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>Girlfriend and I go to Indian lunch buffet.
>Sign says wait to be seated
>Wait for what feels like eternity while staff walk by and stare at us
>Finally get seated
>Doesn't ask what we want to drink
>No fountain
>Get almost all the way through first plate when were finally asked about drinks
>Food is near cold, and not good.
>Eat 2 plates each
>Go up to register to pay
>No one there, waiting waiting
>Decide to wait back at the table
>Finally someone at register
>Get up, put on coat go to pay
>"Fresh Naan?"
>Wtf we're obviously leaving...

Couldn't even tell you how many dirty looks we were given while there. We're white, no tatoos, and friendly and quiet. Never the fuck again. Should have dine and dashed. I've never done it in my life but I'd there was a time that would've been it.

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