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Anything I don't like cuz I was raised a pleb.

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Filet o' Fish. Like, seriously, a Big Mac isn't good enough for you? You have to get all Frenchy? Fucking hell.

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Pretentious food?
My first thought goes to expensive wines. I'm not rich enough, nor do I care enough about wines to try and find really top shelf wines.

I actually don't get the appeal of sparkling water in general, I've tried it on many occasions, but I just don't enjoy the harsh carbonation, mixed with usually bitter or sour flavors. It's not my thing

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Sparkling water tastes a lot better chilled, otherwise it’s shit.

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Isn't voss literally norwegian tap water.

I can sympathize with drinkers of spring water especially having lived in a caravan park where my city water came through a garden hose but come on. I used to buy local spring water by the 10 litre cask there for peanuts

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I actually have a VOSS bottle on my table right now, but I just bought it, because it a nice looking bottle for refilling...

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I bought a bottle for this reason off amazon too, didn't even realise it came with water it was just the biggest glass bottle I could find

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Out of all pretentious waters, Voss is probably the most pretentious, because it's a scam. It's not even actually from Voss, Norway, it's literally Norwegian tap water.

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This sort of thing. Tiny amounts of food, displayed in some artsy manner, with a huge price tag.

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I'm pretty sure the only people that eat this shit are Silicon Valley elitists.

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>just fill my trough!!!

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acai bowls

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do you poop that stuff out? or just only piss beige the rest of your life

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I understand the appeal to people who don't have time for a meal every once in a while, but I wouldn't base my entire diet on it. It'd just be more like "Fuck, late for work, so instead of defrosting bread for breakfast, I'll just have this on the train."

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I really, really, like that image. Do you mind if I save it?

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Yeah, I could see its appeal that way, but even then I'd rather just have this

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>"Fuck, late for work, so instead of defrosting bread for breakfast, I'll just have this on the train."
>soylent vs.
>defrosting bread for breakfast
sounds like a lose lose to me buddy

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What's pretentious about that? It's a good and effective idea.

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looks cool 2bh

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Yeah they should have made the flower fall into the middle.

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Well when you're paying in more than 4 calories per cent, it's likely junk.

But if you're spending over a (American) dollar per calorie for a food item that is neither a seasoning or a drink, then you're just either being snobby or being extravagant for whatever reason, I wager.

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linger longer

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I tried it. It's just a shitty overpriced whey mix. And it fucks your stomach up

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i bought it just for the bottle as well, i dont even like sparkling water

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>I buy the small dessert to leave more room for my wife's boyfriend's cummies!
>t. deserrtlet

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Is that people?

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>literally soyboys

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>contains no soy

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Never done soylent but had been on a liquid diet before and if it's similar you shit like crazy for the week on onboarding and then eventually you shit like once a week with an asshole tearing golf ball that has density of a neutron star.

You also probably have to drink a shit ton of water to make up for the hydration you're not getting from food

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For me, it's the McChicken. The best fast food sandwich. I even ask for extra McChicken sauce packets and the staff is so friendly and more than willing to oblige. One time I asked for McChicken sauce packets and they gave me three. I said, "Wow, three for free!" and the nice friendly McDonald's worker laughed and said, "I'm going to call you 3-for-free!" . Now the staff greets me with "hey it's 3-for-free!" and ALWAYS give me three packets. It's such a fun and cool atmosphere at my local McDonald's restaurant, I go there at least 3 times a week for lunch and a large iced coffee with milk instead of cream, 1-2 times for breakfast on the weekend, and maybe once for dinner when I'm in a rush but want a great meal that is affordable, fast, and can match my daily nutritional needs. I even dip my fries in McChicken sauce, it's delicious! What a great restaurant.

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what's pretentious about BPA free water?

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Just use a water filter

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look at all the flamboyant colors and flavors, they usually take up an entire fridge at convenient stores

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I have no taste and enjoy club suda

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t. non-sipper

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go away alex jones

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shut up you dumb faggot

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I use a sparkling voss for my daily water bottle. /fa/ as all hell. My god is sparkling plain water horrible.

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Nothing wrong with voss, it's slightly pricier than other waters but you get a nice glass bottle that you can reuse for a while... seems that americans have some strange ideas about voss water being luxurious or something, here in norway it's just regular water in a nicer bottle than usual. I lived a couple hours from the town of voss for some years, good water!

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>called SOYlent
>whey mix
Something doesn't add up.

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found the manchild that actually drinks energy beverages

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>art is pretentious
Thanks fer that there input, Billy Bob.

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Anything I don't like or understand

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I only sip sparkling water these days cause if I was water I'd be sparkling water and I wanna actualize.

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hot sauce is one of the most pretentious foods

oh wow you enjoy the feeling of spice do ya? you sure are a cool big tough boy arent you? think it tastes good too huh? wow you must have such a refined pallet to pick up those fruity flavors through all that heat! oh sorry i forgot you don't mind the heat because you're such a cool toughie manly man that actually likes the spiciness

face it, hot sauce comes from shithole countries where they have to use the strongest flavors available to conceal the putrid fecal flavor of the dung pies and grubs they eat, and now in the west people pretend to like it so they look hard/cultured/cool

fucking hipsters

inb4 a bunch of liars start signalling on an anonymous board

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Who hurt you?

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i alway seen the wybih with that bottle and the fruit cut in the water inside so stupid

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omg this is so true when you think about it

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>oh wow you enjoy the feeling of spice do ya? you sure are a cool big tough boy arent you?
Most people buy the spiceless version

>think it tastes good too huh? wow you must have such a refined pallet to pick up those fruity flavors through all that heat! oh sorry i forgot you don't mind the heat because you're such a cool toughie manly man that actually likes the spiciness
Dude it's like sugary ketchup it's just good it makes my dick hard thinking about it. I think it's gotten such a fetishistic niche appeal is that the western equivalent is what Tabasco?
Shit's just good and it's a sort of good I didn't grow up with also i'm gay

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the white sips are godtier, ill beat the shit out of you

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Not knowing what an entremet is

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>"Oh, that's a pretty cool way to present a bite of chocolate-"
>"Foah hunna dorra gaijin you pay you pay!"

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This unironically
A bit of spice is great but LITERALLY everyone who claims to enjoy nuclear lava 666 ghost chili sauce is lying.

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monster shills need to be permabanned on sight

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I enjoy the challenge not the taste

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But that is a dessert?

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wannabe silicon valley elitists drink this garbage. actual tech millionaires eat fine organics cooked by expert chefs

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what even is this, no one can explain it to me

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This individual picture or Kombucha in general?

>> No.10209885

the symbiotic mass of fungus and bacteria that ferment the kombucha, sometimes called the mushroom

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Tea with a living mass of fermenting fungus and bacteria in it.
People pay $10 to choke down a bottle of it because they think it aligns their chakras and shit like that since it's foreign-sounding.

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yeah but WHAT IS IT, what does it DO

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You mean mayomase? Its literally just mayonasye.

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It's just a probiotic drink.

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No, use a smaller plate.

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supports bacterial growth

>> No.10210712

probes your iotas

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Contains healthy bacteria that help your digestive system via symbiosis. Good for people with imbalanced gut flora, though jury's out on whether probiotic drinks contain significantly therapeutic amounts.

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whenever you get these though it's part of a set you pleb

by the end of the meal you're comfortably full

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Prebiotics support bacterial growth. Probiotics contain bacteria itself under the assumption that enough of it is going to survive digestive acids to set up a settlement in the Bacterial Residential Quarters of your gut.

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tbf the only reason I started eating spicy food was to look cool in gradeschool but now some heat is absolutely essential to a complete dish. Just some black pepper is fine for a lot of stuff, but over time my tolerance grows and I slowly progress to hotter peppers to get the same feeling

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marinade some chicken with this and realize the error of your ways

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its fermented tea. You know how you can make moonshine by tossing water sugar and yeast into a jug and letting it sit? It's the same thing but you add tea and somehow there's no alcohol. People drink it for the same reason people eat yogurt. Live active cultures!

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>t. soyboy whitelet

>> No.10212995

Transports refugee bacteria into your gut to disrupt the families that are already settled there and completely overturn the established culture.

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makes it so your poops are better and your tummy doesn't hurt and you don't get so much heartburn after eating your McChickens and such

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also some white coat wearing scientist fags say that if your gut got enough good bacteria in it you feel better, like more energetic and don't get tired so easy but iono about alladat

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You pay for the experience

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Multiculturalism the food from Germany oh the irony

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r u me?

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I was the same way about seltzer until I tried Polar brand ones, the rest are pretty bleh to me.

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all proof that it IS nothing but "Pretentious Food".

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Anything out of my budget that i don't like

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Thank you. Not enough people are shitting on that poor choice of name.

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Thumbnail looks like a duck.

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Yeah, but those bottles make great waterfall bongs

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Because 1000mg ofsodium and no vitamins isn’t a meal replacement

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marijuana is pretentious

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420 blaze it, fag.

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How it's pretentious? It's garbage for fortnite/overwatch playing teens.

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Sriracha is a bad example. At 2200 scoville units the shit's barely spicy and taste amazing. A jalapeno is at 5000 at least.
But yeah anything over 15k you're just lying.

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haha omg i love this meem it makes my penis hard and my boyfriends penis hard, i see it all the time on tumblr and on grindr haha, i'm so glad 4chan is SJW-friendly now with lookism and soyboy and whatnot haha xD omg you guys should come over to tumblr and SJW with us, we're probably better at it

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>keeps asking the same goddamn question instead of googling the answer in less than a quarter of the time it takes for some fucking anon to respond
c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s, you're retarded.

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marie sharps hot sauce is amazing, too bad i run out of it so quickly

>> No.10216979

I do like that voss has a wide opening which is handy for adding things to it.

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I think people just get a thrill out of hot food.

I like spicy dishes but I'm not out to torture myself.

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> Pretentious Food

Any foods that a vegetarian will spend hours Virtue Signaling about how great a person the vegetarian is for eating said food.

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>Any foods that a vegetarian will spend hours Virtue Signaling about how great a person the vegetarian is for eating said food.

I fucking can't stand vegans that won't fucking stop bragging about themselves and what better people they are than you and I for being a vegan.

That's the literal definition of a pretentious person.

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Yeah, but that's fucking cool

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