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Made me lol just visualizing that.

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wya nigga. i'll show you my 9 inch thick estrogen filled cock.

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be honest, would you let me rim you?

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Interdasting. Will give this a shot.

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>the brownies
Good god I loved the hell out of those but I eventually got tired of them. Thank God those are not discontinued. I have a box of them that are nearly expired.
>mfw I actually got all of the colors on the pen down more than once

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I eat farm-to-fork always.

What's your miserable excuse, /ck/?

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You have 3 seconds to justify why you don't eat farm-to-fork.

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Don't understand the hate. I'm a little heavy(5'11 195) but I'm not sure why my post had anything to do with it. I work outside a lot and require a bit more calories than the average person.

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>The Army and Marines trying to one up each other over minute ASVAB differences
>MFW Air Force

Oh God no wonder 99% of Soldiers and Marines couldn't have joined the Air Force. You have the intelligence and mentality of dogs. A pack of dogs. No wonder you are treated like such shit...all you understand is the fist and the boot.

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