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Because the less we kill animals the less afraid they are of us and then they get hit by someone on the freeway going 80 in a 60 mph zone.
Also vegan food gives me the most repulsiveltly noxious gas I have ever experienced in my life, like I could probably give my cat an asmtha attack if I farted in his face with it

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Are you all that retarded or is it like two shitposters constantly agreeing with each other? Humans have been eating meat for literally all of recorded history and further back then that veganism isn't going to be that widespread the 700% increase is mostly because there were so few vegans to begin with

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>never been vegan before

There is a cost to being vegan that doesn't justify the switch.

As an Example, vegans still eat plants grown on fields in which mice and insects must be exterminated. In order to totally cause no harm to animals, you must eat only roadkill and eat out of trashcans, as this food has already been created and at this point there's nothing we can do to save the animals that have died in this process.

Now if a man spends all his day digging through the trash and cooking roadkill, when he could have spent that time advocating a vegetarian diet, then in the end more animals die. You see how that works? We are in a transition period, in time we will develop artificial meat and a more vegetarian society and eventually become completely vegan.

Much in the same way our current power sources are non-renewable, we must burn these non-renewable resources in order to create a fully renewable energy economy.

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