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What is /ck/'s take on artificial sweeteners? Do you think that they cause weight gain or any bad health problems with daily consumption?

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stevia seems to be the only one I can tolerate and doesn't have as bad as an after taste as the others.
Sucralose gives me the shits if I have too much and what prompted to me to finally kick the diet soda habit.
like the sugar it replaces artificial sweeteners should be enjoyed in moderation.

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I just think they taste bad. I don't regularly consume enough sugary food to have ill effects so when I do I just stick to food flavored with sugar or honey.

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How much sugar do you consume in a day? Only use real sugar, no fake shit.

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I don’t know and I don’t care. They taste like a chemistry set so I never use them. Just limit your sugar intake fucking hell.

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I think they are for fat people who don’t want to be fat but will always be fat because they can’t give up their dependency on sweet flavors. Normal people just eat regular sugar in moderation.

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Multiple studies show they cause obesity and some can cause serious health problems. Amazing how retarded people are.

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I hardly ever met her

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For some reason I laughed.

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They don't taste like sugar, but they're good for replacing your soda intake. My tap water kinda tastes like shit, so I like to drink a glass or two of diet soda a day. It'll do you no harm.

What will do you harm is replacing your water intake with 4L of diet coke a day and calling it healthy.

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