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not racist edition

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thank you for the new thread my brother died in the holocaust

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fuck you for spamming ck you attention whore

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sorry for my drunkenness al/ck/
pls forgive
kys reddit babby

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remember the 9 million

>> No.10058850

Youre already an alcoholic. Why not be racist? No one cares about you anymore anyways.

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report all alcoholic threads, they don't belong on /ck/ if anything they belong on /adv/ for self-help and advice.

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First time on /ck/ and I see this thread

Do you cu/ck/s not like the word nigger/gook/chink/spic or something?

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report all non al/ck/ posts, they are reddit faggots who don't belong on 4chan

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fuck off /pol/ we don't want you here

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it's just one whiny little child

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What's your favorite beer?

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>blacked out AGAIN last night
just shrink my brain up, senpai

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you're probably OP trying to defend yourself faggot.

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pbr or anything over 7.0%

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i am op stupid
how dumb are you

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whateer isn't this candied foot tasting shit

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i'll never understand why non al/ck/s like to come into the al/ck/ thread
how desperate for (you)'s can you get?

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racists are the whiny children

>> No.10058888

nobody racist here m8 dunno what you're on about

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I don't like beer, if I have to get something it will probably be guiness, boddingtons, or kirin ichiban.

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cheers to yal
most of you are alright

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Pol is a bunch of hate-filled, toxic brats. I’d rather have /b/ in here.
No it’s not, there are just fewer children in al/ck/ than on 4chan generally, so less of /pol/‘s toe-curling cringe.

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this community is becoming dangerously toxic thanks to /pol/

>> No.10058908

Top kek I was just asking a question, apologies for causing the butthurt.

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it's a place for drunks you idiot

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>a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

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all of those people are suicidal autistic fuck ups. They'll die mid 20s. Don't worry about them.

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sometimes i feel i might as well be posting on reddit

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Your dumpster fire of a board is down the hall.

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I'm done with this community. Thanks a lot /p*l/ you ruined something good.

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Not sure what I started but these are woefully underchek'd.

Cu/ck/s what in fuck are you doing?

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holy fuck i knew al/ck/ got bad but i didn't realize it was this bad
reddit pls go back

>> No.10058942

same here fuck this. after fag OP made that pol thread I no longer want to be here.

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>he browses (((/pol/)))
fuckin nu male city out there..
fuckin cucks
fuckin right wing equivalent of sjw
fuckin christfags
fuck em

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didn't know there were so many alcoholic racists wtf

>> No.10058947

sorry this is mostly my doing, been an al/ck/ regular for a long time but didn't realize things had become so sterilized if you will
sad state of affairs really

>> No.10058949

many of us are just angry at themselves and take it out on others

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I’ve felt that way too (about the whole of 4chan, after ten years here (so did moot ffs)) but they back off eventually, al/ck/ is generally un/pol/luted, and the idiots are always called out on their bullshit if they do post here. Hope you don’t leave just because of some idiot children.

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>drunk anon makes a joke racist thread
>reddit sjw non-alkies get triggered
>drunk anon apologizes and makes a new thread and deletes the old one
>reddit sjw non-alkies continue to be triggered in new thread

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Don't leave! If you leave the /pol/ shitposters will have won.

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i just want to drink to oblivion and forget my ex and not worry about any whiny faggot redditors is that too much to ask?

>> No.10058964

I just don't want to witness holocaust denial on /ck/ is that too much to ask?

>> No.10058966

o well. al/ck/ is becoming boring anyway. maybe a break is needed of this matter

>> No.10058968

i just want to forget that i'm alive is that too much to ask?

>> No.10058970

Is this the end of al/ck/? Everything is falling apart I can't believe it.

>> No.10058973

>so did moot ffs
Yeah, and do you remember what happened when he deleted /new/?

Or did you just read a couple of knowyourmeme articles?

>> No.10058979

anyone still here or did everyone leave thanks to /pol/?

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fuck i'm sorry guys, i'm not even racist or /pol/
just forget everything that happened i just want everyone to have nice comfy al/ck/ threads where we can all just drink ourselves to death
i love niggers and kikes
please lets just go back to normal

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so this is how al/ck/ dies...

>> No.10058986

I’m not having this argument. He hated you, so do all, ALL rational adults, no matter how much you cry about it.

>> No.10058989

No you dun fucked up.

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/pol/ owns 4chan.
We Jews now

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If /pol/ did kill al/ck/, they’d blame niggers.

>> No.10058993

>so do all, ALL rational adults

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>tfw killed al/ck/ with one (1) drunken fueled post
what have i done
pls forgiv

>> No.10058996

abandon ship before it sinks!!

>> No.10058997

you killed al/ck/ wtf is wrong with you

>> No.10058999

i'm sorry i'm drunk and want to die

>> No.10059000

Yeah delete this one too ffs. The other is still nowhere near page 9.

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>breaks the tension

>> No.10059006

this but unironically

>> No.10059008

>waiting for the banhammer
mods pls end it all

>> No.10059016

The only one crying here is you, buddy.

Maybe reddit is more your speed?

>> No.10059017

I hate when i get too drunk to fap

>> No.10059028

I hate when I get too drunk to eat

>> No.10059030

bye lads, we had a good run.

>> No.10059033

it's over

>> No.10059034

You're disgusting. Wash your mouth out, whore.

>> No.10059035

>implying al/ck/ is going anywhere
fucking newfags i swear

>> No.10059036

>we had a good run.
no it was a shit run

>> No.10059038

What happened?

>> No.10059039

I meant overall before all the shit happened

>> No.10059040

/pol/ raided us

>> No.10059045

not even true just what some reddit anons would have you believe

>> No.10059048

you can deny it all you want but we saw it with our own eyes

>> No.10059053

exactly and we lost

>> No.10059054

Okay done. What now?
/pol/ IS this site, newkid. We were here before you, and we'll be here after you go back to where ever you came from.

>> No.10059055

Reddit plebs need to gtfo immediately.

Whatever OP did, he apologized. Move on.

>> night one of tapers. God fucking damn it, thought my heart was going to come out of my chest earlier.

With every WD i say “never again,” and yet i know I’ll be in this exact predicament in a few days time.

>> No.10059062

last post before i literally pass out
sorry for upsetting anyone
i love you all even the reddit fags
tomorrows another day
stay strong my brothers and sisters

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>Move on.
The real world doesn't work that way, pal.

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>With every WD i say “never again,” and yet i know I’ll be in this exact predicament in a few days time.

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choo choo

>> No.10059069

at least you have booze to taper with
i ran out and am too weak to go to the store
oh well i'd probably just drink it all and get drunk

>> No.10059071 [DELETED] 

How do you motherfuckers deal with the pain?

>> No.10059084

good question

>> No.10059097

Willpower, I guess.

If you’re an alc, you already know what you’re in for, so you kind of just white knuckle it and grind with it. I’m currently tapering with beers. Sucking down what my body needs to stave off the fits.

Then shitposting on here & perusing other stuff, until I can some shit sleep for maybe an hour or so and back to taper.

>> No.10059108

>/pol/ are rightwing sjws meme

>> No.10059117

I tried this and it seems I stick with beer forever. I guess it's not as bad for you as liquor, but fuck me is it expensive.

>> No.10059122 [DELETED] 

people who are against /pol/ explain yourselves. It's the same thing as reddit but instead of being left wing, it's right wing. How is that different or wrong?

>> No.10059132

just heated up some raviolis

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are you me? laying in the floor dyinging hearing music from cpu fans again.... fucking blew another relationship with a sweet girl. I hate it.

>> No.10059135

Being left wing is rational.

>> No.10059140

no im me
at least im not hallucinating though

>> No.10059141

thanks for the in depth explanation

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can you eat without projectile vomiting? Must be nice.

>> No.10059149

yes mostly
i recently projectile vomited all over my computer desk

>> No.10059151

I could give you an in-depth explanation but you wouldn't care because the right has consistently proven that it doesn't care about facts.

>> No.10059154

please enlighten based reddit poster

>> No.10059159

You'd be surprised. I'm a registered democrat that voted for trump.

>> No.10059164

Well, your political system is fucking hopless anyway.

>> No.10059169


>> No.10059176

Don't be a faggot and at least explain yourself. Don't be a typical reddit faggot, have a fucking backbone, and hit me with you honest reasoning for why you think you're right

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can we uhhhhh, get back to the nightmare WD's

>> No.10059185

who says we ain't there already?
ignore the normans

>> No.10059189

>tfw having nightmares while withdrawing
those aree the worst
i get so scared sometimes

>> No.10059195

it's radically realistic to you point that I've woken up thinking I"m still in the dream for like 5 minutes...

>> No.10059197

Besides nothing the people wants ever fucking gets through. It's because of lobbyists sitting in the senate or whatever you call it.There's always a political instance nullifying the other. It's a disgrace of a representative democracy, probably cause of the federal scale,

>> No.10059202


Fuck off and never come back faggot. Hope your liver packs in while you sleep and your rotting corpse remains undiscovered as no one cares enough to find out what happened to you

>> No.10059203

You pointed out nothing that was partisan, that is an issue on both sides of the fence anon.

>> No.10059214

I was just replying to your respond to my own post

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is that when your liver goes out? I hadn't considered sleeeping might be dangerous for the liver... just seizures. thanks for that

>> No.10059234

whats the deal with seizures when you sleeep anway? i always have them but have about one experiecne of having one while awake

>> No.10059238

Fair enough, but to put things in the simplest terms economically, left wing politics are for people that are anti-capitalist who don't know how to invest their money. I really can't explain it in a simpler way. Socially the left is a fucking disaster. The left used to fight for the blue collar, middle class family, it simply isn't true now.

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your body is trying to repair and whatever I guess, I know I heat up bad when I sleep, and it burns the skin on my face so I'm all crackly and shit, toxins coming out

>> No.10059247 [DELETED] 

I have a feeling the entire "left" in the US is a fraud.
That being said, is everyone being taught how to invest their money? No, they're not. Especially the children from a poor household.

>> No.10059254

I really don't like black people

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I once had a nightmare that a naked guy was seizing on the floor of my apt and I was trying to hold him down so he didn't beat his head in a wall, turns out I woke up naked on the floor covered in sweat. I'll never know how close I was to dying that night. Being outside my body in a dream and realizing it later was fucking messed up.

>> No.10059267

If i fall asleep i might die

>> No.10059273

afraid of this myself
not the death but how painful it would be
too much of a pussy to off myself for kinda the same reason

>> No.10059281

Hang in there lad

>> No.10059287

You really have to just accept death at that point, i've been there. After the hundredth time you don't die after feeling this way, you'll move past it.

>> No.10059289

kinda sad that this is the popular thread at night

>> No.10059292

No one will ever deny that

>> No.10059293

that's gay

>> No.10059316

>wake up yesterday
>pain in my right ball and groin
>pain in my lower right back
>tingling pain in my right thigh
>goes away after half the day
>wake up this morning
>pain is back

what did my body mean by this
have also been having trouble shitting for a little over a week desu and just feel sick in general

>> No.10059318

Can we all please agree to keep /pol/ in /pol/ from now on? More bullshit like that and al/ck/ is done for. /ck/ doesn’t deserve this.

>> No.10059323

What the fuck even happened?

>> No.10059324

While you're right, alcohol and politics have gone together since the beginning of time.

>> No.10059325

Is it possible to kill oneself by over-drinking?
Asking for a friend.

>> No.10059326

Are you saying no then?

>> No.10059329

I'm not going to encourage it, but I enjoy talking politics while drinking, and not the nasty /pol/ style either.

>> No.10059332

/ck/ is one of the biggest embarrassments on 4chan already if there is such a thing, so I wouldn't worry about anything changing.

>> No.10059337

So meta

>> No.10059338
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absolutely. This post is how you die. >>10059263

>> No.10059339

Best mixes with Vodka? That aren't sweet or energy drinks?

>> No.10059340

Well try please, because that was bullshit, it’d be horrendous if this place disappeared because of /pol/‘s fucking crap.
Google alcohol poisoning

>> No.10059344

anyone heard from SB?

>> No.10059347

>because that was bullshit
What was bullshit? I don't think I said anything too out of line.

>> No.10059348

No, the whole shitstorm earlier was bullshit.
General political discussion isn’t gonna rustle any jimmies, but if it’s the kind of toxic junk typically seen on pol, it just causes havoc.

>> No.10059357

I don't know what to tell you. because sweet is about the only flavor that goes with vodka. never heard of savory vodka drink

>> No.10059358

I have yet to find a better mixer than bleach.

>> No.10059361

last ttime my ball hurt and swelledd up like a mofo
turns out it was staph and i nearly died

>> No.10059369

>webmd the person

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Post the OP in the old thread you silly man.

>> No.10059390

m8 if it hadn't been you it'd just be something else, always is with these people

>> No.10059394

Uh, give an example, name anything else that al/ck/ hates enough that it could end it

>> No.10059400

If an al/ck/ thread wasn't ruined by people bitching at each other drunk, then I wouldn't believe there were drunk people here. The best thing to do is get in on the action.

>> No.10059410

There’s very little bitching here normally

>> No.10059412

>if you can't beat the shitposters join them

>> No.10059419

faggot OP was the reason it went to hell, he fucked up.

>> No.10059422

If you can't stop yourself from falling for that bait then you shouldn't be in this dumpster anyway.

>> No.10059433

Yeah, there are no real pol posters on 4chan

>> No.10059435

4chan is /pol/

>> No.10059438
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You're a retard.

>> No.10059441

i'm hooked

>> No.10059447

Pol is pol. 4chan wasn’t when it started, isn’t now and never will be, sorry.

>> No.10059454

yes, alcohol poisoning is possible but rare

its actually easier to kill yourself by drinking too much water instead

>> No.10059460

Could always just choke on vomiting your sleep. Booze has plenty of lethal consequences up it’s sleeve if you overdo it even once

>> No.10059481

>tfw a major douchebag while drunk
>tfw when the alcohol wears off you have panic attacks
>tfw if you quit for a while you get severely depressed
>tfw a slave to alcohol

I want off of this ride.

>> No.10059484

Better than being sober with all the depressing shit that entails.
>ywn live in an Irish folk song...
Why live?

>> No.10059490


>> No.10059499

>Weak cunt who can't enjoy alcohol detected

>> No.10059500
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I just puked...

>> No.10059502

I drink everyday faggot. I'm describing how i feel.

>> No.10059504

welcome to the club
wont be the first time you puke, this night even

>> No.10059506
File: 189 KB, 298x337, Just let me cry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

F-fuck you asshole

>> No.10059510

as a sober visitor to al/ck/ (currently day 2 of heroin WD, can i hang? this is comfiest place on 4chan) can i just say that it's transparent that it was just one or two douches posting all that racist stuff

never change al/ck/ you guys are so pure

>> No.10059525


>> No.10059526

I've been sober for 8+ months and I still come to al/ck/ threads. I'll always be an addict at heart. I was one of the ~handle a day drunks until health problems. I still like talking to people that understand the nightmare.

>> No.10059532

I have noticed my heart will literally fucking hurt, and I am also a heavy smoker. I really need to quit drugs.

>> No.10059533

What do you guys like to drink besides water and coffee when you manage to quit? Even if just for a short period of time.

>> No.10059538

thats pretty much it. sparkling water is pretty good as well, but i never buy it.

>> No.10059540

i do find that after a night of drinking a soda makes me feel pretty good, maybe it is just the sugar? I do not know.

>> No.10059541

I find tea to be pretty soothing, chamomile especially. It's probably just all placebo, but it helps keep me kinda chill.

>> No.10059544

pepsi max. it's decent.

>> No.10059546

but i do not think you should take my word for it. do what you want to do

>> No.10059551

i may have to try some tea, are you familiar with kava?

>> No.10059555

Well, I wasn't necessarily looking for advice. I was more curious what other alcoholics replace alcohol with as a "drink" substitute when they don't or can't have booze in their possession.

I've read before that it's common for alcoholics/recovering alcoholics to constantly want some kind of liquid in their hand or very close by at all times because it's almost comforting.

>> No.10059567

I'm not actually. Does it have any benefits to it?

>> No.10059575

well it kind of mimics some of the effects alcohol. it is kind of like a weird mixture between alcohol, and a benzo, but way lighter in its effects. im not sure what country your in, but in the U.S. you can buy the stuff at a super market.

>> No.10059577

I use tobacco and diet dr pepper. I guess I always have a water jug with me too.

>> No.10059580

Interesting, I wasn't aware there were teas out there like that. How does it not have any adverse health effects?

>> No.10059583

im not sure if there are necessarily any benefits to it, and i believe the nature of its supposed adverse effects can be disputed, but thats all i know

>> No.10059590

If i recall correctly i think there may be cases of it fucking with your liver, but as i said im not sure if that is hard scientific data.

>> No.10059594

and those cases are very specific. if you do try definitely do not expect some mind blowing bullshit. its just a subtle tea that can be consumed to ease the mind.

>> No.10059603

So it's basically just some kind of herbal tea? I know I've bought herbal teas before that actually had sort of "warning" labels on them, as in consulting your doctor before consuming, or not to consume if you have X health issue.

>> No.10059629

i believe you could call it that, but i am not for certain. i would just research, and decide for yourself.

>> No.10059670

chamomile definitely isn't placebo.. it's a positive allosteric modulator of gaba receptors, same as benzos, though its affinity is quite weak.. it has a bunch of health benefits too, i drink like 4-6 cups a day

>> No.10059682

you know your shit

>> No.10059694

I guess that makes a lot of sense then. It always calms down my anxiety, even if just a bit. I'm a recovering alcoholic and I pretty much always have to have some kind of tea with me.

>> No.10059801


>> No.10059807

Can you die from chamomile withdrawal?

>> No.10059816

3mg of bromazepam in the morning

>> No.10059823

I was suppose to not drink or smoke today, but I had to deal with a bunch of dumb kids at my bar tonight so I caved and had a shot and a cigarette. Closed out and found two random unopened PBRs sitting by the dumpster in the alley. Maybe it's a sign?

>> No.10059843
File: 70 KB, 704x480, Aisha mad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cutting back due to epilepsy
>do a good job
>someone wakes me up by dicking around in the maintenance room
Fuck life. Fuck you all. 5AM in the goddamned morning is no time to be working on pipes you fucking weirdos!

I'm working on two goddamned health problems that both need sleep!

>> No.10059848

>same as benzos

>> No.10059849

Thinking if I should add a beer or two to it or just take 6mg more

Any opinions?

>> No.10059850

mixing alcohohl and clonazepam is dangerous

>> No.10059853

It's bromazepam

>> No.10059856
File: 43 KB, 500x376, 1B250B58-29C9-4287-8711-A173CCC30A2A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buy cognac miniature for recipe, TINY bit left - drink it, familiar taste of ethanol brings tsunami of cravings
Decided never again.
>make poached pears, needs vanilla extract, decide to taste first - LOADED with ethanol, raped by cravings
Is nowhere safe??

>> No.10059870

Obviously not, you nerd.

>> No.10059878

I would never cook a recipe that required anything but cooking wine.

>> No.10059879

I cook with alcohol all the time and it doesn't make me want to go back to drinking. I even have a little bottle of vodka that I used for a serious eats tempura recipe and haven't touched it.

You are trying to give yourself an excuse to relapse. Alcohol might not be done with you.

>> No.10059883

Excuse to relapse? Bullshit, I don’t want that at all. The familiar feeling in my mouth made me crave

>> No.10059893

and you knew it was going to do that

>> No.10059897

I didn’t. With the vanilla I didn’t even know there was ethanol in there. Why do you appear to be trying to make me feel like I’ll relapse?

>> No.10059941

That feel when sipping 4.2% beer to taper and you feel a little too buzzed and that it's not working and you are terrified of becoming drunk again and equally terrified of the panic attacks that occur if you stop.
I just want off the damn ride.

>> No.10059952

I'm hoping you stop acting silly and stay sober. I don't want to have to put "He never realized vanilla contained ethanol" on your grave stone.

>> No.10060033

Just popped some benadryl and vicodin to help with the anxiety. I felt like I saw a ghost. I'm going to start tapering today because I am terrified of ever feeling that way again. How long should I taper for to not be an emotiomal mess while trying to quit?

>> No.10060048

>went cold turkey after leaving my bartending job
>want to drink but know that I can't handle my booze the same way
>know that I'll spiral back down if alcohol passes my lips again
>meant to be going out for my friend's birthday on friday

what do I do

>> No.10060053

Try to get a girl’s phone number

>> No.10060055

drink the weakest stuff possible and only have one

>> No.10060060

it doesn't belong on /adv/ you nigger. they aren't looking for advice.

>> No.10060061

got a girlfriend already man, though I will be wingman
I hate the taste of piss beer and would rather drink water but I know for a fact that it's not going to slide.

>> No.10060065

Where did it all go so wrong?

>> No.10060069

it might make it easier to prevent a relapse if you drink beer that you dislike

>> No.10060073

This is the not racist edition my friend
Niggers and kikes are welcome here

>> No.10060082

I didn't say he wasn't welcome though. I just said he was incorrect.

>> No.10060083

that is true. but I'm gonna pay way more for booze than I will for cola. maybe I should just say I'm teetotal.
when that sweet sweet ethanol first passed your lips in the morning.

>> No.10060088

I get it girl

>> No.10060142

I have been an emotional mess for half a decade but I refuse to pop any pills. I don't think that will solve my problems, but then again I'm hardly an expert and I have failed to fix myself too many times by now.
Complicated when you live abroad as well cause I feel like going to a clinic could get me deported or ripped off.

Usual time is three to four days I think but it depends of course.
I have to be ok by wednesday cause I have teaching with my class.

I have to call a friend later today cause I promised cause he is worried. I hope you anons have friends like that, and if you do don't throw them away. They care.

>> No.10060216

>tfw got hammered drunk last night
>tried to pick up an ugly girl with 2 kids because I haven't been laid in 4 years
>rejected hard
>this girl was like a 3/10
>thought "fuck it" and started drinking heavy
>made an ass out of myself and literally blacked out
>no clue what happened after I started drinking heavy but I know I spent 70 dollars on pizza and liquor that is gone?

>> No.10060224

Being born

>> No.10060225

>I spent 70 dollars on pizza and liquor that is gone?
you'll find it eventually in the weirdest spot
happens to me all the time

>> No.10060261

Not that guy but I dunno man, I permanently lose stuff even if I don’t leave the house ffs. Like 5 wads of hundreds of pounds, phones, clothes, my mind, fuck I even once lost my damn car. I was on a bender from hell, drinking litres of vodka, using like 20 bags of crack and 5 of heroin, popping diazepam like smarties, every day for Christ knows how many months. I decided to come off the smack so spent a week in bed just drinking, then crawled out of bed a week ish later and my damn car wasn’t there. I thought maybe it was stolen but like fuck was I calling the police, so while still in a terrible state of heroin cold turkey and fucking dying from vodka withdrawal because I knew if I found it I’d have to drive home, I had to force myself to walk like 10 miles looking for the damn thing just in case I’d left/crashed it somewhere. eventually found it parked at a bar. Absolutely no memory of leaving it there.

>> No.10060303
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black people have low IQ

>> No.10060311

>tfw having withdrawal and closing your eyes gives you shroom tier visuals and you hear strange noises
>tfw you have been awake all night because it's way too distracting

>> No.10060320

Those closed-eyed WD visuals are horrifying. Hellish demonic shit, disease, decay, just the most horrific shit I can imagine, literally personal hell

>> No.10060357

That sounds really terrifying. Fortunately mine aren't usually scary but there's a lot of incoherent nonsense and random faces moving around. My heart is racing and it's impossible to relax.

>> No.10060371

is it just me or did half of al/ck/ decdie to quit in the past few days and are withdrawing?

>> No.10060379

Wet brain

>> No.10060386

There's probably a decent portion of us that are always trying and failing to quit.

>> No.10060395

Mix 1/3 vodka 1/3 orange liqueur (triple sec, st germaine, cointreau) and 1/3 orange juice. Top with bitters

>> No.10060442
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