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I use leftover bacon fat.
Makes fantastic popcorn.

Also, sometimes if I'm lazy I pull the air popper out of the Unwanted Christmas Gifts closet and dump chinese chili msg oil over those dry tasteless popped corns.
pic related - it's my favorite chinese grandma

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I thought this shit was supposed to be spicy but it just tastes like a flower shit on my stir fry. I can feel the numbing so I don't think I didn't use enough of it.

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My go-to for making gud ramen is to ALWAYS have oil to add into it. Sesame oil works with any ramen flavor and shrimp ramen broth is the best with sesame and green onion imo
Chinese chili flakes in oil are cheap in western USA, like $2.99 for a bottle of pic related. It has MSG in it, so avoid using too much.

Other cheap things I like to add to ramen are green onions, peanuts, fake crab meat and cabbage.
Crunchy peanut butter is awesome in the beef and chicken flavors, but use "all-natural" butter with no sugar or any weird shit added or your ramen will taste like reeses cups

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What are some good recipes that use this sauce?

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