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Why would you actually eat a mud cookie? Won't it give you really bad shits and parasites?

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If you're starving, having something in your stomach offers some kind of relief.
They don't eat it for pleasure. They eat it because they're subhumans that can't into farming.

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Be literally dirt poor, uneducated, starving, sick, hopeless and exposed to all of humanity's worst on a daily basis then come back and tell me what you wouldn't eat

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B-but muh carcinogenic roundup drenched GMO corn and soybeans has solved world hunger dontcha' know! People would be eating mud cakes otherwi...oh.

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You're not wrong but I wonder what kind of answer you reach when asking yourself why you're in such a state.

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>being this liberal
They've been given seeds and told how to use them, but they end up eating them and going hungry instead. Look it up.

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In a country with no infrastructure or meaningful industry they don't have a lot of choice except for emigrating to a better country. Yes, at some point some people fucked it up for everyone else but what's a 12 year old Haitian born into squalor going to do about it? Jobs don't even exist for him to apply for unless he leaves the island.

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>bl*cks without wh*tes

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>implying it hasn't
say what you want to about the long term effects but it's the reason fewer people than ever are starving to death, despite what they tell you at your hippie co-op. you don't want black people to die do you anon? :^)

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No no no anon, I mean why not start looking into agriculture while eating mud pies. Even a 12 year old Haitian born into squalor has access to dirt and seeds of native food crops. You can only be in that kind of situation for so long before you seek to improve your living conditions. We don't see Australians living in dirt huts eating mud and they weren't exactly professional colonists either.

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Niggers raped then murdered every white person on the most prosperous island in the Caribbean and promptly turned it into a shithole. What a fucking surprise.
Let them rot.

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Havent they like, hacked down every piece of vegetation on the island for fuel?

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Blacks don't farm unless they're living on a plantation in the 1800s.

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Which again turns to the original question of "why?". It's not hard to think about the future or see the potential in planting a seed instead of eating it.

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For some reason or another, blacks are not very good at long term planning

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Laziness? Lack of patience?

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I wouldn't not eat a bullet

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yeah, totally not a shithole country.

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You say that now.

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dont call them subhuman, they are tragically uneducated because their government sucks
they cant even find themselves a hunter and gatherer society because they are all gone

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dude, thats like asking a smoker why he smokes.

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>government sucks
Gee, I wonder what color their government employees are
>can't even find themselves a hunger and gatherer society because they are all gone
>Gee, I wonder how it happened that all of their livestock and arable land is gone or infertile

pic related is literally centuries ahead of an entire nation.

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Getting to that level takes research and doing work. :^)

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whoops, I made some typos in that post. My bad.

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>glyphosate-resistant corn/soy/cotton/what and Bt-transgenic corn/soy are the reason fewer people than ever are starving to death.

I'm pretty sure war and climate are behind crop failure, not weeds and Lepidopteran grazers (which definitely impact productivity but not to the extent you think).

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primitive technology is so fucking based and really puts thing into perspective.

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btw I remember when he didn't even have 50k subs.

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Maybe they shouldn't have overthrown their French masters. Give it a century and they would have become free people with competent leaders.

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wow look at this cool dude

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t. jelly xuz he didn't follow him from the beginning.

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I remember when he had 0 subs and I didn't even sub him bc I wanted to keep the magic

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I'd try it

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lol wow jealous much

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>pic related is literally centuries ahead of an entire nation.

pic related is a smart educated man
your average neckbeard cannot survive in the wild like that man

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same guy

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but did he do that shit in Africa?
Also subsaharan Africa is the hottest driest place on Earth and they have corruption and warlords and shit
it's not that simple

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africa also has very fertile soil and 2 harvest seasons yet they are starving

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who is "they"
Africa's a freaking continent retard, at least be precise on which countries are third worldly

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Dude, he had an amerifat red state education. He would put africa in england on a blank world map

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most black africans left to themselves

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Europe's doing enough to put africa in england, unfuck yourself.

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Man shut up
You probably don't know shit about any other country outside the U.S.
>inb4 witty remark with no actual source or rebuttal

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"man shut up"
epic arguement
i win
northern european btw

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I hope she washed her hands first.

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pic related actually had the resources to research all the techniques he uses.
rural africans barely have basic education. most of them cant even spell their own name. it takes a good combination of racism and dead braincells to assume they are shit farmers because of inferior intellect. if intellect had anything to do with farming skills iowa would be a fucking desert

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>Give these animals cooking pots and oil to cook actual food when they grow food from the seeds.
>Eat the seeds and swing the pots in the air to catch bugs and eat the bugs too.

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Africa in places is a dry arid shithole

the whole of Africa today is a resource rich paradise

There isnt one place that is thriving in Africa in any measurement of success despite its environmental abundance or lack thereof.

the only deciding factor in humanities success in all of Africa is the evolutionary development of its peoples

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>One entrepreneurial nigger learns that the magic rocks make plants that make food.
>Starts to do this.
>Either gets a tire stuck around him and lit on fire for witchcraft, or his "farm" gets razed by a warlord.
>Usually it's both at the same time.

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which is white people's fault because...

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>Try to educate them.
>Leave them to learn to far.
>Warlords destroy farms and kill the people who actually try.
Sometimes we just have to admit that some places are not worth saving.

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White people owned slaves once.

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hey guys remember when Rhodesia was considered the breadbasket of Africa? Wonder what happened to it...

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You want some vinaigrette? For that WORD SALAD!

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blacks didnt like evolving

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the adults are ignorant and sadly a lost causes, well the ones that did not grow up with any means for an education
I wonder what would happen if the government took all the children by force and put them under an education in one big town orphanage, with westernized education and standards and focused on agriculture and free market economics. And these town orphanages could just be part of subdivisions of a bigger institution for Haiti's future.
It would be a 10 year program, where all money made from whatever goods they trade to other countries are focused primarily on these programs. Children are valued because of the raw potential they have to learn. They learn and intake information the best when they are young.

Is this a stupid idea?

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I hope the chinks succeed in colonising Africa and fix it.

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SJW's would scream "SLAVERY!" and "COLONIZATION!" but it would fucking work.
Have to kill off the adults and release the educated back into empty villages.

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chinks just give a shit about raping the continent for its resources, they don't give a fuck about the niggers

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Read about the forced schools in canada for the natives or australia for the abbos. They tried exactly what you suggested and they are now considered to be hate crimes on par with genocide.

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>"You are trying to force them to be SMART?!"

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Exactly, that's unironically how you fix Africa.

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He's literally right.

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It's sad how the PC police really want the dumb colored people to stay dumb.

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Damn. Maybe forcing am education isn't the way, but educating youth is the key.
It's better that the children of these indigenous parents learn how to function in a modern world, or at least enough to make their own micro communities overlooked by the government. Then again, as a previous anon said, the families that do try to adapt to agriculture are either too ignorant or end up getting pillaged by warlords.
Too many damn problems.

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They're jam packed with minerals.

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Canada failed in that the children did not have a family figure to help them cope. The nuns were strict bitches. They should have found an already Americanized natives to play family roles like big brother or big sister mother or father, to fill in the emotional gap that children need to thrive.
What if they had the right idea but the plan was executed wrongly?
If these third world countries manga to create a relationship where the state or country representatives run these orphanages as a family, we might get better results.

This will border on the line on what is a government job and what is a family. What happens when these clash? Can a government simulate the familiar love and nurture of a family?

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Westernized* I meant

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Is there a real reason they can't farm shit? Quail, chickens, various plants should be simple enough. Can't they go out and forage seeds from edible plants and grow them?

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>Grow shit.
>Raise livestock.
>educate your own kids.
>warlords now have kids who are smarter.

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>can't tell if trolling or has never actually dealt with niggers IRL

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most uneducated people dont know that to grow things you also need nitrate
there are legumes which have nitrogen fixing bacteria that somehow give nitrogen tot he soil they were planted in, like beans for example
Even if you take that out of the equation, you would have to learn to rotate crops so you let part of the crop restore its nutrients to be able to grow food for the next year or season

Gee, thanks Environmental Biology and European History I learned in High School

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they just dont want to
they are what happens when the majority of a race prefers the instant dopamine rush of eating 200 seeds instead of planting them
>muh warlords
not helping your case

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Obviously we just need more white guilt and money funneled at these people.

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Aboriginals burned most of it down while flushing out prey.

>> No.10169185

I thought it was so the roads could get warmer to lay on.

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I watched a YouTube video on these people and apparently the Americans came in and took all their pigs because some disease risked spreading to American pigs (if I remember correctly.) The Americans gave them some other breed of pig as compensation but they kept dying in the changed environment.

So now they eat mud which they believe contains necessary minerals to keep them alive. Making the cookies is also the only income some of the women have.

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>I watched a video on Youtube.
>It shit on Americans who owned african slaves so it has to be true.

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thats not what his post said at all though you fucking nigger

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can a nigger?

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Literally all of them

>pic very related

>> No.10169294

What are the grey areas!?

>> No.10169295

Literally nothing else available.

>> No.10169299

>africa is hot
I don't see how running a furnace blower would be impacted by high heat, but ok
hmmmm, who is running their government?
hmmmm, are the warlords white europeans?
>not that simple
primitive technology guy built that entire furnace in less than a day

>> No.10169300

>North Korea.
>Not in "Most Developed"

>> No.10169315

western sahara (unclaimed desert)
Suriname (former dutch outpost, technically part of Netherlands)
French Guiana (former french outpost, technically part of France)

>> No.10169320

that's what your information was sourced from, double-nigger

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>united arab emerates

define """"advanced""""

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Hahahahaha the chinks have literally zero interest in improving Africa, all the new railways they're setting up (because the local fauna ripped them up to burn them for fuel) are protected by electrified fences. They are there for the gold, platinum, titanium, etc.

The Brits were the ones who tried to "fix" Africa, little understanding that they is nothing to fix. The fauna doesn't want to change.

>> No.10169362

>in transition

>> No.10169372

>he chinks have literally zero interest in improving Africa

Can you really blame them?

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9.3 million people
$349 billion
>GDP per capita
$37,000 annually

North Carolina
9.5 million
$399.4 billion
>GDP per capita
$42,000 annually

The wealthiest nation on that entire continent is being beaten by the state that has been consistently ranked #25 in general living conditions in the nation?

>> No.10169406

so the UAE is just under an average-scoring US state in terms of GDP per capita, and that qualifies it as third world?

>> No.10169408

>The wealthiest nation on that entire continent
Saudi Arabia is the wealthiest nation on that continent.

Oh boy you must feel pretty dumb now, eh.

>> No.10169418

>consistently ranked #25 in general living conditions
that's what they want you to think.

>> No.10169424

No, after having interacted with them, I cannot.

>> No.10169427

Oh, wow, thank you for that valuable contribution. That totally changes the point I was making.

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don't make me cut you

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What is a third world country?

Let's look at the UAE

>political rights and civil liberties
>gross national income
#42 globally
>human development
#32 globally
>level of poverty
#28 globally
>press freedom

just because a very small portion of your population is fabulously wealthy does not mean the rest of your population is out of the poverty line

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One is a prosperous country the other one is a meth hole.

>> No.10169484

>in the top 22% of countries for gross national income
>in the top 17% of countries for human development
>in the top 15% of countries in poverty rates
seems to consistently place in or around the top fifth of countries globally, not bad at all

>> No.10169488

>your population
are you retarded or is this heavy duty cognitive dissonance we're witnessing here?

>> No.10169494

all this thread has taught me is that haitians are dwarf fortress AI who refuse to farm seed plots and just eat the seeds and drink beer all day.

>> No.10169500

But so did blacks. Intact blacks where the first to have slaves in all of humanitys existence. Europoors bought their slaves from black African slave traders whom a great deal of where also Muslim. The first man to own another man in america under English rule was a black man, a dude owed him money so he sued him and the court said he yo slave now homie. I think his slave was white too. But dats raycis history so it don't count.

>> No.10169506

surely you're pretending to be retarded, right?

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>Intact blacks where the first to have slaves in all of humanitys existence.
ah yes, the atlantic slave trade was the first instance of slavery in the world, and had not been going on since the earliest years of human civilization

>> No.10169516


>> No.10169527

Your stats are incorrect.

>GDP per capita $40,162 (nominal; 2017)

Thought you should know.

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CD confirmed. All the symptoms are there.

Now comes the samefagging

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are you okay dude?

>> No.10169539


Africans are shitty farmers m8, it's just a fact at this point. There are multiple african nations that live on the backs of white farmers because africans fucking suck at it.

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>if i pretend that i didn't get btfo then i didn't get btfo
stay sad

>> No.10169541

I said blacks invented slavery not that they where the only ones to have a slave trade. Africans invented agriculture domestication organized societies and organized warfare. It stands to reason they invented slavery first as well. Then they're descendants left africa to further evolve and left the less than equitable ones to fend for themselves in Africa. Now were left with these shitholes to mind after cuz muh hwhite guilt.

>> No.10169543


Thats where american blacks come from and we all know how amazing they are.

>> No.10169547

>The wealthiest nation on that entire continent

are you ok miss?

>> No.10169549

>Whites actually manage to make a farm in Africa.
>New leader comes in and goes "Get out you racist fucks, time for the true Africans to lead the land!"
>Instantly the place goes to shit.

>> No.10169554


The average african is a dumb as a brock hunter gatherer. Many people have forgotten by this point but the vast majority of africans were hunter gatherers right up until european colonization. This is why they normally just steal shit.

>> No.10169561


Blacks psychologically cannot into farming. They are hunter gatherers who just eat what they find. There are many stories of trying to get africans to farm and they flat out dont understand it, they just eat the seeds

>> No.10169574

wrong, they eat dirt even when they've established a better life in wealthy countries, look it up. nigs are just dumbfucks.

>> No.10169580

>Prisons have to tear out normal toilets just to have holes in floors for these retards.

>> No.10169587


They are quite literally the stupidest of the stupid niggers. During their revolution they slaughtered literally ANY black who was even remotely light skinned or showed even the slightest similarity to the french socially or psychologically.

All that was left were literal retards who didnt understand that trees are finite resources that retard soil erosion. Theres a reason US elites treat haiti like an illegal playground, the place is to big of a failure in every way to ever stop them from doing it.

>> No.10169597

>he believes the out of africa hoax

>> No.10169599


Africans didnt invent most of that idiot. Most agriculture and animal husbandry can be credited to asia, which uncoincidentally is where chickens pigs and cows come from.

>> No.10169608

Neanderthals invented agriculture and domestication. Shitbrained cro magnons had to slaughter and rape the fuck out of neanderthals before they produced kids smart enough to get ideas like that.

>> No.10169611

Its black history month guys, can't we lay off the rasism until at least the 30th?

>> No.10169627

>neanderthals are the master race
>every race on earth save for blacks have neanderthal DNA
>evey race on earth save for blacks has had thriving empires

When do we start back-breeding neanderthal? We could've colonized space by now if it weren't for those shitty cro magnon being literal niggers.

>> No.10169646

But we gave them this month to remind them of all of their failures.

>> No.10169659

Not him but UAE are literally camel herders until they struck oil. It unheard of that they have actual slaves doing all the hard labor.

>> No.10169685


Neanderthals didnt have vocal cords.

>> No.10169703

>Africans invented agriculture domestication organized societies and organized warfare.
the earliest dates for all of those are from the near/middle east pham, i sincerely don't know where you're getting this from
animal husbandry and agrarian societies originate from the general fertile crescent region and subsequently spread into north africa, easernt asia and europe afterwards
large scale armed warfare stems the earliest of mesopotamian civilizations

>> No.10169707

The shortest month too kek

>> No.10169712

Are you literally retarded?

>> No.10169719


Neanderthals didnt have cocal cords capable of human speech. Sorry your a faggot unable to figure out what I meant

>> No.10169723

Its the shortest month because they have the least amount of failures compared to hwhites.

>> No.10169724

>non humans can't into human speech

You don't say anon

>> No.10169746

All aid should be stopped from getting to Haiti; eventually they'll jump the border and start eating the dominicains. One stone; two genocides.

>> No.10169747

No, because any longer their short term memory really kicks in.

>> No.10169763

They're on an island. Why not fish?

>> No.10169850

That would require learning how to fish.

>> No.10169893

So teach them? It worked for that cross guy.

>> No.10169917

>they are tragically uneducated because their government sucks
...the same government run by equally subhuman bureaucrats?

pro tip: education isn't magic the same way how you cannot teach a manlet to be equally competitive in the NBA. lesser races have been lesser races in shithole countries since time immemorial for a reason

>> No.10169930

>Havent they like, hacked down every piece of vegetation on the island for fuel?
Yes, and then the mudslides cascade into the sea and polluted what was left of the estuaries and reefs to make sure remaining fish that weren't fished up daily didn't have a chance.

>> No.10169932

Holy shit, completely forgot I'm on /ck/ right now.

>> No.10169933

We have been over this.
Teaching these animals is impossible.
They would just try to eat the fucking hooks.

>> No.10169948

Then why make them slaves if they can't do any work rightly?

>> No.10169960

you can't teach them, but they can sure take orders. They are a subservient race.

>> No.10169967

So give them orders on fishing and farming?

>> No.10170001

>Theres a reason US elites treat haiti like an illegal playground

>> No.10170003

Spotted the poorfag!

Haiti is cash bro, if youve got the cash literally anything goes.

>> No.10170008

What goes on there?

>> No.10170019

What ever you can afford anon. Child prostitution is pretty popular for rich white euros/americans.

>> No.10170036
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>> No.10170040

But that would be "immoral" these days.
They don't let us beat fishing lessons into them.

>> No.10170046

He used the correct your. You're a retard.

>> No.10170079

its a special mud with nutrients

>> No.10170094

So sell it to rich hwhite bitches for their saggy skin?

>> No.10170098

Call it avocado soil and sell it to millennials.
Watch them make vegan eggs with it.

>> No.10170099

Next on /PK/ Political Cooking

>> No.10170102

Awesome. How much do you think it would it cost to stockpile a shitload of armaments there? Hunting down pedo trash and blowing them to oblivion sounds like a great way to commit suicide.

>> No.10170103

The pedos bring most of the income desu, the natives would just rob you and eat you to defend their income.

>> No.10170107

>a very small portion of your population is fabulously wealthy
>your population
>implying you have to be live there to talk about there
It's simply not my population because I don't live there and to imply so is retarded.

Next level achieved.

>> No.10170109

lol, you think niggers are subhuman trash, but all of a sudden when pedos are preying on their kids you make a 180 and threaten to kill them. Your morality is a funny thing anon.

>> No.10170110

I can understand eating them but what do they dunk them in?

>> No.10170112

You do realise there's more than one person here? It's not the same guy saying everything you've ever read on 4chan.

>> No.10170115

If suicide if the desired outcome anon, firearms are pretty cheap and accessible if you're not a faggot or a felon in murrica. And murrca even has a website that tells you where every pedo lives. Happy hunntin anon!

>/k/ sends their regards

>> No.10170118

Knowledge doesn't come out of thin air. What have they figured out in the past thousand years?

>> No.10170120

What happens when they deplete the mud supply?

>> No.10170127

They eat the aid workers and missionaries

>> No.10170144


>> No.10170153

I don't understand these mud cookies. They are not nutritious in any way, you might has well eat gravel.
Is the only purpose to fill the stomach? What happens when you shit it out? You shit out mud pebbles?

Yes I understand >>10167515 and >>10167537 but even then, you might as well be better off eating wood, or grass.

>> No.10170180

They have no wood or grass, they burnt it all down to make room for mud farms

>> No.10170193

A lot folks ITT need to see the Black Panther film. Seriously. Then come back to this thread and realize how ignorant you are. that's all.

>> No.10170197

>the black panther

Literally "we wuz kangz an shieet" the movie.

Also black panthers literally do not exist. What everyone calls black panthers are actually jaguars. There has never been a reported case of a panther being born with all black fur. So just as black panthers are a myth so are successful black societies.

>> No.10170199

stupid niggers

>> No.10170205

>Haiti is not a shiho-
>Niggers are not subhuma-

>> No.10170206

Minerals. There are areas in the southern US where peopke eat certain types of clay.

>> No.10170208

It's not
They're not

>> No.10170220


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Objectively wrong, now eat your dinner faggot.

>> No.10170243

it isn't.

>> No.10170247


Putting mud cakes on sheets so as not to get them dirty with the icky dirt. I will only eat clean mud!

>> No.10170252

>not a single negro has been to the moon

Really makes you think senpai.

>> No.10170256


im laughin like a mofo here

>> No.10170276

>purchase great ape pheromone chips like the bigfoot hunters use.
>go to nearest pop eyes
>only pop eyes around is in middle of ghetto
>place goes bananas
>go to local zoo
>a spider monkey pulls my moms hair

Really makes you think anon

>> No.10170396

So, as we start running low on resources, when the fuck are the good governments going to drop all this leftist liberal shit and just take over the resplendent parts of Africa to take their resources? Why didn't they do this before? I feel like the only things stopping them is liberal fee fee human rights crap. Fortunately these things aren't human, and now they are too weak to even fight back.

>> No.10170402

Ever wonder what these warlords are thinking, sitting in their shitty offices with no AC, all they have is a bit of wealth and a few guns to their name, and they hear about things like the internet and planes, and boats, and nuclear warfare, etc etc and just get mad?

Like they must have supreme manlet syndrome considering how badly they need to overcompensate by running their own countries into the ground and killing people beneath them, so it must piss them right off knowing they are nothing but an insignificant gnat to any 1st world military which could bomb them within seconds without them even hearing a thing before being obliterated off the planet.

>> No.10170426

like any other American citizen, black people are just as capable of doing anything a white person can. Plenty of black men and women I've seen as doctors and nurses, and no not the free clinic.
Stop being racist and using social Darwinism to explain your views. Real science says otherwise.
Fuck the social situation that we're in, cultures and ideologies. As humans we are capable of achieving anything (as long as it lines up with our inclinations and actual desires).

>> No.10170442

>This is why they normally just steal shit.

This doesn't explain anything at all. how can you arrive for that to be the natural conclusion from the destruction of hunter and gatherer societies. Other factors must have gone into play that increased the crime right.
Not only that, but you have zero grasp of what hunter and gatherer societies were actually like.
The Mayans and Native Americans had their own systems of government within the hunter and gatherer system. It wasn't total anarchy

>> No.10170443

Didn't a bunch of kids get raped by teachers in those?

>> No.10170454

damn that's a lot of lip smacking

>> No.10170456

So what? We have to worry about non-white kids getting raped, now? We're just trying to help them.

>> No.10170461

>lesser races have been lesser races in shithole countries since time immemorial for a reason

unscientific. you can say that they're culture, nationalistic pride, and ignorance is ruining their country. But you think too much that it's a race thing, take a good number of children, put them in loving families that will give these children a better life and education (this wont happen but just a scenario) and they will hopefully grow up living up to their potential so that they and reproduce and find the same values that helped them survive to their children.

Even if we are born with different IQs and inclinations, your environment plays a major role in your upbringing.

>> No.10170468

environment doesnt influence shit, nigger lover

i never bought an eminem cd, or smoked crack, and i lived around niggers

>> No.10170474
File: 129 KB, 720x960, arnold stop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>education isn't magic the same way how you cannot teach a manlet to be equally competitive in the NBA

>attributing education to physical talent

>> No.10170477

Does that ground look fertile? They never stood a chance.

>> No.10170490

>i never bought an eminem cd, or smoked crack, and i lived around niggers

anecdotal situation made you bitter and generalize all black people into the thug category. I don't blame your point of view since how you grew up painted a different picture of black people causing you to generalize all of them together. But generalized views are so ignorant. You will only jump to assumptions because you've never been around decent black people.
And you will also jump into assumptions that any opposituion to your's is coming from a libtard or whatever other meme word you can find

>> No.10170493

blacks never succeed ever, even if theyre given government grants and welfare and preferential treatment in the job market

how fucking naive and delusional are you pal?

>> No.10170501

The one thing I don't get about it is, yeah it's cool and all but like as soon as any natural disaster or large predator comes into the equation all your shit just gets instantly destroyed and you start from scratch.

It's a cool concept to make youtube videos on, but it's clear why we've evolved far past it.

>> No.10170517

they should just buy one of those 1 dollar mcdonalds burgers or something.

>> No.10170577

>Thats where american blacks come from and we all know how amazing they are.
Well they gave us great music
>inb4 people start posting shitty trap rap music

>> No.10170621

No, romans just kept adding days to the other calendar months, untit they got the years right, because february was superstitious.

>> No.10170631

you mean to work them to death and kill the ones who won't work? yeah that sounds like education. Leaving huge irresponsible power vacuums for tribal disputes to turn into warfare and genocide instead of setting up government for the people you oppressed? look up king Leopold the second to see what European colonial "education" looked like.

>> No.10170644

well John Reginald III was a black guy that was really nice. I met him once while on the tennis court at the country club. I don't know how you can say such bad things about black people. It's like you haven't even tried to get to know them. Ignorant generalized views. Tsk Tsk.

>> No.10170662

He's implying that the reasons for why instituionalised schooling for abbos didnt work was not because it wasnt a sound idea, but because of the abuse that their faculties dealt. In other words the teachers were literal monkey tier garbage which causes the transition to westernization to fail.

>> No.10170676

I really did like earth wind and fire, jackson 5 and barry white.

>> No.10170677

>Leaving huge irresponsible power vacuums for tribal disputes to turn into warfare and genocide
Which is different from the pre-colonial situation in ... well, no way what so ever.

>> No.10170682

You have a choice, gutter oil or mud pie? Suicide is not an option.

>> No.10170688

I guess our ancestors payed a tax to their tribal government to learn how to invent the wheel

>> No.10170707

It was probably more of a religious tithe than a tax. Apart from that, yes.
This is not coming from someone who likes taxes either.

>> No.10170713
File: 45 KB, 220x297, Barney_Gumble.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the clergy invented the wheel

>> No.10170715

hahahahaha you are so stupid you are actually unaware of how stupid you are.

>> No.10170727

Religion is much much older than "the clergy".
Paying your medicine man for instructions in making a wheel, or fire, seems very plausible to me. They didn't get that job by not being knowledgeable and shrewd.

>> No.10170740

>They didn't get that job by not being knowledgeable and shrewd.
Ehm, look at modern tribal medicine men and you'll see they get that job by being delusional basket-cases, sometimes with various neurological disorders and drug abuse that is misinterpreted as a spirit connection/possession.

>> No.10170759
File: 135 KB, 902x1001, pill1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I recently read Snow Crash again and it kinda touched on it with the "me" which were basically software that ran in the human brain and could be used to impart knowledge of craftsmanship, agriculture etc.
There were distributed and limited by a caste of priests.

I think Snow Crash may have been a work of fiction, though.

>> No.10170764

Is that a liporush?

>> No.10170774

I thought it would be evident enough from the background that it's one half of a yellow capsule and one half of a black one combined.

>> No.10170779

Can we stick to the food and cooking aspect of the mud cookie? Like, are there competing mud recipes, and what does it taste like.

>> No.10170784

what do you think mud cookies taste like genius?

>> No.10170815

Bags of sand.

>> No.10170839

I dont know man, Rugrats made eating mud and bugs seems so good as a kid

>> No.10170858

>A reporter sampling a cookie found that it had a smooth consistency and sucked all the moisture out of the mouth as soon as it touched the tongue. For hours, an unpleasant taste of dirt lingered.

src: https://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2008/01/080130-AP-haiti-eatin_2.html

>> No.10170864

Oh wow. I thought those were candy

>> No.10170891

Oh, yeah, also the recipe is just some mud, vegetable oil, and salt. It's also apparently a family recipe that's "existed for generations".

>> No.10171441

It's almost like the Europeans did thing thing for the Africans at all what a coincidence. except before there weren't genocides.

>> No.10171758

>plant seeds to grow real food
>starving Haitians think it's a topping for mud cookies
>continue starving

>> No.10171769

why not just eat the other "people"

>> No.10171805

Word on the street is they used to do that before colonialism

>> No.10171812

This post was meant for

>> No.10171818

So what's the deal, they're too good for cannibalism or they've become so dumb that they don't know people are meat ?

>> No.10171833

Too good for cannibalism I presume.

>> No.10171840

respect the culture. thats a traditional cuisine, and niggers are our friends.

>> No.10171845

well that's just another country well beyond saving.

>> No.10171862

Magic niggers do not have a supply of magic metal, faggot.

>> No.10172067

fucking DUH

>> No.10172088



Jaguars are New World cats

>> No.10172271

china will take it.

>> No.10172279

Why would parasites live in dried mud?

>> No.10172409
File: 1.02 MB, 1018x585, 1517138273500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>guy knows how to make a furnace after considerable research done on his newest $2000 4k computer and blazing fast uncensored internet
You wouldn't even know how to turn on your washing machine if it wasn't for your mother, yet you have the guts to be racist online behind an anonymous username. Go outside and virgin walk past the next black guy you see like you always do

>> No.10172582

empirically speaking niggers have been low performers compared to other races you fucking dolt

look up the bell curve, human biodiversity, hell just fucking think about it: darwin's finches work in islands, you think the same principle doesn't work with people across literal continents? neck yourself

IQ is a predominantly inherited trait. I'm sorry if the truth hurts, manlet, but genetics go far beyond physical characteristics. You can polish a diamond to make it look pretty, but polishing a turd just spreads it everywhere

>> No.10172670
File: 2.74 MB, 1280x720, 1479560624997.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You guys are getting really lazy with your bait. Have a pity reply and a pretty picture.

>> No.10172763
File: 155 KB, 2518x1024, 41c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How does this picture make you feel?

>> No.10172846

>/ck/ - e/ck/onomics

>> No.10172868

I know it probably tastes awful but when I see pictures of these things, they look really good to me. Like Crisco.

>> No.10172885

Meanwhile, the other half of the island is relatively prosperous and a tourist hotspot. But no one wants to talk about why the Dominican Republic doesn't encourage Haitian immigration or help their fellow man out.

>> No.10172887

>Still plays Counter Strike 1.6 in Internet cafes
holy fuck this brought back lost memories and feels

>> No.10172889

Yeah, war and climate are the major causes of famine these days because the other historical cause of famine -pests- have been significantly reduced by modern pesticides.

>> No.10172944

I read an article after this thread about it that stated the mud is full of heavy metals and parasites, and actively kills or makes ill everyone who eats it. There is literally nothing gained from it whatsoever.

>> No.10172984

>half of the island is taken over by mestizos
>other half is taken over by niggers

>nigger half ends up looking like all the other nigger states in africa
>mestizo half ends up looking like all the other mestizo states in south america and the carribbean

wow who would have seen that one coming

>> No.10173011

This is the gayest post I've ever read

>> No.10174267

Im just surprised that niggers haven't gone extinct.

>> No.10174291

Right next to failing to feed their populations they are really good at making more population.
Kinda like a pandemic.

>> No.10174331

So what if jaguars are new world cats? Doesn't change the fact that "black panthers" are jaguars nigger. Read a book nigger. Leopards have nothing to do with it.

>> No.10174362


>> No.10174383

Is it really true that blacks have a smaller brain and lower IQs than any other race? Like scientifically true? Not just /pol/ memes?

>> No.10174433

>IQ is a predominantly

where did I say it fucking wasn't you dumb cunt.
what does any of that shit have to do with natural physical talent?

>> No.10174489

nah you're just racist
children, even black children, have high potential if they are not born with any defects, no being black isn't one of the defects.
you can dissect black culture, but don't bring genetics into this when what black people really have different from white people are pigments.

There is a problem where middle class black people have a hard time staying in that economic class and a generation later fall into a lower class. It's alarming. If you want to talk about those causes without being an ass then be my guest. But you're so angry and bitter you can't discuss anything properly.

>> No.10174505

>race is just pigment guiz!
>a man can become a woman guiz!

>> No.10174519

because skin pigmentation works like a sexual organ does
because skin pigmentation affects how you will develop through puberty and feel towards the opposite sex

>> No.10174520

wow. way to address his points anon. you really changed my mind with all these facts.

>> No.10174535

because dark skin pigmentation seems to make intelligent people flee. so it kinda affects reproduction.

>> No.10174552

Dude. For most of human history black people were breeding in totally different environments from white people. The selective pressures were completely different. In warm climates, food is more readily available so you don't need to be particularly clever, but you do need to be aggressive to fend off large predators.

How much difference do you think fewer than 2000 years will have made?

>> No.10174574

If you honestly believe that race is no more than how dark your skin is, then I can only conclude that you are a literal nigger.

>> No.10174576


>hunter gatherer society.

They had farms and bred insects for food.

>> No.10174591


Blacks are the one race that doesn't apply to. Humans are not blabk slates, they are animals and like any other animal genetics plays a massive role in how a person turns out. Turns out africans have a much higher prevelance for aggressive genes like the warrior gene and a notably lower intelligence quotient on average.

>> No.10174601


The only smart blacks I have EVER met have been noticeably mixed race or first generation african immigrants. High intelligence is rare as fuck in blacks, and even when it showsbup their tendwncy for violence and anti-social behavior fucks them anyway.

>> No.10174602

yeah i'm black and i am on 4chins. so mostly retarded, like the company i keep.

>> No.10174617


Isn't basing your views on an entire race based on a single nice person the definition of a generalization. I've met some nice and smart blacks but for everyone one I've met 20 that are stupid and glorify violence.

>> No.10174630

>being this stupid
>being this poor
>bring this uneducated
I don't understand why white trash thinks it's so intelligent. Literally every black person I knew in college was smarter than literally every white person I know that didn't go to college. Parental success is the defining factor in a child's intelligence by a wide margin.

>> No.10174632

Apparently you dont know what country is finland

>> No.10174641

Intelligence is predetermined at birth

>> No.10174650


Did you know that even the poorest shithole african town has a charity donated library, and even cell phones with internet access? Remember the internet article about the smart african kid who built fucking electricity generating windmills in his village using nothing but some books from a local library? There are more than enough resources in africa, the issue is that the average IQ there is below retard levels and LITERALLY on par and sometimes lower than the average IQ of a fucking gorilla (70-95 among gorillas tested in zoo and lab environments)

>> No.10174660

>czech republic
>in transition

>> No.10174663


No clue about brain size but africa as a continent does have an average IQ of about 72

Fun fact: female brains weigh less than male brains

>> No.10174671


Race is more than skin pigmentation idiot. They can tell what race you are just from a single leg bone based on length and density
Theres a reason africans can't swim well, their bones are significantly denser.

>> No.10174683

>this thread stays on /ck/ for 2 days
>thread of literally black cock stays on /k/ for hours
>I can't shitpost on /asp/ without getting banned
What even is this website's moderation.

>> No.10174686


Because you are cherry picking people based off of unique environments that specifically select for intelligence you genuine fucking idiot?

No fucking shit the average black college student is going to be smart. Even if only 1 in 100 blacks are smart enough to go to college the population of smart blacks at college will be aggressively high because stupid people dont go to fucking college.

What you said is as retarded as saying that all women are beautiful because you spend all your time at beauty pageants.

>> No.10174702

>denser bones to violence with

>> No.10174712

What an amazing post. I would wager every black person you knew in college was smarter than you, too. What did you do there? Sweep floors or maintain the garden?

>> No.10174763


Actually they figure other races had lighter bones cause they spent a lot more time in the water. Like an equatic evolutionary trait

>> No.10174883

>wanting more moderation
go back to >>>/reddit/ fag.

>> No.10174890

b-but haiti is already great!!

>> No.10174979

And if by some miracle you do get a smart one they end up getting killed off because they spook the tribals.

>> No.10174981

I thought it was because of our natural ability to fly.

>> No.10175214

>Racist fuck ruins it for everyone because he hates any and all foreginer influence.

>> No.10175224

>What is south africa.

>> No.10175253
File: 189 KB, 450x472, 1508393065503.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw I saw gandam style when it had <100k views

>> No.10175263

He was literally talking about Zimbabwe and how Mugabe insisted to ditch European farming techniques when white farmers were expelled, despite the fact the population had tripled, a good chunck of the farmland was cultivted with hard-to-remove luxury crops, and tha before colonization frming was strictly for subsistence.

>> No.10175264


>> No.10175291

Why should people be banned because you are triggered by food that black people actually eat? Sorry it doesn't fit the narrative that you have been spoon fed your entire life.

>> No.10175303

>Why should people be banned because you are triggered by food that starving people actually eat?

>> No.10175326

They don't eat it because they are starving.


>> No.10175334

Blocks everybody's path. Turns out the mud has magic powers. This puts the racist cunts in their place. Whities could never do magic ever.

>> No.10175343

You can believe whatever you want, the fact is it is an African (black people) custom to eat mud, even though it has caused them some problems.

>Pregnant women who resort to eating 'ayilo' (baked clay) have been warned against the practice because it has serious implications for their health.

>A specialist dietician at the Tafo Government Hospital, Mr Daniel Ansah-Obese, who issued the warning, said eating clay can cause anaemia, infertility, lead poisoning, low bone mineralisation, dental injury and organ failure.

>According to him, eating clay could cause mental retardation and death of unborn babies.


>> No.10175469

yeah, one fucking city

>> No.10175775

>kosher and halal

>> No.10175804

>blazing fast uncensored internet
But he's an australian.

>> No.10175837

>Subsaharan Africa is the hottest and driest place on Earth
>What is Sahara

>> No.10175843

>Make thing in a day
>Flood washes it away
>Make it again in a day but this time in a location you know a flood won't fuck it
>Situation improves

>> No.10175871

In Haiti?
They permafucked their half of the island by chopping all the trees and that fucked up all the soil, which made it an absolute shithole. It's muddy, rocky, polluted and septic stricken hell. The nicest parts have machine gun armed guards trying to protect the last few trees around hotels. (Conan went to one of these hotels and took a nice picture. You can see where the hotel's wall stops, and so do all the trees)

God only knows. There's been signs of agriculture in South Africa long before the whites showed up, but, the Zulu killed and ate the people that did the farming, ate the farms, and was shocked when the farms didn't magically replenish themselves.

In parts of Africa you have people trying to start up yam farms to sell to people, but the UN shuts him down and hands out free food instead, and the farmer gets no compensation for trying to improve the situation.

>> No.10175880

Man, do you know what the native food crops are where you're at? Or what type of soil an apple seed needs? Or a blueberry? Or peas?

>> No.10175896

So did most of the developing world. If there was war and prisoners, there were slaves.

>> No.10175900

This made me cackle

>> No.10175901

This. Do people not understand just how short-sighted these people are? There is an entire concept called the White Man's Burden, where as far back as early Colonial times, men who did their very best to improve the lives of others see their efforts go to shit. Even they concluded in the end that you can't leave nogs to their own devices. They will take everything given and instead of building and maintaining they ruin it completely. They chase out anyone - black or white - who tries to create some kind of infrastructure because they think they are entitled to it because muh slavery muh colonialism. And then they drive it into the ground. Farms, mines, cities.
Africa as a continent is a lost cause, just isolate them for a few hundred years and let them all die out.
I used to live in S.A and actually had some hope before, but that was naive, there is no hope to be had no matter how good the intentions are. Africa is a black hole, and it is a mistake to offer it anything.

>> No.10175923

Western Sahara is not unclaimed. Both Marocco and the natives claim it. It's grey because it's occupied by Marocco and probably very hard to gather data.

>> No.10175934

>south korea

>> No.10175935

>not separating the Near East and Far East
I can meme arrows too.

>> No.10175937

>middle east is a continent
>far east is a continent

>> No.10175944

Psh...there's only 2 people on the internet: me and you.

>> No.10175950

It's to absorb water, numbnuts.

>> No.10175974

It's not that they're different continents you autist, but the regions are different enough for them to be statistically separated politically and economically. They have always been treated as separate zones even if they are on the same continent.

>> No.10175975


>The economy of the United Arab Emirates is the second largest in the Arab world (after Saudi Arabia)

you can cry about the definition of a continent all you like but it doesn't make you any less of a faggot.

>> No.10175987
File: 3.43 MB, 448x246, 1518194153978.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>japan is in africa

>> No.10176002

>>The wealthiest nation on that entire continent
>Saudi Arabia is the wealthiest nation on that continent.
You can read, can't you. Continent, not region.

The wealthiest nation in the Near East is Turkey. GDP PPP of 2,082, 079 millions for 2017 and total GDP of 793,698 billions. Saudi Arabia is 1,796,205 and 707,379.

Per capita Qatar and Kuwait win.

>> No.10176009


>The economy of the United Arab Emirates is the second largest in the Arab world (after Saudi Arabia)

>The economy of the United Arab Emirates is the second largest in the Arab world (after Saudi Arabia)

>> No.10176014

How many mud cookies do you think they're eating in Kuwait?

>> No.10176019

>it's the biggest economy on the continent
>it's the biggest economy in the near east
>i-it's the b-biggest economy in the arab world so I win

>> No.10176131

>The wealthiest nation on that entire continent


>> No.10176141

fuck ur dum. jesus christ.

>> No.10176144


African education, everybody. Point and laugh.

>> No.10176157

>The wealthiest nation on that entire continent
Not the wealthiest.
Not even a continent.

Pants on head.

>> No.10176575

High intelligence is caused by a multitude of factors including nutrition, education, and genetics (that means birth btw). Parental success is a strong indicator for these and other factors.

>cherry picking
It's called selection bias sweetie. Cherry picking is different. I can explain the difference if you don't. :^)

Naw, very few were. My IQ is in the top 1% even among college students.
>tfw too intelligent to be racist

>> No.10176905

Thread is autosaging. Somebody make a new dirt food thread. This has proven an important topic and I don't think we're finished with it.

>> No.10176983

You're not fooling anyone. Read over everything you've written and consider whether you have successfully sustained a convincing argument. Nobody with a high IQ could possibly give any weight to your arguments, which boil down to "ur dumb" and "ur racist" while ignoring every comment that may be problematic to your case.

>> No.10177225

The kids would realize how good the west has it and jump a boat to europe like the rest of the mudslime

>> No.10177355

>you're wrong because you're wrong!!!
Sweetie you need to try harder than that. Let's start with a single point that I made and see you directly refute that.

>High intelligence is caused by a multitude of factors including nutrition, education, and genetics (that means birth btw). Parental success is a strong indicator for these and other factors.
There, try and directly refute that.

>> No.10177549
File: 665 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-20-22-17-26-401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>USA laughting at Haitians eating mudcakes because they dony have anything else to eat while theh believed not long ago it had sex magic


>> No.10177812

Genetics will always determine the upper ceiling. It has already been shown in this thread that this ceiling is lower in black genepools than it is in white genepools, and you have not been able to address this issue even once. There's no point repeating what has already been said.

>> No.10177879

>Genetics will always determine the upper ceiling.
He isn't arguing against intelligence playing a role in the success of a person. He's agreeing with that, but intelligence as in IQ or hereditary intelligence is not the only factor that can determine success. Maybe one of the bigger ones, but nutrition, education also count.

Also studies show that IQ can actually decrease if you smoke a lot of pot in your teen years, which goes back to societal factors. This thread's about to die so I dont want to pull the study up.

>> No.10178091

>Genetics will always determine the upper ceiling.
I agree.
> It has already been shown in this thread that this ceiling is lower in black genepools than it is in white genepools
It was never proven anywhere? People have said it been there's been no evidence.
> and you have not been able to address this issue even once. There's no point repeating what has already been said.
Here you go sweetie https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Robert_Sternberg2/publication/8089268_Intelligence_Race_and_Genetics/links/09e4150d72eda62d14000000.pdf

>> No.10178500


>> No.10178722

I really, really, really hope that you're not just pretending.

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