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New thread edition.

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More like can't even fucking type the title the right way you stupid munted bastard.

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German wheat beer is the best desu lads.

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I only drink pic related and wine now. Lime.

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>t. little girl

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>stop drinking
>every joint, every muscle, every organ in agony day and night

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mfw i've been sober for 5 days
new record since the breakup

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congrats. i'm on day 5 as well. having trouble figuring out what to do with myself in the evenings. i know i don't want to drink or overeat (trying to lost about 15 lbs) but i am still craving that dopamine rush.

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>bought a 1.75L of heaven hill wednesday
>was drunk last wednesday night
>drunk all Thursday 10AM-10PM
>dried out a bit Friday
>finish the rest of the whiskey, the 1.75l is gone. go out for a friends birthday and keep drinking, also have a fun fight with my girlfriend because she was drinking
>drink half 375ml on tuesday to shake off a shit day at work

Its now today. Do I just buy more liqour? My girl thinks I should take a break (for money reasons she says). I'm tempted to pick up another 1.75l of shit vodka, to save money of course.

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Well I mean, obviously if you feel like you're able to stop you should...

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But its been like a week and i[m really contemplating that 1.75L

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You'll regret it, a lot, if you don't stop while it's still fun.

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Yeah I got Super Metroid and F Zero for SNES in the mail, but I don't want to play them till I'm drunk again so I can properly enjoy them

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i don't know, do you? what exactly is the question here?

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This weirdly enough never happened to me. My worst thing was severe panic, depression, and other mental shit.

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first time on /ck/ all day and first thread i see is this shit. no i am not going to the LC

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This is what's fucked, I literally never want to play a game, watch a movie, or even read without drinking first. I never want to go anywhere without a few drinks first either. I literally will just lie on the sofa in silence until I have at least a few drinks.

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i dusted off diablo 3 the other day (never played it much when it came out) but i just couldn't get into it and really wished i was drinking. last couple nights i've just been watching the olympics and shitposting while constantly reminding myself that i don't want to be an alcoholic loser.

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i feel that way about a lot of things. cooking is actually a lot less enjoyable when sober. i used to really look forward to making dinner because i'd have a few beers and really unwind while doing it. now i get home and the stress from the day stays with me in the kitchen. maybe i don't even like cooking, just drinking.

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Same guy replying again. I definitely like cooking, but the thing is I would always drink when I did it for a super long time.

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I spent a load on a gaming pc and bought these, in the hope that it'd give me something else to do and might help me sober up. I've played maybe 45 mins on all of them combined. I can't even get to the point of loading a savegame without becoming so bored that I want to exit. I can't enjoy a fucking thing, apparently my brain is well and truly fucking broken.

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Yeah man I don't want to ruin my first impressions on shows, movies, games.
If I do something sober, it's way more likely I won't like it

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4g of phenibut, 2nd day in a row

1week+ sober

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I'm at work starting to sober up and getting the shakes. Wishing I worked at some faggot ass tech start up with beer on tap.

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ummm that's a mind altering chemical you aren't really sober
*chugs a liter of coffee*

how much longer you got left bud

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Going to Michigan for the weekend, what beers should I try that I can't find elsewhere in the Midwest?

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Boy, lawyers are fucking expensive

Gonna be paying $2.5k just to have someone represent me for a public intoxication charge

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Maybe you've just grown out of gaming? In my mid-20s, I really just stopped being drawn in by games. It was a little depressing at first because I miss the feeling I used to get when I'd become totally captivated by a game. I have a bunch of games in my Steam library that I played once or twice, trying to recapture that feeling. I'm in my early 30s now and still trying to find some hobbies that are satisfying. I read and exercise a decent amount now, but those hardly seem to fill the void.

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Half an hour then I'm hitting the nearest bar.

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Maybe. I'm bored by everything though. I don't enjoy a damn thing unless I'm drunk, or preferably drunk and smoking like 4 grams of weed every day. Got to stop, so I guess I'll just sit here bored half to death for the rest of my miserable life.

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its a placebo effect. doesnt do anything. i tried that like 10 years ago. ate bowlfulls at a time. made my eyes burn. you may know what in talking about. google it though. oral intake doesnt cross the blood brain barrier and thus doesnt affect your nervous system. look into an actual medication like naltrexone.

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>being so much of an alcoholic I need motivation to start drinking this vodka. Or maybe it’s just laziness

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>go on bender
>feel like shit after
>WD's for a couple days
>keep promising I'm never going to drink and do this to myself again
>day 3-4 rolls around
>back to feeling fantastic
>"Well, maybe I'll just drink a little bit tonight"

And the cycle keeps goin' boys

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Yeah feeling good is one of my most common causes of relapse. 'Hey, I managed to get through it. If I can do it once I can do it again. Lets celebrate'

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Trust me dude, keep that shit to a minimum of every other day. After even a week of solid doses of phenibut I was getting withdrawals that rivaled alc

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What part of Michigan? If you're in the UP and can cross the boarder to Wisconsin to pick up some New Glarus stuff, I'd definitely recommend it. Spotted Cow and Moon Man are great

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Anyone ever get a really flushed face after a bender? I know red face is a sign of long term drinking, but even when I don't drink for a while, and have 2 or 3 nights of drinking, I get a super flushed face for the next week or so and can't get it to go away, no matter how much water I drink

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Can you have this even if you're not asian? It's only started to happen recently, and I don't really notice it while drinking, only the days following

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lmao going on benders every weekend, sober up for a day or so, and spend rest of workweek drinking as soon as I get off work. Repeat until dead or homeless.

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I get the flush sporadically since I got injun blood. Some days I'll drink and be fine and then other days I'll look like I applied blush all overy face and chest.

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It’s just a lot more common in Asians, or takes less booze to reach that state

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Lansing, visiting some people at the university.

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you need thiamine and sugar. your body has run out of enzymes to process alcoholic metabolites

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I think he is talking about something else since he says it lasts a week or so. I am half Japanese and sometimes get the Asian Glow, but it happens when I'm drinking and is gone by the day.

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Been drinking 1-2 pints of vodka a day for 10+ years. 32yo. Just had an ultrasound of my heart and liver, no danger signs at all, looks great. "You could keep drinking like this for another 10 years before any real problems show up".

Also I take a b-complex, 5g vit c, and milk thistle every day. She told me the real damage starts when you stop eating. Sardines and vodka is the way, my niggers.

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I can only feel music like the normies when I’m drinking.

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I've no idea, just came to mind when he mentioned getting red in the face. Bet it's not healthy whatever it is. I'm told that drinking poison isn't good for us

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Dude, had a FOB Chinese roommate for 2 years in college, and he would get redface after 2 beers. Dude was a major lightweight, but he also didn't ever have alcohol before he came to america

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>She told me the real damage starts when you stop eating
Yeah I can believe this. It's savage how bad I feel after a week without a bite of food but constant vodka flowing through me. Having even a tiny meal makes me feel better for like 2 days, better than valium even

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Does anyone wanna ravage my cute boy pussy?

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Not really, but we can always be friends and if I like you we can cuddle, but not up for gay stuff.

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Sure. Friends. Can you keep up. I drink about a liter bottle of travarscki 100 proof a night. And I’m a dirty neet trap.

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you're a faggot for being in a relationship with your behavior. be a faggot as much as you want to yourself, but dont inflict your suffering onto others

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hence phenibut hcl and phenibut faa

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That's a bunch but I could out drink you for fun.
Also we probably live 500 miles away from each other so what is the point.
Also why do I care if you are some neet trap. I just want a new friend.

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that'd be OK if you were under 20, but people with 0 ambition above that age, no matter how physically attractive, are repulsive.

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Guys, I'm getting the itch. I'm about to go on a mission for booze

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no dont

>> No.10152922

please do

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This isn't a fucking joke. My gf doesn't believe that I can get a boner when I drink. Like I drink vodka quite often and when I say we should have sex, she laughs and says I can't get hard. What do I do?

>> No.10152934

Yeah, hard to do 4chan unless you're drinking or at least high. I feel you man.

>> No.10152939

Get a boner and show her?
How is this a 'hard' question?

>> No.10152942

get hard whip it out and hit her in the face with it

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I totally get it. Back when I was really bad I'd wake up and pour a glass of vodka first thing in the morning, but then I would pace around or sit there staring at it for a few minutes, because I knew I needed to drink it to stop the impending nightmare but didn't feel physically ready to drink it yet. Then you drink, maybe puke, and then go back and drink.

>> No.10152949

She's repulsed by the liquor fumes and doesn't want to have sex when you're in that state my dude

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on a more cooking-related note, I started drinking regularly recently and I'm trying to familiarize myself with alcohol varieties and find good cocktail recipes, this weekend I'm thinking of seeing if the smallish liquor store near me has jager in fullsize bottles and sweet vermouth (one can only hope) so I can make negronis with jager instead of campari because I really like jager/gin

any input on that combination or any cocktails (preferably strong) that you guys would recommend?

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But she says it when I don't drink too

What do you mean?

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Uhhh sounds like she's getting it from Tyrone on the side. Drop the roastie

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provide your girlfriend with conclusive evidence that you are indeed capable of erection while intoxicated

how do you not understand that

>> No.10152979

Can you get a boner or not?
OR does she not want to have sex and making an bad excuse?

Also what he and 2 other people have said.

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>What do you mean?
...how drunk are you dude

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He hates black people.

Like with a video?

Yeah o have a boner

Who said that?

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I mean

I guess he could not know because he's always dysfunctionally sauced and blacked out when he Goes For The Sex

and then he doesn't find out because of low presence of mind or just he doesn't use porn at all somehow so he'd need help from gf

>> No.10153043

What do you mean with a video? In person
How drunk are you?

>> No.10153050

My girlfriend isn't a he.

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Pretty much this. My great grandfather drank about 1 liter of brandy everyday his whole life, and smoked a pack daily too.
The fucker lived 106 years, but he worked hard (physically) and had a good diet. Also he would go around fucking the neighbors so he was a pretty happy guy, just a little bit dumb.
We get fucked up because we are lazy drunks who don't even eat nor walk at all.

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nvm I'm trolled

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I-if your girlfriend claims that you can't get a boner, can't you just like, get a boner, thereby proving her wrong?
Am I witnessing someone going legit insane right now? Is it me? I'm so confused by your confusion

>> No.10153075

His gf probably told that as in "i don't wanna fuck, you can't even get a boner, loser", but anon interpreted it literally

>> No.10153099


What did he mean by this?

>> No.10153144

me first

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>go to hookup with literal 10/10 dime that is a friend of one of my female cousins
>so hammered I can't stay hard
>she tells my cousin, who tells my brothers
>brothers suspect I'm a fag even more then they used to

Why live lads?

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I did it

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I start my first new job in a decade on the 26th, I can quit drinking on Sunday and get sober in 7 days r-right?

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How much and for how long have you been drinking? But generally, unless you're going into DTs 7 days is usually plenty to feel somewhat normal by the end

>> No.10153197

it's a huge emotional change to your life as well as a hell of a strain physically. you're presumably well aware that if you don't do it though, you're going to lose the job. good luck on the hell you're about to endure, hope you make it.

>> No.10153227

Start today, not sunday. If not you'll most likely drink more through the weekend with the anticipation that you'll have to go sober, which will just make things worse

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I think I've been drunk with a one day pause for two weeks now, my suicide method of choice is beer and bourbon & coke, some vodka..by now a 0,7l bottle of bourbon doesn't even get me tipsy anymore.It all just dampends down the noice from the outside world. Skoll

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My girlfriend wants to talk to you

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>i'll just have one beer tonight
>end up having 12 and a fifth

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>> No.10153276

I know that feel bro.

The absolute PEAK of what I've been able to "pull" and I fucked up by getting absolutely smashed the night of. She was nice about it that night but didn't let me sleep in the same bed as her and her friends gave me funny looks from then on. It doesn't get easier...

>> No.10153318

Fuck you, me. 2.30am. Day 2 sober. No real sleep since I stopped. TOTALLY exhausted but not even gonna bother insulting myself by trying to sleep. I know that no matter how tired I am I'll just lay there becoming more and more uncomfortable and irritable, so I'll just sit here all fucking night becoming increasingly exhausted and angry. That'll show me.

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I'm not a hipster or faggot but I bought this because it was on sale. Was pretty gud as a breakfast beer, it was pretty strong and high alcohol content. Pretty good after a few shots to wake up

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>not a hipster or a faggot
>that arm tattoo

>> No.10153391

It's a sleeve tattoo and i got it to cover horrific scars from almost burning to death in a car accident

>> No.10153401

Well that is as good a reason as any to have a tattoo desu

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I've been drinking every night for about 10 years. 2-4 litres of cider. Luckily not spirits so not enough to get full DT's. I have had the shakes and hallucinated a bit before though during some rough hangovers.
Yeah if I fuck this new job up I'm in all likelyhood completely fucked. This is sink or swim, fly or die. I've (relatively speaking) sorted myself out in 5 days before, wasn't easy. Thanks for the good luck wishing. I'm Irish so alcoholism is a recreational activity but it's losing the fun of being drunk and resisting the urge to return to it thats going to be HARD rather than the biological need to be drunk.
I don't think I can stop today, I drunk as I type this. I need the deadline to be closer before I get the "true fear motivator". Still 3 days of fun left before I have to prepare to join the non-neet worker drones. Fucking thought of it makes me want to drink more but the risk of losing what little I have is scarier which in turn makes me want to drink to avoid the "but what if it all goes wrong?" thoughts.

Why won't they just let me drink and hide from the rest of humanity till I die? 750GBP of taxpayers money a month isn't a huge burden on society.

>> No.10153410

If I could not have scars or a tattoo, I would have chosen that. I'm not a tattoo type of guy...They look bad on men AND women.

But I was self conscious as fuck about the burn scars, So I would rather have people see a tattoo then scars and ask what happened to me 10x a day.

>> No.10153416

I recognize that paneling and window trim from a few single wide trailers I visited. Hope your insulation is better than those were.

>> No.10153420

Let's see the tattoo mate, a tattoo on someone who acknowledges most tattoos aren't great is interesting

>> No.10153422

>losing the fun of being drunk and resisting the urge to return to it thats going to be HARD
Yeah, it's not just a return to normal either, it's embracing a deep and profound depression, as your brain needs to rewire itself to no longer depend on chemicals in order that you enjoy anything. PAWS is about to rape me deep and hard too, I've just entered day 3 without booze. At the 2 week mark I'm invariably so depressed that I decide life without alcohol just isn't worth living.

>> No.10153423


yeah, I don't do body shots or shots in general, I just like the mellow taste of bourbon and coke a little too much

>> No.10153425

lol good eye.

It's a 2016 so I assume so?

The heating bill is cheap and I live in probably the coldest part of the united states and I've never had issues?

I've lived here a year and never had an issue thus far, Even in -30F

>> No.10153440

Guys I have a guilty pleasure of a concert I want to see.

I have previously seen , Metallica,Gojira,Lamb of God, In Flames, All that Remains, Glitch Mob, SuperDuper. Now I really want to see a Florida Georgia Line concert.
I don't know why.
Although i would love to see another Glitch Mob or In Flames concert.

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I'm even self conscious about the tattoo, So I'm only posting it because I'm drunk and i really don't care right now. I wear long sleeves 99% of the time, even in summer. Tattoo guy did a good job though I suppose, It was 1900 and 3 sessions. I guess it's better then a bunch of scars and constant questions

>> No.10153458

As much as I don't like tattoos, It doesnt look bad as is great for covering up scars.

>> No.10153472


looks alright to be honest

>> No.10153474

It's the difficulty of going to sleep with drink that I found hardest the last time I hard to quit drinking. Lying there for 2-3 hours. I'm pretty miserable (I've been medically medicated heavily for depression before) by default so sadness I can tolerate but just lying there in the dark tossing and turning with my mind racing is hard to cope with, it's so boring. Good luck with your PAWS man, just try and grind your way through and hope you come out the other side in one piece.

>> No.10153479


Thank you, I appreciate it lads.

I'm self conscious as fuck so that means a lot to me. Won't stop me from wearing long sleeves during summer, But still...


>> No.10153501

>lying there in the dark tossing and turning with my mind racing is hard to cope with
this so much
just start thinking about how much i hate myself and should die and it won't stop and i can't sleep and i just can't stop thinking about the past and all the shit and fuckkk

>> No.10153506

>the cringe, the shame, the regret, the fear

>> No.10153509

Don't man, It is something you should cherish as a reminder of what you where versus who you are now.
You are going to make it man, never feel a lack of confidence about yourself. When you do, remind yourself you are still alive and that is a blessing in itself.
Life must have its bad times so you can cherish the easily forgotten and few good times you can remember.
Stay strong man.

>> No.10153550

Thank you man, I greatly greatly appreciate the kind words. It means more than you think.

Take care man

>> No.10153554

I see no scars

inb4 "that's the point" no that's not how this works.

>> No.10153569
File: 24 KB, 800x450, IKIFEEL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The hardest part is the night bro.

>> No.10153588

That's the point...

Believe whatever you want man, I have no reason to lie about something so stupid on the internet to complete strangers. Makes no sense...Why wouldn't I just say "oh yea I have a tattoo". Why would I make up something I'm self conscious about then post about how self conscious about it I am on the internet to some people I don't know and will never meet. That literally makes no sense.

You can see the worst of the scarring in the white and non-tattooed portions.

>> No.10153598

Because you regret your tattoo and are trying to justify it to randoms on the internet because you're that beta? I don't care I have tattoos too I'm just saying I don't see any scars but if you say there is then... okay... I guess.

>> No.10153608

Glad I could give you a kind word man.
I am always glad to help another.
I am going through some hard times myself with my wife leaving me and slayed the gnomes for good this time.

Get a room, They may have been deep or massive light scarring all over. Who knows.
I have scarring all over my body from being a wild drunk teenager and though scarification was cool. Now I have a phrase etched into my back and words carved on my upper arms.
Wait idk where I am going with this.

>> No.10153612

ok lol.

All I can say Is I'm not lying, I would post the article about the crash if I knew it didn't show my full name. Even if i I edited it, It would still be easily available by using key words on google. Again, Believe whatever you want man, All I can say is I'm not lying and have no reason to lie. If I regretted the tattoo wouldn't you think I wouldn't post a full picture of it? Or wouldn't it be something stupider then a sleeve that's covering scars....Something like "I love alcohol" or a picture of homer Simpson that I would regret? Not meaningless ink that covers scars?

Agan, You can believe whatever you like. I honestly don't care. It's not important to me, I have bigger issues to worry about than if a stranger believes what I say on the internet

>> No.10153618

Don't feed the troll man
Leave em alone, he's drunk too.

>> No.10153626
File: 54 KB, 540x472, 1496586980497.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's true I am drunk I'm sorry anon didn't meat to bust your balls

>> No.10153627

>Glad I could give you a kind word man.
>I am always glad to help another.
>I am going through some hard times myself with my wife leaving me and slayed the gnomes for good this time.

Why is your wife leaving you if you don't mind me asking? That must be tough bro....

Do you have any kids?

Yea your right, Idk what I was thinking about arguing with a stranger over such dumb shit lol. Who the fuck cares what that guy thinks, What a waste of typing lol

>> No.10153628

Any of you athletic/fit? I am, and I haven't gone a day without a drink in years. This morning I had some coffee and most of a 8% beer then ran a few miles. Felt great, possibly due to the vasodilation? I didn't feel winded or dizzy at all like I thought I would.

>> No.10153629

I started vaping again and I haven't had a drink or a bong rip since sunday.

>> No.10153631

Niggas I’m drunk who wants to chat. I’m 6’3 and have an 8 inch penis

>> No.10153632

It's cool man, Were all drunk.

No hard feeling bro

>> No.10153643

I wasted the best years of her life.
I treated her badly.
No kids
We got together at 12yo me vs 17yo her
We got married when I was 14 and she was 19
We are 21 and 27 now
I was a junkie, addict, wicked man and all around scumbag the whole time.
She has been nearly a decade of my life 9 years and 7 months together and she left me on her birthday of all things.
I was a verbally abusive asshole and caused her more pain than happiness.
I did help her find herself though, and I hope she thrives happily.
I took more than I could give

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i'm getting laid off in april. drinking and disrespect for authority got me here.

i should i just hike the appalachian trail or something? because that's high on my list. feels like the stars have aligned for me to check something off my bucket list.

>> No.10153651

Thats gay

>> No.10153659

Damn man....

Any chance of reconciliation?

That's rough.....I wish I could give you some advice but I really have never been in that type of situation so I don't know what to offer....Is there any chance you could "change" and make the marriage still work?

>> No.10153665

>been drinking for like the whole month
>heart going insane this morning
>buy a natty daddy and a st ides 40
>feel like a normal sobre human being

holy fuck and I want to drink more but I will try to taper off, I wish weed wasnt such a fucking task to obtain cause i can usually just do that and forget about the liquor...

>> No.10153678

At least do it right and taper at least a little bit until sunday. Going full cold turkey after 10 years of daily drinking is going to fuck you up pretty good, no matter if it's just cider

>> No.10153681

>I wish weed wasnt such a fucking task to obtain cause i can usually just do that and forget about the liquor...
>Triggered alcohol lobbyists.exe
Same. I could quit drinking forever today if I could just grow a few damn plants.

>> No.10153687

We are separated but not divorced as we don't do that as good southern folk.
I had the older gal of my dreams. I was a 12 y/o 8th grade student who landed the Junior class gal of my dreams who stuck by me through thick and thin.
But I refused to grow up and treated her bad.
She still talks to me on messenger but I wish she could say she loves me with the intensity that I do.
She wont even say it any longer unless coaxed into doing so.
Maybe in 1-2 years we may reconcile. She said that much, but said it would never be the same.
I do not know how to live without her right now, being as young as I am.
40-45% of your life with one person is hard to just leave behind suddenly overnight.

>> No.10153710

I was thinking of switching to lower alcohol content ciders in the next few days. Frosty Jack down to Olde english might help, I dunno.

>> No.10153712
File: 111 KB, 531x800, 1518746454654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not a silhouette but this should be the new OP image.

>> No.10153724

Four different stores on rotation on top of six or so bars, they all know me by name. Wat do?

>> No.10153727

Kill the clerks/barkeeps so they are forced to hire new ones that don't know you.

>> No.10153737

why do u care

>> No.10153739

you live in Bree or sumpthing?

>> No.10153741
File: 277 KB, 908x1300, Gnome.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No It must be a silhouette as per tradition.
So anon even made me a silhouette Squirrel (Godspeed Abe) holding a smirnoff bottle for a thread starter image.

Also I lost that phone and only have this laptop now, SO if anyone has the squirrel silhouette of Abe I would be happy. I no longer have any more videos of my squirrel and I so I am a bit annoyed over that.

>> No.10153749


stealin' my pictures from other threads? You better believe that's a stingin'.

>> No.10153753
File: 7 KB, 224x217, 1459712872385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The silhouette is hilarious for these threads.

>> No.10153763

barmen is sexist and barpersons is just gay

>> No.10153767

I don't get it?

>> No.10153776

Don't get what?

Lightly photoshopped silhouettes are funny for it too.

>> No.10153781

Is it supposed to be funny or something?

Not trying to be a dick, I just might have assburgers

>> No.10153789

I finally managed to get slightly drunk
feels good man

>> No.10153790

Is what supposed to be funny?
Me losing the pictures of my pet squirrel that someone made a silhouette of
We must use silhouettes out of tradition?

The silhouettes are easy to locate and find on the catalog for a drunk.
When I am absolutely drunk but it is time to start posting I can't be arsed to read through 10 pages worth of threads when I can just spot a silhouette

>> No.10153794

I mean the silhouette with the party glasses, Not the crippling depression classic silhouette

>> No.10153821

What the fuck party glasses are you talking about?

>> No.10153827

>750GBP of taxpayers money a month isn't a huge burden on society.
Hang in there dude

>> No.10153839

>coveralls loose
>no safety glasses
dumb roastie
this is why we don't hire you

>> No.10153893

Drank every day in 2018 but 3. Have some Antabuse tablets that I acquired through questionable means. Keep one in my pocket but I haven't taken one yet.

>> No.10153903
File: 68 KB, 1300x833, alc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I consider it funny because the stock photo silhouette seems to be so 'troubled" while the threads are pretty much a buncha drunks just talking about their day

>> No.10153921

don't forget loose hair and full makeup.

>> No.10154021

Seriously does anyone have experience with this? I can’t even find a position to lay down without being in so much pain there’s no chance of sleep. I’m using like ten grams of paracetamol daily ffs. Will this end or should I just drink? Seriously considering buying a bottle

>> No.10154052

Just go to your free nhs clinic and be like dude I need benzos and then go buy some weed from that guy at the bar. Or pub or whatever you british faggots call it.

>> No.10154101
File: 13 KB, 540x354, booze-pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I prefer the pepe silhouette tbqh

>> No.10154126

I don't want to be a drunk any more
I so tired of this life
Waking up shitty
Drinking till I feel better
No focus
Not attention
Eyes are shit
Body is shit

I don't want to do this anymore

>> No.10154133

Level up

>> No.10154140

Sober almost like a week or something now

>> No.10154152

I love alcohol
its the highlight of my day
makes a boring day special
makes an average woman amazing
makes me comfortably numb
the buzz is king and the hangover is executioner
I would be executed a hundred fold before I fathom quitting the booze

>> No.10154158

Don’t celebrate. Stop being happy about it. Stay miserable or you’re fucked

>> No.10154177

at this point i'd rather spent the money on junk food
trying not to get further into debt so not eating very "fancy"

>> No.10154250
File: 72 KB, 600x766, worry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can people actually smell liquor on you, or is it just a meme?

This is assuming you didn't spill any liquor on yourself and the person isn't directly smelling your breath

>> No.10154267
File: 186 KB, 472x347, Sandor_1x01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

absolutely. The toxins come out all over your body and hair.

>> No.10154303

This is worrisome. I wonder how many dozens of people might have thought differently about me because I smell like a liquor store almost all the time

>> No.10154327
File: 446 KB, 1004x906, 1391404391983.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dunno, most people know and just say "okay" as long as you don't fuck them over. It's your life.

>> No.10154331
File: 96 KB, 770x433, melaniachristmas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will defy the executioner until I'm king

>> No.10154340


>> No.10154345

meant for

>> No.10154349
File: 30 KB, 474x595, 1501810990702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's up niggas. I went to see Black Panther by myself, just to get out of the house and get booze

>> No.10154388

I'm having an emotional moment guys.
I fucking hate when this happens
I feeling shit about my dad and my future.
I hate this. I hate fucking crying.

>> No.10154403
File: 236 KB, 436x600, 1335224414922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate the crying episode.
Happens like one night a week on drinking weeks.

>> No.10154404

Sweat from your pores.

>> No.10154406

Shit happens, you're not alone even when you feel alone, someone has made it through. Maybe you can too. Rhyme un-intended

>> No.10154408
File: 3 KB, 264x191, 1517580559530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

t-thanks doc

>> No.10154414

Thanks guys.
I'm such a fucking disappointment. And he still says he loves me.
Sometimes it's a terrible thing being loved

>> No.10154426

phenibut is scary mate. tossed my last can. makes me feel like a fucking god going out, especially when combined with a little bit of alcky

next day i'm sick as a dog

even if i only do it 1x a week

>> No.10154434
File: 536 KB, 1000x829, 1517713837711.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Girls always give me the "I will always love you, I just can't do this" joke. I've destroyed so many relationshits. I'm over limit.

>> No.10154436

My dad died knowing i was smarter than him and more talented than him and a failure to him. I guess I couldn't live up to the hype

>> No.10154453

This isn't going to help, but I regularly went to my last job drunk in the morning after drinking whiskey and newcy brown until 4am, had to drive at exactly 7.30am, would not recommend but it is doable, at least 8 tins a night.

>> No.10154468
File: 278 KB, 600x596, 1516923375997.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ha ha, time for hookers!

>> No.10154469

ive never understood the appeal of sleeping with a hooker. there's literally no reason to. you must be butt ugly

>> No.10154477

Whenever I've banged hookers I've always needed to be 150% drunk. Doing crazy dirty things that I'd never do to a normie girl; fisting, pissing, injecting. No kissing though that's an extra fiddy.

>> No.10154480

Hey al/ck/.
Quick question from a longtime alcoholic in “””recovery””. I have 4 years clean under my belt since last Valentine’s Day (with minor slip ups, including tonight.)
I used to drink a fifth of vodka a day for months-years, stop, withdraw, start again, etc...
I have since stopped, like a said. However, whenever I do drink on that rare occasion, I immediately drink like I used to at my heaviest. I don’t feel drunk until I have a fifth, and don’t stop until I’ve have more on top of that. I’d this a potentially fatal amount to drink after long breaks?

>> No.10154482

Yeah probably.
You'd probably puke up first
Just don't do it , lad

>> No.10154485

>fatal amount
Probably not. You will most likely throw it up.

>> No.10154487

This is what I'm most afraid of out anything in the fucking universe.
I'm going to be an officer in the military. He was an enlisted man. But I'm going to be an officer.
It's been 2 years so far and they're still "processing"
But I'm going to do it. No matter what

>> No.10154491

I was an officer in the air force. What country are you signing up for? The older enlisted guys had a wealth of knowledge and sure as hell knew more than I did.

>> No.10154498
File: 237 KB, 500x491, 1518672285911.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

saw this in a different bread.

>> No.10154503 [DELETED] 

Canada. Navy.
Tried for AF but my eyes are shit. Too many books. Ironic.

I've heard that bit of advice a bunch. Listen to your enlisted men. I will.

Any day know they're gonna phone me up and say to come in and sign the papers.

>> No.10154506

Best of luck my man. You'll make a lot of life-long friends.

>> No.10154521 [DELETED] 

Thanks man. I'm going to try my best.
My priority is the people under me. Not my career. Focus on helping out the people I'm working with.

But fug, just let me start. I've been waiting for so god damned long. The recruiters I've been dealing with have all been "Uh well dood just like well wait I guess"
This is the year.

>> No.10154528

I hear ya. Security clearance takes a while to clear.

>> No.10154530
File: 36 KB, 612x479, 1468021537735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>2 years
>any day now

RIP but don't think about it too much

>> No.10154540 [DELETED] 

Next week I'm going to get a phone call and say I was accepted to OCS.
I'm going to stop drinking and double down my workout routine.
Then I'm going to sign my papers and pledge my allegiance to the Queen (that's how it is in Canada, no joke).
And then I'm going to to be shipped out to Basic and go off and do great things.

My family will be proud of me and I will be happy.
This is what's going to happen. Sooner or later. Soon. The last 708 days were all flukes. 709 will be the REAL day.

>> No.10154554

I feel bad for the aussies and eurofags who pay exorbitant alcohol taxes

I'm thankful I can buy a 1.75L handle of bottom shelf vodka for only $9.99 USD

>> No.10154613

i think i'm glad i'm taking naltrexone. still drink a lot, but without the inherent joy

>> No.10154704
File: 98 KB, 600x500, 1404609913110.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope that guy doesn't go kill himself, I was just doing the math there.

>> No.10154717

it is a great med. when i decide to take it i can't even finish 1 beer.
>why don't you take it every day?
that is the question

>> No.10154718
File: 356 KB, 541x480, 1505275844374.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like how yboi has a spotted cow, and is wisconsin like myself.
I, however will not have a spotted cow unless I am in a bar

>> No.10154840

Damn man you have really really terrible tastes. I bet your a really good cook though some of the best cooks I've met have been totally autistic in the music deptartmwnt

>> No.10154860

Where do you live that weed is so impossible to obtain???? I can walk 5 blocks here without passing a growhouse

>> No.10154979

I'd never have enthunkened this of the U.S. Mid-shelf in the uk is around £15 for 70cl.

>> No.10154981


>> No.10154994

Most of it was just what I had time to go see.
There is a place that does 2 artists and a bad starting act for 25$
Those are just the ones I remember.
I have seen a hundred cover band shows though.

>> No.10155019

Too bad spotted cow is trash

t. Madison

>> No.10155038
File: 64 KB, 480x480, 1511328177697.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>don't drink
>heart rate is 150 bpm+
>heart rate is 60 bpm

>> No.10155044

Sorry i've been gone. I passed out at work 2 weeks ago and woke up in a hospital. Turns out i have advanced cancer of the liver that spread to my lungs and colon (ouch)

Anyways, i got maybe 3 months tops but ill post here if i beat it or whatever. Been sober since, obviously.

In moderation, dont be me.

>> No.10155056
File: 7 KB, 225x252, 1283239928271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I never asked for these feels. Please don't die?

>> No.10155065
File: 7 KB, 420x420, nu pepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw 60mg oxazepam, cheap dutch lager and a few bowls

>> No.10155067

Some of us don't live on the west coast and still others among the non-coastals have been fairly straight-edge or just don't have friends or acquaintances to hook us up. NEETs don't exactly do networking very well.

>> No.10155099

well shit.

>> No.10155155
File: 76 KB, 1024x559, sad men.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck man I was just thinking about those comfy pics you posted of your drinking spot a while back yesterday

very sorry to hear, if it's spread to your lungs that's not good at all sadly :(

good luck brother, I'll be drinking to you tonight

>> No.10155209

Can live without a colon, any chance of enough bits of lung being left to breathe, and a liver transplant?

>> No.10155214

I have been buying handles and slowly diluting them with 500ml of water to help me.
Now I can buy a handle pour half of it into another handle and add a bottle of water to both of them.

It is helping me keep my heartrate down.
and It's hel

>> No.10155220

damn thats what im trying to reach. how do you eat? i feel like thats the hardest part.

>> No.10155223

if you have the means, do it. If there is something that makes you feel live or in awe of the world do it. its worth it.

>> No.10155230

people with ambition are self centered cunts. OHHH LOOK AT MEEE!!!! IM SOMEBODY!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO

>> No.10155350

>when I take it I can't even finish one beer
Would have been nice if it worked that way for me. I ended up just drinking oceans of liquor on top of it with no symptoms or repercussions, so I just stopped taking it.
I even tried taking it a second time later on but same thing happened.

>> No.10155464

Anyone else crave fresh fruit when hungover/wd? Greasy food is a complete turn off to me during those times.

>> No.10155478

I am madison too. Or i was till i moved 2 months ago

>> No.10155481

Watermelon, dude. I'm telling you, give it a try

>> No.10155511

Yeah man, it's always the juicy fruits I crave. Probably a dehydration thing. Strawberries are god tier during that shit.

>> No.10155591

A meme? What do you think meme means?

>> No.10155598

That and something to do with electrolytes, apparently. Fruit sugar also seems to help me a lot when I'm withdrawing

>> No.10155622

I feel like my sweat smells like piss when I'm WD or hungover

>> No.10155629

Oranges, I want them so goddamn bad during those times.

>> No.10155640

You shouldn't be eating 10 grams of acetaminophen a day dum dum. Shit's savage on the liver. If anything, you might want to get a liver function test done. Might explain why you're in pain.

>> No.10155641

I love oranges so much, but those fuckers trigger my heartburn so badly.

>> No.10155649

sheeeeit how much were you drinking/for how long?

>> No.10155698

Why do i always feel real nervous when i go to the bar? Anyway else get anxious

>> No.10155712

No. I have friends but I've consistently been going anywhere and doing things alone for like my whole life.

>> No.10155753
File: 31 KB, 600x400, 9t4s3tculmd01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dude, I still feel nervous buying alcohol like i'm still underage. when does that feel go away? I'm 26

>> No.10155757

Is it too early in the day to start drinking?

That feeling went away the second I turned 21.

>> No.10155765

If you're gonna die soon.. why wouldn't you drink anyway? Probably go good with your pain meds.

>> No.10155809
File: 22 KB, 539x539, FB_IMG_1504828494709.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I used to think I had a problem, until I came here.

Holy shit lads how do you even function?

>> No.10155826

I don't function, m8. I'm unemployed and broke

>> No.10155846

I barely function, m8. I'm hardly employed and very broke.

>> No.10155851

How much of a problem do you think you have? How much do you drink?

>> No.10155852

What's life like after a DUI conviction?

>> No.10155859

Not so horrific, just a year without a job or a social life, then enormous insurance costs and a girl's car. It's when you get the second one that all hell breaks loose. I so narrowly avoided prison and might never be allowed to drive again.

>> No.10155860

lol fgt

>> No.10155874

Used to drink a pint of 100 proof every other night and a fifth in the weekends for several years, now all I drink is 6 beers 2-3 nights a week tops. I'm not even sure why I drink anymore desu.

>> No.10155894
File: 37 KB, 333x499, 514R+NmU82L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sober for six days now but drinking is still consuming my mind in the evenings. I started reading pic related yesterday but I am highly skeptical of the effectiveness of any self-help type books. That said, anyone have any recommended literature?

>> No.10155898

lol i was trying to remember where i heard this song before. i saw them live last summer at a big barn, i was very drunk and embarrassed myself infront of a girl i liked

thanks 4 the memories

>> No.10155904


>> No.10155987


Sorry to hear this. I hope you pass painlessly.

>> No.10156016

Hi lads, not an /alck/ myself but I been browsing a while as I find these threads interesting

I'm a lawyer and today I had to do a plea in mitigation (try get someone who's guilty a lower sentence) for some alcoholic dude that punched another man in the face 3 times after being provoked , basically guaranteed prison

I managed to get him out of prison by my take on addiction and telling the judge that chucking him in prison wouldn't help the addiction, sure he'd go a few weeks without alcohol but ultimately it's the underlying mental aspect that needs to be treated and the judge agreed instead giving him a community order and alcohol treatment programme

I'm not sure I would've known or cared to known how to argue his case that way had I not browsed these threads, we're always meant to put our client's best interests at heart but this time I really really didn't want to see this guy go to jail and I think that was at least partially due to my understanding of alcoholism from these threads

So thanks for being alcoholics I suppose, spared one man from uselessly going to prison

>> No.10156050

Would also like to know this.

>> No.10156086

Well I am glad he doesn't, but where do you possibly live that punching someone in the face after being provoked will land you in prison?
I may spend no longer than a night in the drunk tank, or if the guy presses charges I would at the very worst get a simple assault charge.
3 times in the face is nothing.

Anyways, I am glad that he may be spared jail.

>> No.10156135

England - the other guy called him a 'pathetic man' and a 'loser' while he was drunk as fuck in a bar so he punched him 3 times in the head, dude's injuries took 8 weeks to recover so that's ABH which has a max of 5 years prison

He wasn't looking at a particularly long sentence or anything but he's got previous convictions and such, all related to addiction (previously heroin, now alcohol)

Dude deserves another chance, kicked heroin when he got married and got a daughter then his daughter died in a car crash when he was driving (accident was not his fault) and the guilt drove him to become an alcoholic and that's how we ended up in court

>> No.10156162

>tfw hadnt drank for a week
>had a triple gin and tonic two night ago
>got the shakes now i'm not drinking again

please help

>> No.10156178

Ahhh the previous convictions put it into perspective.
Although I guess I under the ABH thing though.
Over here you could possibly get Deadly Assault (an equivalent charge) instead of attempted murder.

Makes me glad to live where I do, where at most unless I had 2 strikes as a Felon already I would never get more than 2-4 weeks in jail for the same thing.

Do you think he is going to be alright, and get spared the hard time? Just get put in a hard rehab program as a plea?

>> No.10156206

This is one thing that scares me to quit completely, but if I could get to just drinking after dark 1-4 standard drinks and quit daydrinking I would be fine.
But the thought of kindling coming back to bite me in the ass worries me.

>> No.10156211

Also how has browsing these threads put Alcohol and Drug addiction into perspective for you?
What have you learned?

>> No.10156262

honestly it was the biggest mistake i've made in a long time.

>> No.10156276


1900?????? How? The quality isn't nearly good enough for a two grand sleeve.

>> No.10156299

>What have you learned?

That all of you hate this shit and it's just as destructive as, say, heroin

>Do you think he is going to be alright, and get spared the hard time?

Not 100% sure, but at least he got a chance now

>> No.10156302

Should I try harder to cut back to 200-375ml a day?
I would be happy as can be to get down to 200ml a day and would do it for the rest of my life probably.
200ml only from 7pm-10/12pm every night would be wonderful.

>> No.10156315

>tfw almost got into a fight with the garbage man today

>> No.10156321

I only hate the alcohol and drug addictions , but I do not hate the alcohol and drugs themselves.
We all do it to run and escape from something, or some of us have been addicts so long it is more painful to slow down or quit than to stop.

I still love getting drunk , or snorting H or smoking meth. Hell I'll do any drug but I am no longer addicted to drugs because I can control myself.

Alcohol may be the hardest addiction in the world to kick, as you can go get it anywhere. At least with hard drugs you can "change your playground" and reduce much access to the drugs. (unless you have prescription to amphetamines, pain pills or benzos) then you need to be honest with your doc that you have to wean off of them.

Alcohol is 10x harder than Meth/Stims were to kick.
Alcohol is the most destructive thing I have experienced, on par with the needle junkies in their 30's-50's whos been on it for so long they can never stop.

>> No.10156329

I verbally assaulted a neighbor yesterday, broke a coffee mug by accident in the process. Too ashamed to go outside to check my mail, because now they are 100% sure I am a loon.

Also what exactly transpired? How did that happen?

>> No.10156350

I was working on my car in the driveway, Drinking as well (obviously).

I'm paranoid about people going through my trash so I put my trash can in the driveway so people have to trespass to look in it, The garbage guy pulled up and put his hands up like "wtf" and said "the trash is supposed to go at the curb buddy". I flipped out and told him to fuck himself, It's his job to take my trash. Not lecture me about where I fucking put it.

He said "whatever you fucking lush, It's 11am you know that right?". An I flipped, I got in his face and we started yelling at one another until the driver of the trash truck came out and separated us.

Much shame.

Also check your mail at night, I do that.

>> No.10156357

>I only hate the alcohol and drug addictions , but I do not hate the alcohol and drugs themselves.

Figured this may be the case, but I guess most people in here are addicted anyway

>> No.10156369

Very true, many of us having something wrong with us physically, mentally or mostly emotionally that we like to expand on or numb with the drugs.
For me I always had an affinity for intoxicants since a young age, as they would be a break from the monotony of being the typical lazy smart guy too immature to make anything of himself.
And most people here are terribly addicted.
I will always be an addict even if I never drink or take a drug again.

I am a wicked man and a good man at heart, but I take more from this life than I can give back.

Have you ever had an addiction?
I personally have been previously addicted to even normal things, like binge-eating, caffeine, masturbation (in my younger years.) , video games.
Every time I kick 1.5 addictions a new one arises. I will get their slowly but anyways I am ranting now.

Thanks for your input and I hope your case goes well.

>> No.10156384

Lol, even the trash men look down on you.

you've come a long way bud.

>> No.10156396

Bring a trash man is no job to look down upon. Those guys make 18+ an hr just starting.

I don't feel bad I got look down upon by a trash guy, I just feel bad I flipped out on a guy just doing his job. He wasn't even that rude to me, Just a bit condescending because he had to walk an extra 10ft.

>> No.10156405

>Have you ever had an addiction?

I haven't, doesn't seem fun

>Thanks for your input and I hope your case goes well.

Thanks man, but a plea in mitigation is the last thing I do as it comes right before sentencing so that's all done for me unless the guy gets in trouble again and decides he wants me to represent him again

>> No.10156407

Man at least yall broke it up before a fight happened.
I got into a fist fight about 2 weeks with 2 dope-buyers leaving my other neighbors place because they were revving their bigass truck with the muffle all chopped so it would be "lol look at all the hell we can raise boys"
So I went out there and fought with the big one and was doing well until the scrawny tweaker tackled me from the side.

I have some bruised ribs I am recovering from but I'm fine now.
The big guy back off and shouted something to the scrawny hoodie boy about we got shit on us we gotta go.
I guy they were worried someone would call the cops and they were going to get searched.

I hope they show up again so I can grab my fucking large prybar I keep on the back porch (this aint the first time they fuck with me or annoy me) and lay into them.

I need to stay inside when drinking, I get offended easily.

>> No.10156414

>plea in mitigation
So what phase of the proceedings are yall in right now anyways?

>> No.10156421

You shouldn't keep a pry bar outside to make it easier to break into your house. Also you should probably buy a gun because tweekers are dangerous and unpredictable

Don't go looking for a fight, But if it comes to you. Defend yourself on your property (if you live in a castle state).

Seriously, Don't beat a dude with a pry bar and get 5 years in prison. It's not worth it man....

I'll fight a dude anyday, But I won't involve weapons unless you come into my home to try to harm me.

>> No.10156442

Case is over for now, he's released with a supervision requirement and a rehabilitation programme attendance requirement and if he doesn't fuck up either of those he won't be back to court for this particular offence ever again

If he does fuck it up they might be minded to give him the prison sentence that he may have otherwise received, with some time off for what he'd already have done with the supervision requirement

>> No.10156447

1 week sober, adios!

Gonna try the moderation game for a bit. Just get drunk Friday and Saturday and no drinking while travelling for work.

I went to like 3 AA meetings and they were awful. Full of woah-is-me and virtue signalling types. I told them I was day 2 sober and one guy was "At day 2 I couldn't even tie my shoes". Maybe I took it the wrong way, but it was very off putting to me. It's not a competition. Just because you drank for 20 years longer than I did, doesn't mean that my WD's still weren't shitty. Fuck you, uppity old dude at La Jolla AA.

>> No.10156462

I live in the south, If someone steps onto my property with harmful intent I can beat him to an inch of his life with any weapon available.
And I will not serve a moment of prison time.
I am unlucky if I get more than 1-3 days In jail.
In my state we take the "Stay off my property" very seriously, and it is respected by law most of the time.

Although I should hide the prybar more, good point.
I am a former tweaker (not that I even met that crew) so I know they can get unpredictable.

>> No.10156471

>Bring a trash man is no job to look down upon. Those guys make 18+ an hr just starting.

Yeah, uh, and they're all ex meth addicts who HAVE TO PICK UP TRASH ALL DAY. and half of them get ran over the first year they're working.

>> No.10156477

Went to get new car insurance and found out my license has been suspended for the past 3 years and I had no idea. I drove thousands of miles on a suspended license because some idiot cop entered my out of state insurance wrong after some minor fender bender.

I got so lucky guys. Holy shit

>> No.10156487

You condescending fuck. Don’t look down on what people who make honest livings.

>> No.10156490
File: 58 KB, 565x547, 1515542740690.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I laughed a lot at this post

>> No.10156501

Lol tell me about how hard you work and all that bank you make.

It is a good honest living, not that you fucking neets know anything about work.

You probably do not even have a single callous on your hand.

>> No.10156514

>Alcohol may be the hardest addiction in the world to kick, as you can go get it anywhere. At least with hard drugs you can "change your playground" and reduce much access to the drugs. (unless you have prescription to amphetamines, pain pills or benzos) then you need to be honest with your doc that you have to wean off of them.

This is probably the hardest part for me. I know it's been said before, but it's practically impossible to separate yourself entirely from alcohol. It's ubiquitous. I pass 3-4 other places where I can buy alcohol on my way to the supermarket, which itself has one and a half aisles dedicated to booze. My closest 'fix' is two blocks away and open 6AM-2AM. At parties, people literally put it in your hands and encourage you to drink it. wtf

>> No.10156518

I gained newfound respect for binmen after learning that they call maggots "disco rice".

>> No.10156523

I was a deckhand for 2 years, did landscaping for a while, although I can't do it down in florida anymore. I got fucking heat stroke doing hurricane cleanup . I kept forgetting where I put my shovel down and was getting tunnel vision.

I did that through craigslist under the table and was making 20 dollars an hour while I was unemployed.

>> No.10156524

big business. why do you think weed is still illegal? for the price of a seed and a bucket of horseshit i'd never drink again.

>> No.10156537

Is gin the most patrician of spirits?

>> No.10156539

Yet you talk down on another form of a blue collar worker?
You should be glad we have hard working folk instead of making a divide on "lol look at them fags picking up trash"

Also your entire post is false and never happened.

>> No.10156540

if you think smoking weed is enough to get you off booze, why not do exactly that? is it inaccessible to you or something?

>> No.10156545

Too many previous convictions. The drugs laws in the UK are among the most ignorant and backwards in the world.

>> No.10156639

Let me tell you guys about poetic justice. I can't tell a story for shite so in a nutshell:

>Had a nanny who used to steal from our alcohol stash made up of friend's gifts
>what happened to her years later?

>> No.10156683
File: 930 KB, 1920x2560, Champagne Trouillard 1964.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since you guys might now, I recently found this (pic) Champagne, Trouillard, Diamond, from 1964, is it valuable? And do you know where can I sell it?

>> No.10156688

h-how many alcoholics do you think buy champagne?

>> No.10156694

I do not know, how many people actually buy old champagne outside of wedding celebration?
How the fuck do I know?

>> No.10156717

Sorry to bother then, I am just a bit lost and a bit desperate oh well.

>> No.10156742

Not a bother, I just have never even drank champagne before, nor do I know where to buy it except some cheap stuff from my local liquor store.

Have you tried googling the prices for " Champagne, Trouillard, Diamond 1964"?

google is your friend here

>> No.10156787


Is there an ebay for booze?

>> No.10156796

I did, maybe I did not search throughly enough.

I am not quite sure, I would use Ebay but since I live in a country that has yet to recover from 10+ years of increasing poverty, I can't count on it.

>> No.10156869

>Champagne, Trouillard, Diamond 1964
Alright I looked, It is extremely rare and may need an appraisal but between 800$-1500$ dollars is not unlikely.
I would guesstimate 1250$ to a quick bidder if you haggle them

>> No.10156870

feeling especially depressed and pissed off today
im tired of doing nothing but browsing 4chan all day but i dont want to do anything
what the fuck

>> No.10156899
File: 36 KB, 500x373, 1500425047182.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AND THEY GET A FUCKING GOV PENSION/HEALTH WHEN THEY RETIRE. What's your fucking retirement ya dumbass?

That being said, when I was a kid, they'd tell me to pay attention in school or I'd end up a garbage man, now a fucking garbage man is a good fucking job. what the fuck happened in this country...

>> No.10156908

Well it would be great if so, where did you find the info? I suppose I might look for generic wine buying/selling places.

>> No.10156912

Guys I drink a gallon of milk a day, help. Why do I do this?

>> No.10156947

>Trouillard Cuvee du Fondateur Blanc de Blancs Brut Millesime 1964 was last available in March 2014, with an average price of £106.

i'm more inclined towards 89p/3.8 units.

>> No.10156955
File: 8 KB, 184x184, ripshig2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what's your squat?

>> No.10156960


I'm rooting for you brother.

>> No.10157016


Just barely. Go to work drunk everyday and just coast through life until my liver or pancreas gives out.

>> No.10157030


That was a solid move on your part but fuck the victim for pressing charges after provoking a drunk. Certified bitch move on his part.

>> No.10157062
File: 53 KB, 500x616, 1290811506506.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A friend is coming over with his nintendo so I had to clean the house. Hasn't been this clean in yonks.

>> No.10157096
File: 56 KB, 950x534, meadworks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Drinking some honey mead. Fucking delicious

>> No.10157097

i've been trying to do a quick clean up of my room most days after having done a deep clean like a month ago. shared areas are fucked, but i guess that's what happens when you squeeze four adult males into a <1000 sq ft home

>> No.10157243

Thoroughly impressed that the shit I just took was solid. I don't think I ate a thing yesterday.

>> No.10157330

Yes it is friend.
Every time I get some Honey mead It reminds me of my late father-in-law as that was the first and last drink he ever offered me.

>> No.10157332



>> No.10157362

Best online source for Naltima/Naltrexone?

>> No.10157402

Classic catch 22 - rape her

Either you can get a boner or you weren't drunk. Either way she was wrong ... or right and doesn't remember right about being raped.

>> No.10157519

I'm harrassing my first and probably only ever ex over fucking tumblr and i have never felt a stronger urge to choke on my vomit and end this charade already. fuck

>> No.10157651

>dating a girl that uses tumblr

>> No.10158306

Strangely enough I turned to alcoholism shortly after my full hike of the appalachians.

>> No.10158842

They smell it via blood. When it’s in your blood it expels through your lungs. That’s why your breath reeks.

>> No.10159062

why is life so shit alck

>> No.10159088

I feel ya

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