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don’t care, too long, didnt read, texmex is still the best lmaoo

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It takes too much work to make pierogi or dumplings so I won't.

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reapers taste like dirty beach sand. they suck and there’s nothing redeeming about them

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i would like a joppa road please. and no, i don’t need a to-go box since ill be eating it all by myself

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because garlic bread and pasta taste good and I like it

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i like beans for most chilis, no beans for texas red when I’m using chunks of chuck roast

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no thank you, ill just enjoy my delicious faygo rock & rye.

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No u.

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>>>>haha, nice shitpost friend

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no thank you, ill have a gyro

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no, ill have 2 daily doubles, small fry and 6 piece with sweet chili sauce.

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i like old fashioneds whether they’re meme or not, fuck you. make it bitter please

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well, ive thought about it, and i just don’t think so. id like to wait until there’s more data. my body, my choice. that’s my opinion

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Based my fellow European poster, dub on those mutts.

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enriched white rice
cheese rice
fried rice

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