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>scoop chocolate ice cream into blender
>fill with milk up to the top of the ice cream
>add chocolate syrup

Let's be honest with each other. Is there a pleasure in this world better than this?

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Yes. Not having diabetes.

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>tasty things are entirely off-limits to me because I am too much of a brainlet for exercise and portion control

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Portion control in this case would be only having one sip.

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>just water for me thanks m'lady

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t. bedridden manlet

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skinny numale SJW beta libcuck detected

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>Let's be honest with each other. Is there a pleasure in this world better than this?


>scoop vanilla ice cream into blender
>fill with milk up to the top of the ice cream
>add fresh strawberries

This is better

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use a spoonful of cocoa instead of chocolate syrup, you'll thank me

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>that first guzzle of the day

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this lad know's what up

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Or maybe not having it every fucking day or not having it with a triple deluxe extra mayo cholesteroyale burger?

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Chocolate ice cream, milk, cocoa powder, banana.

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don't forget the scoop of malt powder

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Throw some malted milk powder in there


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Or you could buy a milkshake and save yourself the time.

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>chocolate syrup
You lost me there...

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Why not just buy a milkshake machine?
I know blenders are fine but you can only get that true milkshake texture from using a machine which soul purpose is to make them.

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Eat shit

Eat shit

Eat shit

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Too bad I've developed lactose intolerance.

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>buy a machine specifically for one thing you have maybe once a month if that

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The Luxery

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tablespoon of malt powder and you're set.
i fucking adore homemade chocolate malts

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yes! these people know.

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you need to try a can of deenz, my friend
healthy and hearty, it could be game changer for you

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No malt? You're a pleb OP.

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>Is there a pleasure in this world better than this?
Yes. Vanilla ice cream, then chocolate syrup, then a sliced banana, blend, then whipped cream and a cherry with chocolate sprinkles.


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add vanilla icecream, skip the syrup and add some marianne candies (chocolate with a mint crust)

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vanilla icecream - in
daim bar broken up - in
banana - in

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yeah add malt you dunce

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loose your virginity you fuck face fat sack o shit

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>I put the icecream in the blender
>and I put the MILK in there
>I drinnnk it up
>I do it for free

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You literally cannot make a milkshake in a blender and might as well just drink chocolate milk. The fact that you're the only person in this thread to even be dimly aware of this makes me doubt /ck/ in general

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All you guys are wrong
You put chocolate and vanilla icecream

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I can tell you’re fat just from your posts. well also because I can smell you through my phone

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Oh shit, dats the sound of the police! Whoop whoop!

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Why are you angry, anon?

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based sound of the police poster!!!

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