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but in terms of efficiency it would still be faster and better to cook it all concurrently at home or at a commercial scale
A truly perplexing device

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>one time I one time I in the microwave

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What do you guys do to deter the poop police???

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Does anyone else hiccup when they eat eggs?

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>16 working in a fast food joint cause my dad said it builds character
>Black people always leave a mess
>Cleaning the dining area one day
>Lil black kid starts picking up after himself while I'm sweeping and wiping tables
>"Oh no honey, das dey job, not yours"
>Sheboon looks right at me
>"Aint dat right?"
>Literally just stare at her as she grabs her lil statistic and waddles out of the joint

It's ALWAYS the sheboons. At least the fucking black dudes have the decency to not be seen eating in public mostly but when they do, they're also guilty. Black single mothers are responsible for creating an environment where blacks are looked down upon.

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Is it possible live a fun and enjoyable life without alcohol? This year alone Ive been to several detoxes and one time to inpatient treatment. At least Ive been sober for 48 hours

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>rocky road
>tastes like pavement

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>plant-based meat

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>watery water

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Woah dude

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i cant imagine this much butter actually tastes good

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I bet if a government label told you to go fuck yourself, you would do it

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>pool of dressing in the bottom
>soggy croutons
>iceburg lettuce

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>yfw there are people out there right now that ironically eats bread+gravy+cheese as their favorite food

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jesus christ get off this board

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How long should I preheat my ketchup before hosting a cookout? I don't want to be humiliated like last time when it was still slightly cold from the fridge

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somehow I dont fully trust this

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>tfw pseudo-shilling has become a meme
this is it
this is the end

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The fuck is with that cup

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>Decide to visit South Korea
>Step off plane
>trip over discarded chunks of human jawbone
>land on hands and knees
>position of humility mistaken for communist propaganda
>shot by firing squad

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I like eggs a lot, I just rarely feel like eating them.
You know when you have something that is super concentrated? Like usually something that is so sweet that your body just rebels against consuming it, or something impossibly oily?
Eggs are like that for protein. I'll eat eggs, enjoy them a lot, start not enjoying them and by the time I'm done never want to eat another one ever again.

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>wanted to make a salad with baby corn
>never tried canned, but I assumed they would taste like the non-canned ones.
>get home all excited
>drain them, dice them, put on salad
>mfw finally tasting them

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Dude, drinking those things is like trying to drink coffee black right of the back.

Just start with some of the watery beers, like Coors or Bud Platinum. Bud Platinum is nice because of the 6% alc by vol

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