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>the next thing that happened was I was scraping white goop off of a dildo into a bowl of flour mixed with water
What the fuck

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Well now I just don't know WHAT to think!

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so is /ck/ just /tv/ but with food? why is there so many youtube celeb threads, not to mention the rampant shitposting.

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>Hot sauce is bad because a few autists go overboard with it

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>The HEAT destroer the bacterial

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His videos arent good, they're just him doing the fake accent that every Asian guy did in high school as a joke and screaming about MSG.

He's not a chef and he has the humor of a self loathing asian kid, there's nothing to like about him.

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Can I use ketchup instead of tomato sauce to cook a pizza?

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>american accent

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>eating chips with queso dip
>run out of queso dip
>still have a decent bit of chips left

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So this is a bit of a fit and ck post. /fick/ I guess. Anyways, I'm on a cut and also saving money for a new car. So I was about to make some tuna salad, I usually do it without mayo and just use lemon, pepper and mixed veggies. Anyways I pre soak the tuna in lemon juice to get it soft but today I was really hungry for a good old tuna sandwich. So I looked in the fridge and We were out of olive oil mayo, but there was plain greek low fat yogurt in my fridge so I got curious, and fuck it I added that in instead of mayo. Fast forward few minutes later and tried it and it was amazing. The best tuna salad I ever made. Anyways my question is it healthy to make this yogurt tuna salad? I bought the yogurt originally for my protein shakes. So I'm not sure if its healthy or not. Tldr: added plain greek yogurt to tuna salad and I'm unsure if its great for cutting or not.

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>party pack
>stank brand

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holy shit that's a comfy pic

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You'd be right about that anon, but there's nothin wrong with having my PERFECT sunny side up eggs a couple times a week before swallowing my partners thick cum ;) a double dose of protein keeps a fella strong

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>american wake up for brekkkie
>5 mcdonalds threads instantly appear on first page

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I took a laxative once. After I shit i was so fucking relieved. I couldn't fart at all when I was constipated, I couldn't even move without having horrible abdominal pain. Took the laxative, waited for 2 hours in pain, sat on the toilet butt ass naked and full out scream with my hands and feet on the floor. I was gophering hard for 15 minutes then when it finally came out it was a fucking humongous turd and whole days of farts all coming out at once. I screamed as my asshole sang for at least 15 seconds, then collapsed panting.

The next fucking day I had to take tiny liquidy shits every 45 minutes because the laxative was still in my system, but I felt so much better

How did our ancestors live without medicine

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wait, is sushi uncool now?

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what is keto

My friend said something about that on Facebook

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>no restaurant in my town

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>a chicken restaurant running out of chicken
now i've seen everything

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