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It was a group buy on Drop, the only other way to get one this cheap is to find one pre-owned.

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10.2" frying pan

webm related, melting butter in my baby

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I like the french style personally.

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A nicer 5-ply pan would probably transfer heat better to the edges of your pans.

Or copper if you want to go that route.

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Not bad, looks pretty thin though.

Also, I'm personally not a fan of the rolled edges that hide the copper.

I like being able to see how thick the copper is by looking at the edge. (webM related, just look at the edge and it's a thicc line of copper with a tiny bit of stainless on the inside)

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I have the copper version of that pan, a fantastic all-around skillet.

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>so wots the advantage if they are lined with something else on the cooking surfaces anyway
Because a pan with 2.5mm of copper and 0.1mm of stainless steel is still going to perform better thermally (respond quickly to temp changes) than standard stainless steel pans with an aluminum core.

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you want at least 2mm thick copper, you can measure it

webm related, that's 2mm thick copper.

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I like butter

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