two years into treatment with new anti-viral drugs before they were on the market and staved off every getting his immune system wrecked.
But to be clear, still $$$ is the biggest deciding factor, because the kind of care you need to be one of the 1/3 who make it is more than socialized medicine provides to anyone anywhere.

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>OP the lack of protein, fish, calcium in your mother's diet probably has a correlation to shitty teeth throughout your family, and some osteoporosis risk
Both of this is true
>Be sure there's nothing magical about the ancient diet unless you've replaced fermented food with no vegetables even.
What do you mean by this?

>> No.10267746

>>Be sure there's nothing magical about the ancient diet unless you've replaced fermented food with no vegetables even.
>What do you mean by this?
I am assuming that you still eat vegetables in the same manner that she did. Fermented foods have some links to gut health with their healthy bacteria balance going on, maybe even preventing some of the cancers of the gut according to research. So, if you are still eating 1) vegetables, 2) fermented vegetables, there's nothing left out of her old diet that is magical. It was missing things you probably do well now. However, if you have skipped fermented foods in your daily diet, you are indeed missing that magical component, and be sure that it a dying art and not that common in modern diets without effort. Canning in general and craft foods are too much effort, and not "live" in ordinary grocery selections much either. Stinky canned fish isn't popular with the young kids either and dying more. People ate offal and gross shit for just staying alive in years past, and now we know those little fish bones, and strong fishy oils are pretty damn healthy.

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From Caucasus region of Russia.

I don't think they grow walnuts in mongolia...

>> No.10267825

They are called Tinanglarang Manok and Dinengdeng.
She was from Pangasinan, so the food was mostly Ilocano. Philippines, just like other Asian countries, got lot’s of regional dishes you’ve never heard of. It deserves more international attention desu

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I have japanese ancestor

>> No.10268482

And what would that be my intellectually endowed friendly fellow human?

>> No.10268490

>I'm starting to think perhaps the best diet for each of us consists mostly of what our ancestors ate. Not what some ass shat on the the internet says
youre right about the second part. the only problem is those ass hats on the internet are mostly saying the first part of what you said, which isnt evidence based.

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Traditional Irish would be oats, butter, kale, fish, turnip, cow blood, peas, mussels, oysters

>> No.10268738

Fathers side
Pork, sauerkraut, peas and cabbage (both mostly in soups), sausages, large amounts of butter and lard, caraway, mustard, rye bread, pumpernickel, horse, lots of apples, sweet and sour sauces

Mother’s side
Mutton, goat, camel and horse (horse and mutton being the most common). Drinking blood. Lots of yoghurt, sour milk and cheese from the same animals and cows. Lots of tea. Sometimes rice. Not many veggies apart from fuckloads of onions. Most dishes are boiled. Almost all parts are eaten, including innards, balls, brains.

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Central México farmlands
Lots of homegrown vegetables like corn, beans, squash, milk, cheese, tortillas, bread and coffee. Meat a few times a week since they raised chickens, sheep, cattle and pigs. 32 oz of beer for dinner ever day.

Grandfather's died at 85 and 83, worked the fields until the end

>> No.10268923

Irish. So I guess a lot of oats with the occasional lamb stew.

>> No.10269013

Finn, it is a rugged land. not many plants and animals could survive there so it was mostly rye, root vegetables (carrots and rutabaga's mostly, potatoes came in the 18th century), fish and game. a pretty healthy diet but very dull since there weren't any spices.

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I'm from a former soviet slav country.

My grandma was born in '37, so during the war they obviously did not have much to eat. During communist rule, when my mum was already born and a teenager, they introduced ration stamps for food and a lot of other things, so you couldn't just go and buy meat in whatever quantities you wanted to. That led to people just having staple dishes that had very little or no meat at all, or used meat very efficiently. Chicken broths and soups made from them were common, and a lot of potato dishes, since potatoes were cheap and plentiful. There was also a lot of dairy stuff, with goverment-backed "milk bars", where you could eat cheaply, but there wasn't any meat in there - they served stuff like creppes and soups and egg burgers. Also, because fresh meat wasn't easy to get, people got creative with stuff, like making "burgers" from mortadella or other cheap cold cuts, breaded and fried. Also, because goverment was communist, everybody should eat the same quality of foods, so "fansy" stuff like olive oil, parmesan etc, was frowned upon(not by regular people) and so you couldn't get them, and everywhere food was just samey, unless you were willing to get something on the side(and pay for it). There was a lot of cabbage, potato and tomato dishes. What people and food factories also did was fake a lot of stuff, because you couldn't get it or there was a shortage of it, like chocolate - so there was a "chocolate-like product", where cocoa fat was just replaced with something else, or abovementioned mortadella, a lot of faking stuff in homemade dishes, making flour from groat, making cheesecake from boiled potatoes, etc. Also, kogel-mogel - raw egg yolks beaten with sugar, every kid loved it.
Pic related, egg burger. It's actually pretty great.

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my ancestor :)

>> No.10269232


That looks more like a croquet than a burger, but it does look tasty. How do they get it so round and crusty?

>> No.10269250

Same deal in Sweden during WWII. Everyone tried to find surrogates (or 'surr' as was the common shorthand) for scarce commodities like coffee and tobaccoo. Roasted cereals like wheat and rye, roasted dandelion root, roasted and ground figs, and a lot of other shit were used as coffee surrogates for instance.

>> No.10269252

pan-European mutt diet I guess

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My family was living in the Appalachian mountains before the revolution. They did a lot of hunting,fishing, foraging, gardening and trading with others. Almost all the meat I eat is from hunting

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You boil eggs, chop them, add one raw egg, wetted bread bun, some flour, salt/pepper, mix it all up and then just shape it, bread it and fry. there's some variations, but it's pretty basic and easy to make. people made them during meat shortages, you can still find them in some surviving milk bars, but they aren't as popular at home because of the eggs vs meat price.

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File: 340 KB, 1600x1710, 8x-kawa-zbozowa-inka-150g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Roasted cereals
hey, we got the same thing over here, it's called "kawa zbożowa" or "inka", which is basically grain coffee, i think it's made from rye. It's still pretty popular, you can buy it in most stores, tastes really nice.

>> No.10269295

So it's really just treating hard boiled eggs like ground beef to make burger patties? I'll have to give it a try some time.

>> No.10269318

nah ill pass bro.

raw whale muktuk, bloody seal, eskimo "ice cream" made out of animal fat, no greens. those frozen fuckers were badasses but i'm good.

>> No.10269325

Yeah, you could put it like that, you just need more stuff to stick it together, since boiled eggs won't stick together like meat does, hence the raw egg and wet bun.

>> No.10269350

yeah but societies have developed, people in northern areas don't need to eat that way if they live consumer driven societies, it's mostly done out of tradition.

>> No.10269358

oh yeah, I think the partially digested contents of caribou stomachs counted as their greens

>> No.10269394

My grandma is 94, smoked a pipe her entire life and she's fucking healthier then I am.

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