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There are a lot of dumb questions on /ck/ that don't get 5 replies and die because they don't deserve their own thread. So I propose:
/QTDDTOT/ Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread - Chicken Edition

>ctrl+f "question"
>no qtddtot

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this is perfect for my dumb question,
very new to deep fried chicken here, how the fuck is deep fried chicken made to look like pic related? i've followed some "kfc recipe" standard shit for but the fried chicken doesn't get this bready soft crust, instead it's hard and crunchy, still very tasty though.

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1. Double batter
2. Fry at low temp for most of cooking process, then flash on a higher temp for max crisp

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It is a bit vague, but you're welcome all the same!
Obviously your cooking times vary quite a bit depending on the thiccness, but being attentive and having a meat thermometer will help quite a bit.

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i cover chicken thighs with foil and roast them at 400F for 50 minutes and they come out nice and juicy

if i throw chicken breasts in with them, will they come out dry or will they absorb the juices/steam from the thighs?

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Why won’t my dad take action to cure his diabetes?

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>really fuckin hot oil
>also a lot of oil
>i mean that you need a lot of oil to cook this bitch
>seriously you gotta cook both sides at the same time and all the way through

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what i can use garam masala for beside tika masala?

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>There are a lot of dumb questions on /ck/ that don't get 5 replies and die because they don't deserve their own thread
If people would do any amount of research they wouldn't happen.

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good lord that looks awful!!!

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My gnocchis are awful. How do you do them?

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i add a little to rice any time i do turmeric rice just so it has an aroma and a slight flavor.

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begin frying 2 sliced onions then chuck in

2 x tsp garam masala
1 x tsp tumeric
1 x tsp coriander

let it all congeal for a bit and then add the cream of the top of a tin of coconut milk and you can make some delicious curries with almost any meat / veg

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I got a question that really doesn't deserve it's own thread.

I'm trying to cut down on my cooking costs and I have the sous vide meme at my disposal. I've been cheating for the last year by only making beef/lamb which I usually season the same but pork and chicken are much cheaper
What spices/marinades should I try for cheap stuff such as legs/thighs/belly/chops? I know Paprika is supposed to be good but I'm looking to up my game from the usual salt and pepper.

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What do I eat to make the diarrhea stop?

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I recently moved to a country where beef is ridiculously expensive, as is lamb. Chicken can be had whole for ok prices, whilst fillets really only merit buying at a discount - so I feel ya.

What I do now is look for mince beef at a discount in bulk, say 2.5kg, then use half to make chili and half to make burger patties. Freeze all of the prepared-yet-raw patties and half the done chili.

Something I've come to quite enjoy is slow roasting chicken. I usually rub it in a mix of lemon juice, olive oil, black pepper, salt and thyme - then pop it in the oven, covered in foil, at 120C for about 5-6 hours, turning and glazing with the juices in every hour or so.

Usually makes for a nice dinner for two and I then debone the cooled entire chicken and pluck it into useable bits. This then makes for about 4 meals worth for either stir fry or sandwiches. Costs are at a minimum and it's really quite delicious.

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This can't be real....Before I read it I thought i

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I know, it's almost like i

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Imodium AD until the symptoms pass.

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Fat people are generally stupid

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He's so ashamed to have sired such a pathetic little faggot, he'd rather just end it.

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shiet forgot to add on the rest as I was laying the cash show game lol

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You need to age them in the attic.

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I feel lazy as shit. What's a quick way to prepare chicken? I've tried baking but it tasted like shit for some reason.

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What's the best way to cook sous vide steak? Already making the best steaks of my life using a newly acquired sous vide machine but know it can be even better. Any good recipes for chicken or pork using sous vide?

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Microwave for 15 minutes. Have ketchup on hand.

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Should chage the thread name to stupid questions /sqt, like in /g/, Is much more straightfoward and shorter

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How quick do you mean by quick?
Quick cooking time or quick preparation?

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Quick prep. And it's thighs.

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kfc is pressure deep fried so you'll have a hard time achieving that style without a pressure fryer

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Can you cook thin steaks in a cast iron pan or is not worth it?

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Who that boy, who him is?

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Canada is banning raw milk so now trump supporters are drinking it to trigger libtards.

Question: why would anyone willingly drink this, the thought makes me puke.

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Throw that shit out. We're doing this live!

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Slather mayo on chicken, put parmesan on that, then bake until done

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qtddtot is from /fit/, which I copied the idea from

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I think you're gonna have to experiment this one. Personally I doubt that a properly marinated chicken breast would dry out or absorb the thighs juices under those conditions.

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what if I don't marinate? I'm usually too lazy to do that with the thighs so I just season them and pop them in the oven

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I like that other guys rice idea. Could make for an interesting dry rub for say skin on chicken thighs done low and slow.

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its the opposite here in San Francisco. hippies are drinking raw milk. my friend tried it for a while, sourced from his local farmer's market, but when I last saw him he told me he was vomiting all weekend and that raw milk wasnt safe.

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i think milk by itself is gross anyways but why do they drink it raw? is it supposed to taste better?

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more natural, less "chemicals" more authentic taste. its sort of like the cane sugar vs fructose sugar debate but obviously more risky and dangerous.

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I think a dry rub is kinda wasted on a sous vide. So I suggest marinades. Add spices and aromatics to an acid, alcohol, or yogurt. Marinate in that. Vacuum seal it for 20 to let the marinade soak in hyper fast then drain the marinade and reseal, sous vide. Sear afterwards. Put on a plate with a grain/starch side, and a veggie side. Garnish.

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Imodium. Don't take to much or you won't shit for a week. Stop drinking. Eat more soluble and non-soluble fiber. Get some wet wipes in the mean time.

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of course you can

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if Canada is banning raw milk does that mean Quebec is going to stop making unpasteurized cheese? Because that is going to piss me the hell off

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Properly marinate it for a significant period of time then bake it at 425 till the juices run clear. Add an herb butter or mustard glaze if you want. Fuck you can just baste it in BBQ sauce the entire time it cooks and end up with a thick glaze of BBQ on it.

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It tastes better but imo if you can get your hands on high end pasteurized milk you're not sacrificing taste and you are paying about the same for a safer product see Oberweis dairy

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Your chicken breast is going to be dry and flavorless if you don't marinate it. Just put some white wine, or lemon juice, or apple cider vinegar in a ziploc with spices and aromatics for 30 minutes with the chicken breasts and it will taste way better.

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I mean just let the questions be asked and answered. So what if they only receive a few answers. Some questions only have one answer. What the fuck is your problem? Want to condense real posting into a single thread to leave more threads for product shilling? Go fuck yourself.

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Pasteurization doesn't add any "chemicals", you little cunt (sorry, i'm new to this)

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>cane sugar vs fructose sugar
Where does fructose come from?

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I'm thinking (hoping) he means corn sugar (hfcs)

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I think he's saying hippies who are afraid of things like GMOs and fancy words like DNA and HFCS and chemicals prefer things to be "natural" and "organic" and raw milk seems more natural and safe/healthy to them because it is less processed ie unpasteurized and unhomogenized

in short hippies are alarmist morons

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Had someone argue that the sugar in fruit is healthier than "refined sugar" (table sugar, not hfcs). He wouldn't accept that the so-called "refined" sugar was literally the same exact chemical composition found inside fruits.

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Did you move to Asia, m8?

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lots of cayenne pepper + garam masala + potato wedges

best damn wedges I've ever had

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It is, but your body tries to break all sugars down into glucose. Some sugars like fructose can take longer to break down than sucrose. What the guy was shittily saying is that he thinks eating more complex sugars means you'll lose weight. There is no conclusive proof of this other than saying "Huh it takes like two extra steps to turn into glucose, must be way healthier"

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ps. btw this is kind of a stupid idea because table sugar is sucrose from beets and cane and still needs to be broken down into glucose by the liver. Fructose which is a common mono-saccharide in fruits and vegetables is basically the same more or less. Also glucose is a naturally appearing sugar along with all the others in food so I don't know what the fuck that guy was talking about in retrospect. Having a different metabolic pathway for a sugar doesn't mean the sugar still isn't metabolized.

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You don't get a crust like that with batter only breading.

That has nothing to do with the crust he is talking about

Close. After the brine and before you start breading you need to sprinkle some of your seasoned eggwash into your seasoned flour mixture. This creates all of those little crags and crunchies on the outside of the chicken instead of an breading of even thickness. It is best to pat your chicken dry before starting breading and letting them sit after breading before frying is also beneficial as well.

You also do not want your oil too hot especially with bone in chicken and even more so with larger cuts like bone in breast. You don't want to burn your breading before your chicken is done.

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Gnocchi is very simple to make.

Make a simple choux paste

rice potatoes

fold into choux paste with seasoning and what not

don't over mix


pan fry in butter.

You can pan fry a chicken thigh in less than 5 minutes.

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i'm not aboard the alarmist anti-refined sugar train, but i will point out that context can matter, in terms of digestion and glycemic index. even if the HFCS in, say, a can of soda is the same as (or similar to) chemical molecules in an orange, there is fiber and vitamins in the fruit and you body will react differently to it. i think the biggest "danger" of refined sugars is how they are added to everything, so you end up eating more sugar than you normally should get from bread/pasta sauce/canned fruits and vegetables/whatever. not inherently bad, but bad when overused (like many things in the nutrition world).

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How do I learn to make bomb tacos?
How do I serve them to people in Canada?
How to do this with no money?

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If I leave a Crunchwrap Supreme on my desk for 12 hours, will it be unhealthy to eat later?

>> No.10242628

It's not healthy to eat it in general. But I doubt it would make you sick.

>> No.10242762

I wold advise against it. Canadians generally hate spicy food and associate Mexican good with flaming hot mouth on fire. They think the taco bell hot sauce is too hot. The only places that get away with spicy food are curry places because of the huge amount of Indians that immigrated here this century

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There's 1 place in my city that serves them. A little hipster place but fuck are they ever good. I realized no one is doing it??? but yeah I guess I'll just serve poutine and hang my self

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Thems that breaks. Canada mostly sucks for restaurants. Toronto is ok but I hate that city hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahah

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how do i stop myself from devouring the entire pan of brownies after i make them?

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My friend shot a bunch of geese and now has a ton of goose breast, and we want to cook it up. She said that some kind of goose with tomato sauce and cheese was good, which im slightly skeptical of, and online I can't find a lot of decent dishes that aren't "roast it with apples" or something similar

Anyone have any recipes for goose? Not a whole goose, just the breasts

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I had a Spanish friend as a kid and his mum used to make this fried beefthing with rice that was delicious and she always gave me some when she made it because she knew I loved it. What was this dish?

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make goose parmesean

>> No.10244580

is goose really fatty like duck?

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Diarrhea is the result of whatever you're currently eating.

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femanons, what are some meals that would impress you?

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a big, meaty cock

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anything that is seasoned well, cooked precisely, and not drowning in grease

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yes that's what I meant. I meant to type fructose syrup to be more clear.

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you have to get the patooto through a sieve, only then is it mashed enough for the gnocchi

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roast the potatoes for an hour at 500 then refrigerate overnight.
potato thru a ricer or mashed through whatever strainer/fine cheese grater you have. mix the potatoes and flour completely and break down any large chunked before you mix the eggs.
1 cup 00 flour to 3 potatoes to 1-2eggs

when you roll and cut them (and thoughout the whole process) the amount of pressure you put on the dough will etermine the bite of the gnocchi. i like mine more al dente so i work the dough a lot. some people like it fluffy or mushy so will use more flour and barely work it or use more egg and barely work it respectively

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Why doesn't my chicken brown nicely?

whats the secret?

I've already tried the 450 degrees for 15 minutes then lower the 350 trick

what gives?

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Its gunna be my first time at taco bell tonight. Can someone recommend me some good shit?

>> No.10245196

Double decker is my fave

>> No.10245203

What do I cook if I'm bored of everything

>> No.10245221

ill be sure to try it, if you or anyone thinks of anything else lmk

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Why is chiken so gross raw but beef steak is ok

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Chicken isn't gross raw if you are using quality ingredients and its prepared properly. I've had a couple different chicken tartares that were great.

Pretty much any meat can be consumed raw or rare/medium rare and be delicious if you have the right preparation and the product is of good quality.

Many game birds are cooked mid-rare. Mett is a popular dish and is raw ground pork. Rabbit, lamb, venison, are all good as well and then you have the obvious fish and seafood.

>> No.10247224

Also you're going to get food poisoning from raw chicken.

>> No.10247262

No, chicken is just more prone to developing salmonella than beef.
Really fresh butchered chicken you can eat raw just fine.

Thing is with you amerifucks is that all your meat are subpar chemical ridden shitshows.(most of the time)

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too moist probably. at least the skin is. do your normal prep with marinades or whatever. Then when you're going to season the skin, dry it throughly, mix in some baking powder with your spices, applying it to the skin will cause it to dry out in the oven, making it nice and brown.

>> No.10247284


Yeah, I'm sure you eat your chicken immediately after it's butchered in front of you instead of buying it from the supermarket like normal people.

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Anyone have any good salmon recipes? There's only so many times I can do some sort of honey glazed thing or just salt and pepper before I get bored.

>> No.10247436

Is there a way to make my coil stovetop even and less wobbly?

>> No.10247474

I would assume goose is similar to duck, so follow some duck recipes

>> No.10247480

Hollandaise sauce

>> No.10247583

you can replace the coils if they're really bad. they're usually around $10

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When making cookies, should I leave the dough overnight to chill or use after a short chill? Making chocolate chip cookies for the first time (for a friend) and apparently the longer you leave the dough the better they taste or something?

>> No.10247940

Do half and half and see which comes out better.

I don't find there's a difference.

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I got some boneless skinless chicken thighs that I tried stir-frying a few times. Some parts tasted alright, but some (the darker parts) have this offputting bloody taste to them that I want to get rid of. Rest of the thighs are sitting in the freezer, what do?

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I want to do some kind of meal prep that's not too heavy in calories, but I don't want to cook everything at once. What I've been doing, for example, is taking chicken breast and putting it in a bag with marinade in the freezer (pic semi-related). When I want to use it, I put move it to the fridge that morning and it thaws out by dinner. Are there any other things I could try?

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How long should I let chicken soup simmer for? I had some leftover bones from thighs and decided to put them to use, even though Ive never made that kind of soup before.
How long can I expect until all the meat falls off the bones?

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In video below I tried the cannoli bean mix and added anchovy to the mixture as I was frying. Served with rice instead of price because poorfag.

It was tasty and has potential but theres definitely something missing. Any idea on how to jazz it up?


>> No.10248621

•rice instead of bread

>> No.10248623

Never made skinless thighs (and Ive never even found boneless skinless here so I have to debone them myself), but I usually fry the skinside on medium for a couple of minutes, flip them, put them in the oven at 100C until the meal is done.
Meanwhile fry up whatever veggies you have (onions, zucchini and cherrytomatoes are a good combo imo) and toss in some white wine/ broth/ vinegar mixture to make the sauce. Reduce the sauce, place the thighs back into the pan and serve.
Havent had any strange tasting brown bits ever, but I guess it could be the quality of chicken? Still Im using the cheapest I can get (Lidl) and they turn out wonderful.

Maybe the difference is (and I really should mention this) that I dont cook my thighs all the way through in the pan. They are usually JUST under being done, and finish during their 10 minutes or so in the oven even if only at 100C. No idea if thats what makes the difference but its a possibility.

>> No.10248651

why not try to get in contact with that friend and asking him directly?

>> No.10248778

Probably just spanish rice with beef, or paella with beef instead of seafood.

Spanish rice is fried rice with tomato sauce
Beef paella is paella... with beef.

>> No.10248794

Try tartines or bruschetta.
Mix it with fruit jam
Bagel+goat cheese+mustard greens+salmon is a sensation not to dissimilar to kissing girl toes.

>> No.10248858

what can i do with stew beef besides make stew?

>> No.10248871


>> No.10248899


My mother did something like this. She'd brown the rice in a little bit of oil, then put it aside and brown some beef in the same pan, then cover it all under some water, tomatoes and peas, stew it for 20-30 minutes or so and then, walla

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Not a femanon but on a first date I'd definitely do salmon because it's incredibly easy and good.

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Jerky xd

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holy fucking pleb wtf am i reading
it's wa-la you goddamn tard

>> No.10248943

actually its voila

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no that's an instrument tard

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Wa la
You mouth breathing cucks

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How do I make Chinese food like Kung Pao Chicken
How do I make those sauces they have in Kung Pao or Mongolian Beef

>> No.10249036

>calling people sucks
>doesn't speak french
who's the pleb now, pleb?

>> No.10249040

you're thinking of a violin idiot

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>> No.10249067

varying amounts of sugar, soy and chili
also fucking google it

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If I beat some eggs, and mix it into my rice in a rice cooker, will it cook it sufficiently? I cook hard boiled eggs in there, so I assume it will do the same thing without the shell, but i want to be sure before I waste 4 eggs instead of just frying them.

>> No.10249132

Bump. Guys, please. I mixed the eggs before I asked this. So I just have this cup of eggs sitting here.

>> No.10249210

yes, they will cook
enjoy your ghetto omurice

>> No.10249216

Dope, I went ahead with it anyway. Thanks for the reply tho.

>> No.10249336

I make wontons but when they cook they inflate and when i flip them, the filling spills out.
I dont over fill, i use room temperature filling, the wrappers are fridge temp, i use water to seal and i pinch the edges tightly.
What am i doing wrong?
Im thinking the oil is too hot.

>> No.10249449

Try squeezing as much air as possible out when wrapping.

>> No.10249496

So I want to jazz up a can of Spaghet sauce, what are some good ways to do that
>t. incompetent retard

>> No.10249505

you can make a chicken katsu curry
like in this vid

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What can I eat to make me poo? I haven't pood in 5 days.

>> No.10249986

What pan should I use to sauté? A stainless steel or nonstick? Could I use an ordinary frying pan?

>> No.10250015

Red lentils

>> No.10250018

If I get drunk on vodka and orange juice it evacuates my insides.

>> No.10250022


>> No.10250058

Eat a whole can of pinto beans

>> No.10250070


This is actually great advice. Get completely smashed and you'll have the runs for sure! And even if you're still constipated you'll be too drunk to care. Or too hung over to care. It's a win-win situation!

>> No.10250105

oyster sauce

>> No.10250171

Pizza hut used to have this limited time offer called honey sriracha. It had a consistency that was fairly liquid and had a very sweet taste with a reasonable amount of heat that snuck up on you. I don't like pizza hut much but I would go there just to buy packages of the sauce.

Any ideas how to make it? I have no doubt it was largely hfcs, but it was good on a lot of things.

>> No.10250374

Have you tried mixing honey and sriracha? I've never had the PH version, but it seems simple enough to give it a go yourself. I imagine it would be thick, though. You could replace honey with Caro corn syrup for a "runnier" version.

>> No.10250751


Yeah, I've made a few attempts, I just haven't been able to really come close. The pizza hut version was hotter than any sriracha I've ever had (not super hot or anything but more than sriracha).

>> No.10250787

ok sense everyone a retard ill tell you how, ive done this for a long time,batter thick, egg first, milk the egg dip. pepper in your flower, double batter, fry your food at 450 in the fryer. use thermometer for 175 internal. done.

>> No.10250794

spring mix and ranch

>> No.10250858

Delicious CWD

>> No.10250881

Is it possible to make cauliflower bread/anything/gluten-free baking with gluten-free flour without using fats? I tried subbing regular cheese with fat free cheese and eggs with pure egg whites and I don't think they turned out that well, it fell apart way too easily (taste was fine though).

I guess fats from butter, milk, cheese etc. act as binding agents along with the eggs and makes sure things hold together well when baking in the oven?

>> No.10250887

absolute trash.

>> No.10250897

If you're not joking, oatmeal + coffee. Put at least 4 tablespoons of coffee grinds in your oatmeal or drink 2 - 3 cups of coffee.

Drink lots of water as well and do some cardio.

>> No.10250904

Sesame seed crusted pan seared w/ rice
Garam masala dusted w/ lentils
Poached w/ herbed Israeli couscous

Add some sort of vegetables and a sauce/broth if desired

>> No.10250909

For some reason the coffee grounds seem like it will work! I am going to do that now.

>> No.10250923

Depending on the recipe, chilling the dough (for at least 4 hours in the fridge) will help make the cookie chewy rather than crisp.

>> No.10250931

About an hour at a simmer will be sufficient

>> No.10250944

Beef Stroganoff

>> No.10250959

Too much moisture in the filling

>> No.10251039

/r/ a decent beef stroganoff recipe that someone has actually cooked and not copypasta from allrecipes. preferrably something with some character (wine, herbs, etc.)

>> No.10251105

It takes 5 minutes just to heat up a pan.

>> No.10251399

I never understood the desire to copy fast food "recipes" instead of making your own which better suits your taste.

>> No.10251496

How does he get out without breaking the eggs?

>> No.10251541

Buy a better stove.

>> No.10251567


>> No.10251637

For fried chicken are you supposed to batter, coat with flour/cornstarch, or coat with breadcrumbs? I see all three techniques mentioned in different recipes and I wonder how the differ in the results they give.

>> No.10251670

Are you really this dense? The difference in a breaded, battered, and crumbed food is pretty fucking obvious.

>> No.10251904


>> No.10251928

How do you add garlic flavour to something that'll cook for a while on fairly high heat? Obviously you can just add garlic but it's pretty prone to burning.

>> No.10251991

I've tried but can't find the guy anywhere

>> No.10251995

beef and ale pie

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Why are fruits/vegetables kept on the bottom of fridges?

When I was in the restaurant biz we were told by the department of health to always keep meats below everything else (especially poultry) so it wouldn't contaminate if something leaked.

>> No.10252890

tapioca starch

>> No.10252898

they arent supposed to be

you will usually have a "crisper" and a "fresh" drawer

they are the same thing though, so meat goes in the lower one, though many fridges will have them side by side

>> No.10253004
File: 482 KB, 1000x1000, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mine just has 2 crispers like pic related. I end up keeping my veggies on the top shelf for sanitary purposes.

>> No.10253071

Fruits and veggies are the lowest of foods. The bottom of the fridge is like the back of the bus.

>> No.10253076

mines similar to yours, and i just keep meat in one and veg in the other

its beneficial to keep meat in a closed drawer to stave off oxidization, especially in red meats

>> No.10253088

Here's a few spice mixes for ya. If you don't have one, maybe go to a value village or ebay and try to find a small food processor to use just for saucemaking/marinades. I've found mine comes in handy for making dressings, sauces, spreads, compound butters..... i'll give you ideas for rubs or marinades that'd be good either way

Fresh thyme and oregano, lemon zest and juice, minced garlic, celery seed, cracked black pepper

Smoked paprika, cumin, ground mustard or fresh mustard, cayenne

Sesame oil, ground ginger, garlic, onion powder, soy sauce, if marinading add a pinch of brown sugar

>> No.10253091
File: 620 KB, 3582x2424, imageService?profileId=52000717&id=621495.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mostly just eat chicken, which I get individually wrapped. Fish I buy day of so no issue there.

>> No.10253097

1/2 cup ground dried New Mexico chiles
1/4 cup paprika
1 generous tablespoon cayenne
1 teaspoon onion powder
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1 teaspoon ground cardamom
1 teaspoon fenugreek
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon ground allspice
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves

>> No.10253127

>LESS than 5 minutes for a chicken thigh

If you debone it and butterfly it, and then cook it in the oven for 20 minutes first...... maybe. Hope you like salmonella, brainlet

>> No.10253168

roast thighs in the oven

take out of package
season 1 side
season other side

I'm usually done before the oven is even preheated.

>> No.10253197

Marinade and dry off. Alternatively, stuff parts of it with garlic, or make a garlic oil by roasting submerged cloves until soft to baste on while cooking. eat the cloves on bread

>> No.10253227
File: 50 KB, 600x405, 2101_banana_fruta_cachos_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Is Fruit Sugar really better? Besides a little fiber and some trace vitamins/minerals would it be healthier to just eliminate it or cut it down as much as possible? I googled Fructose and it seems to be bad for diabetics as well as it increases blood sugar quickly like HFCS does which has Fructose in it...

>> No.10253398

basically it depends on the fruit

fruit juice is almost always bad for you
whole fruits are better, but make sure they're high in fiber and other nutrients. oranges are better than bananas for example since ~34% of its carbs are fiber vs 7% for bananas

>> No.10253672

oranges are only better if you eat all of the pith

many people just chew out the juice which is obviously terrible for you without the fiber

>> No.10253900
File: 2.94 MB, 384x205, 1504053511319.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've tried just buying my own cheap boneless chicken breasts, seasoning with spices and baking. Every time they come out rubbery. When I buy marinade boneless chicken breasts from Wegman's or Stop and Shop and bake them, they're fucking juicy and delicious. Does the marinade make the difference and can I make my own cheaper marinade? Also, can I just buy a bulk bag of cheap ass chicken breasts, thighs etc and dump them in a zip lock bag with marinade and take some chicken out to bake throughout the week or will it spoil fast?

$0.99 Arizona Fruit Punch

>> No.10254051

yes marinading makes a big difference

how are you cooking them in the oven? what temp? time? are you covering them?

>> No.10254069


honestly, the ones that come out the best I pay premarinaded and throw them into the oven for 20-25 mins at 400 depending on the size and steam some veggies. Uncovered on a baking sheet on tin foil. Super juicy every time. I want to replicate that for cheaper and better marinades if possible

>> No.10254181


>> No.10254186

Poached, sprinkled with salt, pepper, shallot, and dill. Lemon to taste if that's your thing.

>> No.10254190

What's the recipe for happiness?

>> No.10254192


Brine those, sear in pan, cover and finish on low.

>> No.10254197

I meant the ones not pre-made.

I season, cover in foil and do 40 minutes at 400F and they come out fine.

>> No.10254201

I have a weird hobby of trying to exactly recreate fast food recipes at home, just to see if I can do it.

And yes, I know it's pathetically American, but it's still fun.

>> No.10255148

Anyone know cookbooks that are actually good? I feel like they're mostly memes. Looking for soups, and seafood dishes mostly.

>> No.10255513

they don't come out rubbery? that was my biggest gripe with the non-marinaded ones. Do I have to marinade them still or will foil at 400 for 40mins with seasoning be enough?

>> No.10255536

did she died?

>> No.10255544

How do I stop my dog from crying whenever I cook something tasty for a long time? Whenever I make a nice slow roast or meat cut he cries like nothing else on earth and won't settle down.

>> No.10255984

he has too sell all of them before he is allowed out

>> No.10256421

I’m cooking up a sirloin filet, I normally eat my steaks close to raw with searing on each side. It’s become too chewy for me. How should I cook it so it’s very juicy but not chewy. Step by step appreciated

>> No.10257294

Not usually. If you freeze and then defrost them, that could also cause it

>> No.10257328

it is used in many indian curry recipes that i have seen

>> No.10257344

no sorry

>> No.10257348

Imodium and heroin. You'll get impacted and physically won't be able to shit.

>> No.10257350

should i grind my dried oregano flakes to powder?

>> No.10257360
File: 108 KB, 980x490, 65487.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm semi-/fit/ and started cooking more. I've made boneless white meat chicken witch lemon, garlic, salt and pepper. What are some other spices/seasoning/ways to flavor chicken? Something simple preferable, thanks!

>> No.10257373

I like this spice mix:

I use a lot more cayenne though

>> No.10257438

get a better cut of meat? Or marinate it and or tenderize it aka beat your meat with a mallet

>> No.10257445

>your body tries to break all sugars down into glucose. Some sugars like fructose can take longer to break down than sucrose
Got those backwards. All sugars turn (slowly) into fructose. Fructose itself metabolizes rapidly, leading to blood sugar and insulin spikes.

>> No.10257458


glucose and fructose are monosaccharides. the sucrose in fruits breaks down into glucose and fructose

glucose is blood sugar

>> No.10257463

Provide source.

>> No.10257466


>> No.10257691

Crushed cornflakes. Yes, the cereal.

>> No.10257699

When I make a PB&j, which do I slather on first, PB or j?

>> No.10257702

doesn't matter. wipe the knife with a napkin/paper towel between ingredients so you don't cross contaminate

>> No.10257716

can confirm, works like a charm

>> No.10257742

that ain't anything new though. the only thing raw milk is good for is making cheese. even yoghurt can be made with milk powder.

>> No.10257950
File: 19 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yup. I only like it roasted.

>> No.10257955

imogen tablets

>> No.10258034

I've really liked cutting into 1 inch cubies and stir frying with equal parts chili powder, garlic powder, and cumin. if you cook a little onion, bell pepper and pineapple before/after, you'll end up with some dank fajita innards.

>> No.10258049

Did you mean Imodium?

Imogen is such a nice name. If I ever have a daughter I might name her that. I'm glad it's not really a diarrhea medicine.

>> No.10258350

well I can't tell you if the grocery store does that, but I imagine in some sense they do because of transport. However, if they freeze transport the non-marinaded ones they most likely do it for the marinaded ones since they're all vacuumed sealed in a similar fashion. I'm gonna give it a shot tonight. Salt, pepper, garlic powder, wrapped in foil at 400 for 40 mins and let's see if it's a game changer

>> No.10258473


Ropa vieja?

>> No.10258714
File: 56 KB, 474x474, curing salt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what can i do with curing salt besides make corned beef? I bought a pound of it and only used five teaspoons for a corned beef.

>> No.10258793

looks like bath salts. smoke it?

>> No.10258821

Bacon and pancetta are easy enough and needs curing salt

Also pastrami though I have only ever done it sous vide

>> No.10258889

I have some hamburger meat thats been in the fridge for I think a week to 9 days, it should still be usable right??

>> No.10259011

I wouldn't eat it. Smell it and see if it smells funky.

>> No.10259014
File: 285 KB, 540x540, goober-grape.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

allow me to blow your mind

>> No.10259070

>not crunchy

>> No.10259088

Take a mega dose of vitamin C.

>> No.10260494
File: 1.73 MB, 295x211, 1385183219692.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my gag reflex just activated

>> No.10262338

Throw it out

>> No.10262352

How long does cold brew coffee last in a mason jar inside a fridge? I just tasted some cold brew I made and forgot in my fridge for about a month, it actually tasted pretty sweet and chocolaty. But it was slightly cloudy. Is it safe?

>> No.10262362

milk bath will probably do it.

>> No.10262376

Literally any cured meat?

>> No.10262545

>Ropa vieja?
Nah it wasn't shredded, more like a stir fried beef. The closest to the rice I've had since was a turmeric rice>>10248778

>> No.10262594

I'm trying to make sunny side up eggs, but every time I do either the bottom is overcooked or the top is undercooked. What can I do to make my eggs look nice?

>> No.10262647

preheat to low with oil
turn up to medium-high and add butter
add the eggs
cover them and cook for 1 minute
remove the pan from heat and sit for another minute covered

>> No.10263035


>> No.10263065

Seared breast with your choice of seasoning sauce veggie starch garnish. Try different combinations

>> No.10263079

Tablespoon of butter on breastplate

>> No.10263102

Don't turn the heat up to medium high
Just cook the eggs low and slow
Everything else is correct

>> No.10263348

Is that faggot blogposter with the cat finally dead? I'm back after a year hiatus and I have yet to see him post

>> No.10263425

This is the best fucking reply chain in thread.
Someone get /mu/ over here.

>> No.10263465

How do I dry fresh or canned fruit in the oven?
I tried a few days ago and all I got was a sticky, burnt mess.

>> No.10263596

I've seen him relatively recently but he doesn't post as much.

>> No.10263691

Your oven was too hot, you need a really low temp. It's hard to do in an oven because there isn't air circulation (unless it's a convection oven) and most ovens cant maintain a low enough heat.

>> No.10263728

is mixing ramen noodles and left over sweet and sour sauce a bad idea

>> No.10263733


No. A little soy sauce will balance it out. Try crisping the ramen up on the stove first.

>> No.10263754

I eat rice + veggies + chicken breast for dinner every single day. Figured it'd be better if I altered between that and something else. But I don't know crap about nutrition, so what should I go for?

>> No.10263757

chicken thighs or fish

>> No.10263884

with or without the seasoning packet

>> No.10263897


You could use that instead of soy sauce. I'd add it to the water while the ramen is cooking and then drain the broth before frying the ramen and adding the sauce.

>> No.10263920

is 300 Fahrenheit too hot
my oven can do convection

>> No.10263939


>> No.10263940


You want your oven as low as it can go. Like no higher than 150. 300 will burn anything eventually. Way way too high.


>> No.10263996

Thank you!

>> No.10264659

I just got a kilo of bacon from someone and I'm not entirely sure what to do with it all. It's still perfectly good bacon, but I've got no idea what to do with all those thick cut strips, especially for dinner.

>> No.10264675

Why do you need 2 cutting boards for raw meats and whatever else?

A cutting board has 2 sides. Just flip it like I do.

>> No.10264692


How do I make good gravy for chicken fried steak?

>> No.10264722

>cut meat on one side
>flip it to cut vegetables
>now meat juice is all of your counter

>> No.10264806 [DELETED] 

Something that has a lot of flavour/spices. Where everything goes together nicely. Like a Turkish meal. Indian, Japanese. Anything sort of foreign and flavourful. I'm not a meat and three plain vege kind of person though. I'd go nuts over some authentic Neapolitan food as well with a matching glass of wine.

This is good too. Miso salmon is nice. So is smoked salmon if you have a fish smoker. Maybe with some asparagus, and some hollandaise sauce if you're doing plain salmon. Really rich meal though fat wise. Maybe add another veggie that goes well with hollandaise. It is impressive because hardly anyone can make that sauce at home. Alternatively save it for the first breakfast you make her - Eggs Benedict.

>> No.10264875

I'm spanish, and I wanna make some sour cream
>inb4 ameriboo
I just see it being used as a dip in all your media, and Im curious about the taste

The problem is that when I look the recipe up in american webs, it says you need ''cream''
W-what's this cream?
Isn't cream kinda yellow and used in cakes or so?
why is it dairy? where do I buy this close to me, and what name will it have?

>> No.10264897

Is it viable to store my dry herbs for about 7 months while I go on deployment in those AC controlled long term storage with my other items? seems like a waste to just throw them all out and have to rebuy them when I return

>> No.10264919

cook the steak in pan
move cooked steaks to oven at low temp just to keep them warm
drain fat/oil from pan, put pan back under med-low heat
add something to deglaze (water works but is flavorless, try beef or chicken broth, wine, beer ...)
scrape off the meaty bits stuck to the pan for a minute or two
add cream (like milk or heavy cream or whipping cream), keep it just slightly boiling
heat for 5-10 minutes until thick
add flour to thicken if needed

>> No.10264924

oh yeah then salt and pepper to taste

>> No.10264931

Dry them partially and store in air tight container.

>> No.10265047


Thanks famalampai.

>> No.10265082

What are your opinions on bone in vs nonbone chicken? The price is way cheaper for bone in but it seems like most of that shit is bone and gristle. What say you? As far as taste between the two I don't have a preference so it's purely an economical decision for me.

>> No.10265102

Throw it on the BBQ. If it's not raw in the middle you over cooked it.

>> No.10265120

I was in Quebec recently and my gf was insistent on getting unpasteurized cheese. We drove around for 2 hours (which led to a fight because I was tired of driving so much for fucking cheese) and couldn't find any. We went to specialty shops too, not just chain stores.

>> No.10265123

I find this hard to believe. Were you just in Montreal or what?

>> No.10265156

>Were you in Montreal
Yes. Why? Does Montreal have a ban on it? Because I was there 10 years ago and it was everywhere

>> No.10265203

cream usually means some sort of high fat milk, like what you'd use to make whipping cream.

>> No.10265448

So I've been a vegetarian for well over a decade now, and I think I'm bored of it.
I was thinking of going to Costa Vidas and ordering a pulled pork burrito (my favorite quick restaurant, and people say the pulled pork is good), would this be a bad idea physically?
I don't really want my body to complete reject the meat, is there anything I should start eating before hand to prep my stomach?

>> No.10265609

I have one vegetarian friend that threw up after finding out a restaurant served her spaghetti with chicken stock in the marinara sauce. I have another vegetarian friend that ate a bunch of bacon for the first time in his life and had no problems. I'm no doctor, but I think it's all in your mind. If you're down to eat a carnitas burrito, then go for it.

>> No.10265683

Glucose is bloodsugar fool.

>> No.10265734

I'd say take is slow and start with small amounts of not to over the top meat. I suggest small amounts of chicken breast in a salad, like caesar or something. Then move on to red meats and fish. Increase portion size. I don't think the first think you should go out and eat is a pork burrito. I knew someone who went back to eating meat and started with a pepperoni pizza and puked from it.

>> No.10265746

Just get really good at deboning and cleaning cuts of meat. I can buy crappy bone in chicken hunks from the local mexican market in turn them into perfect breasts with some extra odds n ends in about 5 minutes.

>> No.10265762

I just hang extra dry herbs from the bottom of my spice rack. I live in dry area so i've never had problems with mold or rot. Once dry I just chop em up into desired consistency and put em in an old spice jar. As far as I know they last forever but I just keep using it and filling it with more herbs when I get more fresh stuff and hang it.

>> No.10265767


>> No.10265782

Render all the fat out of it, strain it, and keep a jar of bacon fat in your fridge for cooking. Works just like butter or olive oil and imparts a nice flavor that isn't overwhelming. Lasts for a really long time.

>> No.10265793

Fish, or a small amount of red meat. With a grain or starch as a side, and vegetables. Also if you are ever worried about nutrition, just take a multivitamin. As long as you are getting enough food calories and protein from your meals and take a multivitamin it doesn't really matter much what you eat unless you are watching your blood pressure.

>> No.10265799

No idea, a month is a long time. I would imagine it would sour but I guess it could mellow. I'm surprised the coffee didn't begin to separate from the water.

>> No.10265834

I don't think the government should be in on this. let natural selection take its course

>> No.10265842

You could do the safe bet and toss it. You could also do the steve1989 thing. Look at it. Inspect it all over for mold or discoloration of any kind. Smell it for off flavors that should be there. Ground chuck naturally smells metallic and earthy. I guess if you get any sour, or sulfur smells toss it. If it passes all those tests try cooking a small amount thoroughly and put it in your mouth. If you can't taste an immediate off flavors chew it a bit and keep it in your mouth. Alot of the bad stuff that can grow on food you can feel like a tingle or burn or any other type of allergic reaction in your mouth. If your lips feel puffy or your tongue thick spit it out. Lastly if it can make it past your gag reflex you're probably safe. Man kind was born with a much of mechanisms for telling when something had gone bad, use them. It's not exactly magic. If you done all that your chances of getting sick are pretty low. Except for botulism. That's odorless and tasteless and has no effect until it starts killing you, but it takes more than 9 days for enough botulinum toxin to form in something.

>> No.10265856

Buy pork belly and make kickass homemade thick cut bacon. Maple glaze it, fill it with peppercorns, smoke it. Slice it thick as fuck.

>> No.10265857

In lab today we made starch goop and put spit enzyme in it, it broke down into glucose in literally 15s.

>> No.10265860

I'm not quite sure what you are trying to say.

>> No.10265873

Thanks for the advice, I still go hunting and give the meat to my friends, so morally it isn't an issue.
How about the tastiest meat / dish I should have for breaking my vegetarian virginity?

>> No.10265970

>implying you don't own a mois nugget

>> No.10266270

Is it normal on paleo to /nopoop/ for like 4 days then shit out 3lbs of seething agonizing diarrhea?
I eat a handful or two of whole grain shredded wheat for breakfast on weekdays and eat fruit periodically so I'm pretty sure I'm getting enough fiber. It's probably the halal truck. I don't want to stop eating at the halal truck though.

>> No.10266292
File: 627 KB, 1000x2145, 1369021135912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I'm interested in sharpening some knives I have. Some are cheaper knives, a cleaver, but I mainly want it to keep my Tojiro Gyutou in good shape. I already have the honing rod. What's the best way to go about this? Electric grinders or whetstones? What grits for the sharpest edge that isn't a mirror finish?

>> No.10266337

Stones are the best but you have to know what you are doing or you can fuck them up. It certainly takes practice. I prefer chosera stones. That+steel+strope and you're good to go for anything.

I use stones for all of my knives however I bought a tsprof system for the guys at work and it actually works very well plus you don't have to be as careful about your angles and whatnot. The Apex Edge isn't bad either if you buy different stones. Its what we used to have before I bought the tsprof and its nice but not as nice. I ended up letting one of the guys take it home when we got the new one.


>> No.10266493

Get more oil in your diet.

>> No.10266510

You should see this halal truck, the chicken is like 20% oil

>> No.10266520
File: 15 KB, 480x360, SCUSE YOU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10266530

I use low heat and finish under a broiler

>> No.10267877
File: 1.74 MB, 3264x1836, 20180310_222733.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Help, I'm stupid.
Is this bacon still fine ? Whats that red dot thingie ?

>> No.10268854

How can I make jam tarts that look clean and don’t blow up in the oven? I mean they taste good but they look like they have been dropped from a high place after baking.

>> No.10269026

Is there a best way to make ice? Does it truly matter?

I once heard the best ice is made by: boiling water, cooling it to room them, cooling that water to fridge them, then putting it in the freezer. Is that true? Does that really help? Or is ice more in the category of "it's just fucking ice, it's always the same"?

>> No.10269165

whats a marinated jalapeno?
is it the same as a pickled one?
cos that's all google brings up.

its from a pizza box that lists the ingredients as marinated jalapeno.

>> No.10269235

How's it smell?

>> No.10269451

That's the way to make ice more clear but it doesn't effect the quality. Ice is fucking ice so if you don't care about presentation use whatever.

>> No.10269469

Clear ice is stronger and melts slower than regular ice.

>> No.10269475
File: 34 KB, 600x450, 1517971088259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10269493
File: 38 KB, 419x420, 1492042310907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please respond:
How long should I ferment fermented hot sauce? Internet recipe I followed said 3 days and it has fucking grown and is bubbling a lot but some other recipes say 1-2 weeks

>> No.10269526
File: 323 KB, 1259x833, iStock-465425596-eggshells.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How many calories in eggshells?

>> No.10269850
File: 1.53 MB, 2576x1932, 20171202_170150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I ferment mine for 1 month before adding @1/3 vinegar to make sure it's shelf stable. I know some anons go for 2 months or longer but mine are generally fermented out in 1. If you added a lot of fruit I could see where it might take longer than 1 month, but I've only used tomato, carrot and a bit of mango. I may try a blueberry hot sauce this year that might need longer than a month. Anything less than a month is too short, imho.

>> No.10269861

I think I remember some folklore saying you have to destroy the shells before throwing them away or a witch will build a boat out of them and presumable do something mean she couldn't do without crossing water. Steal a baby or whatever.

>> No.10270135

I've had a crappy past. Couple of days and I'm looking for some comfort food. Basically I want a dinner that is heavy and satisfying. Preferably not breakfasty or with pasta because I eat a lot of pasta already. I was thinking katsudon or chicken fried steak. Chicken pot pie was also a possibility but would be too much work I think. I don't have that much motivation today.

Any other ideas?

>> No.10270208

Probably a meme question, but whatever. It's insignificant, effectively zero - a slightly larger spoonful of sugar will throw you off more than a single eggshell. It's 85% calcium carbonate (basically limestone), and a bit of proteins in the membranes.

>> No.10270214

Is a cocktail shaker worth it? Can you just use two cups of similar size (one slightly smaller) to use as a 'boston shaker'? Or is it really worth it to get the cup with the lid and the strainer?

>> No.10270215

Cast iron is pretty much the best way to cook any steak.

>> No.10270226

If you want katsu I'd suggest going to a good ramen joint and get katsu ramen or maybe like a spicy beef ramen. Just google a real ramen restaurant within your area and go there; search by stars to find a good 3-4 star place.

Personally I live about 35min from a place called RaiRaiRamen that's super good and always has amazing food. I love that shit.

Or if you want something cheap just get some shitty american style chinese foods.

>> No.10270233

I use a mason jar and the lid that came with it to shake, a cheese grater to strain. My parents have a shaker and I use it when I'm seeing them.

The shaker is nice but its not needed.

>> No.10270241


>> No.10270285

>After the brine and before you start breading you need to sprinkle some of your seasoned eggwash into your seasoned flour mixture.
... is that the fucking secret that has eluded the mortal all these years? Fuck...

>> No.10270319

"Undercooked" chicken and pork is fucking delicious, btw. Pork parasites are basically completely wiped out in western countries so there is no need to cook your meat to 170 or whatever fucking leather temperature "food safety" recommends unless you live one one of those countries where people wipe their ass with their bare hands.

All the nasty bugs on chicken live on the surface so a sear still kills them just fine. I prefer mine a bit more done than that, though. I don't care for the gel texture of chicken until it's hot enough to be just starting to turn white, though the flavor is fine.

>> No.10270424

The closest I've got to Japanese food would be Shogun. It's almost all cheap Chinese, sushi, and some Thai(usually sold at the sushi places) around me. I could also get some cheap pork chops and green onions and make my own for a few dollars. I really do wish I had a more diverse collection of restaurants around. Despite the city having a lot of German ancestry the only German restaurant is an out of city drive to get to.

Is fantastic I agree but a pain in the butt. I want to keep my vegetable peeling and chopping to a minimum. I also don't have time to make pie crust for tonight and buying it is expensive. Unless I do the lazy one with the biscuits but pie crust is so much better.

>> No.10270487

>random retard on /ck/ thinks he knows more than every food and restaurant organization

>> No.10270537

do they really not have fucking sour cream in spain?

>> No.10270766

I hope im not too late to this thread

my biggest issue with cooking right now is making rice in any other context than making just plain rice (chicken over rice casserole bake, rice and peas, etc)

i always have the issue of "raw in the middle, mushy on the outside, and probably starting to burn/overcook on the edges" no matter how much liquid i add, no matter how low the temp is, no matter how long i let it go for

for something like the bakes it's usually fine, i just add more liquid (i've experimented with adding room temp and hot water/broth) and let it continue and eventually it evens out, granted it comes out a bit mushy

but for stovetop shit like rice and peas i've only ever nailed it once, every other time it's been a huge fucking problem
and i've tried both bringing the liquids up to boiling before adding the rice, and adding the rice then letting it boil. both came out the same way.

seriously what the fuck is rice

>> No.10270829

Not a meme question. I calorie count and I routinely use eggshells to thicken my soups - I quite like the resulting texture. Thank you for your answer.

>> No.10271109

garlic and onion in olive oil and then a bunch of fresh herbs. Maybe a touch of vinegar or something to take away from the probable sweetness

>> No.10271176

My grandma has an 80% success rate with rice by just bringing it to a boil and then turning it off and letting it sit. But there are still those 2/10 occasions where she under or overcooks it.

My success rate with rice on the stove was half hers and I went through the trouble of rinsing and measuring everything out and trying to carefully watch and time it. I just went out and got a cheap rice cooker from walmart.

>> No.10271567

I'm going to make mini cheesecakes in a muffin tin but I didn't buy muffin liners. Do I really need them?