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Have you got your vaccine doughnut yet /ck/?

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You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? I think this pic is worth a little more than that.

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>That gorilla grip on the donut
This dude just smushed his fucking donut

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It’s not one donut per vax.
It’s a free donut every time you visit until they stop the program.
You thought you were being hilariously hyperbolic but you were actually being retarded.

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Nah, never got covid and I’m pretty healthy. Might get it in two or three years

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corporations giving treats if you take vaccine makes me not want to get it

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I only buy ingredients from merchants that look like they'd be in a rpg village

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his hand kinda looks shopped

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Based and redpilled. Stop buying your food from these shit mega marts. Visit your local butchers/fish mongers/ and farmers markets.

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I buy from local small vendors and then try to return the fresh unrefrigerated meat to the supermarket

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This seems exaggerated. Like they don't have candy and trashy snacks in Korea


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Agreed. I was always disappointed as a kid when they would give us what they called "licorice" but pulled out a pack of twizzlers.

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Taste are different. I'm Korean and my relatives always complain about how salty American food is a lot.
We have more sweet/savory snacks.

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They keep saying shit like "It's really bland." or "It has no flavor." and then rate it 9/10.

Do gooks just not like food that has taste?

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>japanese spaghetti inferior to italian spaghetti
>japanese char siu WAYYYYY inferior to chinese char siu
>Japanese sweet bread inferior to French sweet bread
>japanese curry inferior to thai curries
Why do people not give Japanese cuisine more criticism with their variations the way they do with americans? They're both just as bad

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Don't forget
>Japanese noodle soup inferior to Chinese noodle soup

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Someone post the copypasta already

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One day I'll go to japan, and start a small ribbensteg sandwich shop.

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>T*iw*n flag

wtf bro the CCP just shows up outside my window.

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Who the fuck is "people"? The japs get plenty of shit for the parodies of western food they make. You made man of straw, comrade

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Appliance/utensil thread. Talk about what kitchen equipment you're using. I'm currently in the market for an:
>Egg slicer
>Rice cooker

Does anyone have recommendations?

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ive cooked steaks in a rice cooker before, anything is possible if you are hungry enough.

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For me it is Tombstone Pizza.

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Nice blog.

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>Six words
Shit blog desu.

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how to cook?
eat raw?
fish dish?
tuna pie?
apple pie?????
stinky fingers?
beans spray?
how, how to cook the scrumb?

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I thought it was "schram"

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ITT: only god tier sweets

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Can an American anon help me recollecting out the name of a candy i had when i was younger? A Puerto Rican classmate used to have it. The candy was a strawberry flavoured fruit roll. It was wrapped up on a long ribbon/line.

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greatest stuff ever produces by human cooks.

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wtf? my gf does, we always throw away the shitty toys.

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I'm going to France and Spain in a few weeks, are there any sweets that I should definitely try?

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crispy fried snacks

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Behold! The future of public urination...for chicks!

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where do i poop???

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second post best post

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>he doesn’t drink estrogen infused qt girl pee

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This. Originally I thought it was some sort of cup you keep underneath your cunt when you can't wait in line anymore? But no, it's the dumbest idea everyone's ever seen, instead. How many fucking square feet do you think a bathroom is where you could fit that in

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Why, when I get my estrogen right from Nadia?

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got a job as a prep cook or whatever at a cajun food truck. No idea how cause I have zero experience with anything. im very conflicted about taking ti. I could just quit whenever right?

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Just try it out. Cooking is easy after you make the beginner mistakes when trying new techniques.

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you'll fuck it either way do just don't take it and save the owner the grief

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You only have to make 5 or 6 common dishes in a food truck, and if it's Cajun they won't be very difficult

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How is it that I'm more uncomfortable casually chopping onions while my friend picks up his child and lingers around and like 4 other people walk in to start a conversation while i'm trying to do something than I am when there are like 10 people moving around me in a real kitchen?

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I'm in an apartment with 3 other people. I'm ok working if one of them is in there, but two or three and I hate it. Doubly so when they are talking.

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>someone yelled hot soup all over her cellphone and part of her stomach

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Hell is other people

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stop living in a public restroom

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>be brit on holiday in America
>at a supermarket
>it's literally filled will ugly obese women on those scooters
>every isle clogged with these retards
>finally get my things and go to the checkout to wait in line
>one of the aforementioned retards comes up behind me
>after a minutes I heard
>takes me a few seconds to realize it's talking to me
"E-excuse me?"
>it was pointing to pic related on the shelf
"N-No, I don't eat candy"
>now jt just gives me this incredulous stare as if I just told it it had 5 min to live
>awkwardly turn back around, feel immensly disgusted
what the fuck?? are all american grocery stores this bad?

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That sounds delicious

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Americans have a chip on their shoulder since 1776 about brits. Brits dislike americans for many of the same reasons euros do.
Honestly man, fuck americans. I liked them before i came on 4chan. Now if america ever gets nuked or some large scale natural disaster ill watch the feeds with joy.

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>butt pudding and fish skeleton pie

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yeah, brother
don't come back, bitch

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What popularized this combination? What makes it so good?

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I love eating girls assholes the texture is so nice after about 30 seconds of tongue cleaning

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I stick my tongue all the way into my wife's ass everytime we fuck. She loves sitting on my face and jerking me off while I eat her ass. It's the best.

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I love how a thread about bread, cheese, and tomato turned into watersports, rimjobs, and fags having parasites in like 15 posts. Never change, /ck/.

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Maybe stop doing that, buddy.

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I don't like to use that much plastic if I can avoid.

>t. non-hippie, non-vegan, non-crazy.

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I use as much plastic as I can to piss off faggots and hippies like you

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I proof my bread inside the oven with the light on if it's winter; if it's summer, anywhere will do.

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I hope someone shoves a rusty sawzall blade down your throat.

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For me? It’s combos

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Combos are a gamble. Most places that carry them are gas stations, and a lot of them just let shit sit on the shelves for years until they sell. Fresh combos are pretty great, little salty pals. Punjab-zoomer-managed combos reminds me of my childhood when I ate a lot of dog food

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they're not good and they never have been

>> No.16229358

Those are disgusting

>> No.16229372

wtf it's all connected...

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The only reason to eat these is when you're driving. They are dense and manageable in size and shape, you can easily hold the bag with your legs in the car with a seat belt on. The one handed reach into the bag is fairly easy keeping one hand on the wheel. If you do the two-finger pinch grab, one at a time, your hands will remain clean, with only two fingertips to lick.
But, eating these at home is 100% retarded.

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>isn't that just a cheesesteak with shit on it
>then isn't it just a cheeseburger on a different roll
>it's a nyc thing you wouldn't understand

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Of the basket ball variety

>> No.16221829

yes, peasant. go back to your turnip and immigant cum stew.

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>> No.16221921

saving image for my "food" porn images yet it turns out cheeseburger helper can be used with 5 hotdogs according to a box.. I may substitute a lb of turkey cause it's way cheaper than beef..

>> No.16222906

Just because you were your mom's first kid doesn't mean no one else fucked her before your dad, anon. No one in NY invented this and there is nothing to "get" other than you're late to the party, again.
I really hope China finds a way to nuke the open air urinal that is NYC.

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Anyone here planning out their Spring ‘19 garden?
Anything growing indoors?
Questions for other people?

I live in the city and used to travel a lot so I couldn’t hold down a proper garden. I want to definitely get some herbs gowing. I was thinking basil and parsley for sure. Anything else that’s pretty common?

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I have a small balcony that is below freezing half of the year but gets heaps of sun the other half. Also I always over-water everything. What should I grow?

>> No.11838918


This is the best alternative if you don't have a garden.

Why pumpkins? You're better off growing zucchini if you have limited space but still want some kind of squash.

Believe it or not, tomatoes are surprisingly easy to grow and very productive. Just buy potted seedlings and bury them until only the top few leaves are above ground. Tomato plants are wacky in that they can put out additional roots from any part of the stem that gets buried. Doing so ensures a robust root system and a healthy plant.

Cherry tomatoes. You just soak the shit out of them every 5 days or so and don't water them the rest of the time.

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Im similar to you OP, got some shade cloth over half a concrete rectangle out the back of my apartment and about 8 terracotta planters for veg and herbs. Rest of the garden is cacti and carnivorous plants. I definitely recommend setting up some basic reticulation if you're away for weeks on end or cop 30-40 degree days in summer. A water timer that slaps onto the tap and some tubing with spinklers ran me about $50 total.

Currently only growing what I tend to cook with;
Tomatoes, variety of chilis, peppers, pickling cucumbers (although they keep dying after one season of fruiting, cant anyone explain, they grow 10x faster than anything in the garden then die regardless of water, PH or fertilization). Also got parsley, basil, garlic, chives, lemongrass and rosemary going.

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Question: how can one man be so based?

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fuck off fascist drumpftard joey is hella epic and swag

>> No.16203639

just a fucking slop pig

>> No.16203796

Stfu, that pic is downright revolting

>fat person
>chewn food visible
>makes stupid face

It needs to be set on fire ffs

>> No.16203818

seat sniffing crew reporting in

>> No.16203818,1 [INTERNAL] 

joey IS a drumpftard, chud

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Burger king makes my tummy hurt.

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>> No.16199810

I’ll agree with you on the niggets...i’ll disagree with you on the chicken sammich

>> No.16199819

The whopper is a great burger. No, don't get extra patties - no, don't get cheese. Enjoy it as is.

>> No.16199824

Whopper is ass. Their double cheeseburgers are second to none.

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What has Gregg's got for you?

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not that guy but as long as you don't do aren't neglecting anything because of it, and it doesn't cause you any actual real grief/anxiety, it's fine.
yeah it is stupid and i'm taken aback when people preach about it, but it's like crystals or religion or luck or anything else.

>> No.16204559

>Aquarius, or Capricorn if adjusted for axial precession
Vegan sausage roll doesn't sound great, and I don't know what a chicken bake is.

Why would I be worried about someone knowing my zodiac sign? They don't even mean anything.

>> No.16204944

Hey I went there when I went to England once on holiday, it was fine

>> No.16204962

You're literally being datamined wherever you go on the internet you tinfoil wearing buffoon.
I wouldn't say no but I'd rather a steak bake or a chicken bake desu.

>> No.16204963

Steak bake but I'm mirin Gemini and Aries

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