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I just can't stop thinking about a big breakfast
YOu know, like the Rooty Tooty Fresh 'n' Fruity™ from IHOP®!

Or, just maybe, I'll have IHOP's® new and famous Breakfast Sushi™! It's a thin layer of crepe, and eggs, bacon, and raw salmon inside a delicious deep fried crust! Or, how about, I feast on IHOP's fantastic new delight: PANCAKE SHOES! Put 'em on your feet, then eat 'em as a treat! Wait, no, I'm gonna have the SAUSAGE GOGGLES! They're two mild sausage patties connected with links that make a fashionable breakfast for any cool cat, hep chick, or foxy momma! I can't forget about the endless syrup fountains either! 15 flavors of syrup on demand from anyone of these delicious geysers! But, that's only the beginning of the delicious maple fun, because of those fountains are fed directly from the syrup used in our most recent MEAL/EXPERIENCE: THE SYRUP SAUNA
Take a relaxing bath in our boiling hot syrup baths! And, don't forget about your "personal" massage from the one and only Mr. Pancakes™! The new face of IHOP is a lot of pancakes as a man!

I don't know about you, but it's starting to sound like an IHOP-tastic® morning to me

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Fuck off, marketing

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I do it for fun!

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Tell me more about the ""personal"massage"

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based ihop.

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id do the boling sausage baths imo

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Mr. Pancakes is always a little tipsy, and he wants to give YOU as much pleasure as possible. IHOP hires all of the best Asian sex-workers to make sure your stay in our syrup baths is as pleasurable as possible!

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>Tfw no Cracker Barrel near me

Best two places for morning food is a local place near one of my relatives then that. IHop is shit

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Ihop is for niggers...seriously.

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Pancakes may be good....but waffle house has the better atmosphere

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No it's for senior citizens, Waffle House is for niggers.

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Must be a regional thing.
Here ihop is black waffle house is white and old people eat at k&w.

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Maybe. What is K&W?

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Its a southern chain of cafeterias...just like school and boot camp...grab a tray...side-step down the line and point to what you want. A brigade of lunch ladies fill your tray and you pay before you eat. So you pay ala carte prices for buffet food without it actually being ala carte or a buffet. Its terrible...but im pretty sure theres some secret geriatric society we dont know about and K&W hosts their weekly meetings every sunday at noon.

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Truly the Reddit of pancake joints. kys yourself

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What site is Denny's?

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This happened a week after I last ate there

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that customer got rekt

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Oh my god i am wearing a k&w shirt right now

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Show us your tits.

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pay me

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I am paying you...
paying you attention.
So drop the laundry or gtfo.

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show bobs and vagene pls

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I redacte my original image, and instead offer this. No gender identity. Losers.

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Kill yourself, you fucking cunt.

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Well i see you dropped some of the laundry...youre halfway there.
Dont get all shy now.

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Don't put oranges in you shirt and pretend to be a girl you mental freak!

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