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If you have a fast food ranking, you have pleb taste.

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>“industry sour”
>no results

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Thanks for missing
>trump's a zionist puppet
And no, not a republican. Good bait tho 7/10 here's your (you)

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I prefer cucked food

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the fact that somebody thought this was a smart post makes me angry

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The fuck is that?
Are you boiling chicken?

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This sort of shit ignores that humans have been using tools & fire to process food before we even evolved into proper homo sapiens. Our evolution has focused on developing better brains & more nimble hands that let us make knives to cut up meat, rather than different teeth, and control fire better to kill pathogens & break down meat & certain vegetables to make them easier & safer to digest, rather than changing our intestinal tract. Or in other words, there is more than one way to skin an antelope, and humans have taken a different evolutionary path to handle meat than other omnivores.

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Shanghai stuff is obv. the most popular with westerners
As for what Chinese like, idk

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Is there a new word filter? I see one word responses of "based" a shitload lately like you normally see Kek, or lel. Do people really think typing "based" as a response to a post is somehow acceptable? At least post a reaction image, this is a fucking image board after all. Newfags, boomers, and summer need to learn to lurk moar. Just because you learned a new bit of jargon doesn't mean you should go around posting as if you suddenly think you fit in. You don't.

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>When your 1 day old infant oversalts your burger

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Fuck cabbage

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Okay senpai. Will insert head in lukewarm electric oven

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Fucking what? You retarded or something fresh pasta can be Al dente it just takes like 45 seconds instead of 5-6 minutes. It isn't supposed to have any crunch to it Al dente doesn't fucking mean undercooked dried pasta.

OP throw a noodle against the wall instead of biting it I'd you burn yourself as soon as it sticks to the wall fully it's done.

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>1 dogful of cabbage

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Important point being that we have tipping culture in America which drives prices down, but you "no tipping" NEETs really need to fuck off eternally.

Which came first? The ability for delivery service to exist efficiently or the lazy, socially reclusive beanbag demanding food without having to face the world?

Pay your troll toll.

Hungover? It's great you still get to eat that greasy bigboy burger from fatman's.

The delivery service usually includes a person going through much more stress and bullshit than you no tippers ever attempted to understand.

> Tl;dr - pay a premium so you don't have to even leave your house to eat what you want, while a kid wrecks his car, avoids your sketchy neighbors and their animals, possibly takes your order, and maybe even cooks and/or preps it for you to enjoy.

t. Triggered ex driver

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It's thin and tangy dumbass. And cut into strips with are easier to eat, especially with family and friends.

> then do shit like top it with salad and tortilla chips
A lot of places ranging from Minnesota to Virginia do that. It's a common practice to the point where unconventional pizzas are offered by most places. Aside from snobby cities who think tradition is greater than creativity and improvement.

>And they dunk it in ranch dressing.
Despite regular opinion, ranch dressing is a perfectly acceptable dressing. It's only idiots that drown everything in it, the same fuckers who think red corn syrup is a food bath or mustard oil colored with turmeric belongs on every pork or ground beef dish, that give it a bad name. True ranch spread like wildfire because it is a delicious DRESSING, made with garlic and herbs.

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I laughed even if I like kimchi.

I don't speak runes but the kind that's oddly fizzy is delightful. It's the asian version of sauerkraut.

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Pie dough will last in the refriderator. Cranberry sauce will hold up.

Hell, you can start par-cooking almost anything at this point as long as you aren't dressing the salad.

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Literally bought so many slim jims because of the rand man.
I find them EXTREMEly alright.
Not bad if you go the small bite/long chew route as you drive.
Highly recommend if you are traveling by car.

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This triggers the dog

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I got some Turkey Bacon. What should I make /ck/?

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NM reporting in. I don't know if anyone else here will read this, but Blake's is a FUCKING TRASH MEME
The only reason it's around is because ABQ is run by the same old fucks who refuse to change. And NM people vomit whatever opinion their family brainwashed them into.

I do miss Checkers in the South, taste/feels like beetus but the fries were good and I used to reflect at a Florida location.

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