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>searched all the archives
>not a copypasta

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imagine the shits after that

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what the fuck is that picture?

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>cartoon posters getting butt blasted over cartoon images

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>but if I wasnt fired on false accusations of sexual harassement

don't take life advice from a shit tier mobile poster who couldn't even hold down a job working the mcdonalds night shift.

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>God Driven Records

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>waitress gets way too casual right off the bat
>dumb bitch actually plops down in the booth seat and takes order
>tells us how tired she is and how shitty her day is going, how she was supposed to be off today

Bitch what the fuck?

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>2210 calories
>281g sugar

isnt 281 sugar like most of a regular bag of sugar you buy in the supermarket? jesus christ

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I'm pretty sure Jack's cooking "skills" are self-taught. Either that or he's dumb as shit

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Any chilli heads here? What's the hottest pepper you have eaten or cooked with. I'm looking to try some reapers and chocolate butlah.

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