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now, SHOO. you can make your money and attention elsewhere

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You guys are so unbelievably fucking retarded.

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I'm actually planning on starting a small little egg stand using some propane griddles while I'm here in college. I think it would make for a very profitable investment that I could actually afford for start up costs and about a month of supplies.

I've been planning on what I'd make, what ingredients I'd use, where'd I'd set up shop and at what times, etc. I know you guys have some thoughts on this. Hit me.

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well i am rubbing one off to her atm, ill let you know how it turns out

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1. Barleywine Style Ale
2. Grain alcohol
3. Mead
4. Every other beer (even IPA's)
5. Mixed drinks
6. Prison hooch
7. Cooking wine
8. Cider (Woodchuck Reserve is the best though)
9. OP and everyone else's tastes that don't align with mine.

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>I want my kids to be raised on Japanese culture because I watch too much anime
>bento boxes kawaii =^m^=

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Because our lands are so vast and abundant with good crops and advancing agricultural and food sciences. Plus, we have a phenomenal first-world system of transportation by planes, boats, trains, and cars. And we have all the natural resources and man labor required to build the factories and infrastructures required to produce and hold the results of our ancestors hard work, all regulated by a long running system of laws and regulations put in place by smarter men that have come before us.

China and Japan have got the same damn things going for them really. I don't know why you fucking losers don't just bow down to your chink overlords and join the first world in the future. I'm drinking a fucking American porter while studying for Arabic in college that my government has proudly helped me to afford, all from the comfort of my air-conditioned room and with the miraculous help of my computer.
I have no need to eat bugs, and they're not very nutritious from what I can tell.

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By pouring it down the drain.

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Idk what is real anymore, thanks niggers

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Just finished me half a leftover bratwurst patty with some gouda on high protein bread with a few bites of four cheese mashed taters. Before that all I had was a pizza pocket and a rice krispy and some beers.

I'm going into this transitional phase of eating a lot of vegetables with enough protein bars, powder, and chicken breasts to still hit my protons. Just bought a bunch of eggs and some cheese to make me some omelettes to last until payday this Friday.

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mein nigger
pizza snack smacks all other snacks for whats they lacks

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hahahahahahaha, real nigga knows his steak

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Cry more; these my niggas

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Is there any beer better than Four Loko?

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not the same, Anon

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Nigga, I've had breast last almost two months from a twist and tuck. Swear on my PC.

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The music you listen to while food and cooking?
Get out, you fucking nobody.
Would buy another coffee

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Then, I'd drink a fucking Colt 45 and smoke a blunt to forget my memory of you. Because I don't pay outrageous prices for "quality" beers that I know taste like shit but have a fancy label and are only available every once in a while. Same fucking reason I don't buy Apple. I don't need something to cost more to know it tastes good. I don't need something to cost more to know it has a stronger ABV. I shouldn't have to pay more for a product for any other reason other than limited resources, supplies, and/or shipping. Anything else is greedy garbage and people like you >>10270453 >>10270392 who support this kind of thinking should be ground into mutton sandwiches.

That's the end of it. Enjoy it while it lasts you fucking losers.

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