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>Be me as a child
>took one slice of cheese, a kraft single, and ate it on the couch in my underwear while watching fresh prince of bel air
>Imagine that the slice of cheese was a building
>Uncle Phil and will were at the top floor of said building
>They both ran down the cheese building as I devoured it
>imagined will motivating uncle Phil to run faster down the stairs (couldnt use elevator since the first bite cut the elevator wires)
>will always made it out but uncle phil always died at the front door when I take the last bite of cheese.

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Anyone remember the old pokemon trading days at BK? It was Wednesday nights IIRC.

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Plz respond

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That U district? Remodeled a home there a little while ago. What should I get from there?

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I checked all my local stores in my state nothing that matches the description of a shotgun shaped liquor bottle

googling "shotgun shaped liquor bottle" comes up with nothing but tequila bottles shaped like handguns and vodka bottles like tommy guns

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it is a couch he specifically uses for his videos, don't know why exactly I suppose because it is "his thing".

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