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i havent slept, I need to get up in an hour, and I only got 4 hours of sleep the night prior

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>4-5 temporary pounds
all pounds are temporary desu, its up to you to lose them
you can do it anon! :DDDD

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>how much these cost
depends where u live
>why is there absolutely zero and ultra zero
marketing, but ultra tastes more diabetic
>gimme flavor power ranking
>are the java ones worth trying
try everything anon, thats how you find stuff you like
i tried probably 40 percent of the flavors (most of them arent available here) and so far the best tasting one is punch.
also please limit your intake of monster to 2 cans a month, and brush your teeth after, this shit is poison and will ruin your teeth, heart, liver and make you fat.

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this is probably news to you, but telling someone to kill themselves doesn't mean you win an argument, nor does it make you superior to them. it just makes you an angry sad person, and everyone sees that

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I believe it. Nearly every trend in craft microbrewing and fine coffee attempts to escape or mask the inherent qualities of the drink itself.
If you "like beer" and simultaneously can't tolerate horse piss like Lone Star or Labatt, you don't really like beer. That's what beer tastes like.
If you get a vanilla bean frappe on your way to work every Friday, you're not a "coffee person", you just like HFCS and spicy milk.

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truly enlightened honkpill

can you retag me I messed up my first post

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Make chocolate bars into watery substance using heat, pour coco milk init, use more heat and sir, voila u have urself some tasty dessertz

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You should reject the biological imperative to survive and kill yourself.

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