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I get chest pain after eating salty food

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Unironically $400 a month for the past year

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Who are these people

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What? I literally just bought a dozen of these

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yall niggas are fucked

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tfw you cant find this in bongland

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that poor turkey

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In america they would call it meat or something in other countries it would be straight up illegal to sell shit like that.

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>post Hershey

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>get a kebab with a mate from kebab joint I've been to several times
>go shopping with my friend for a few hours after eating
>while we're shopping I feel my stomach starting to ache
>by the time I'm on my way home I'm having cold sweats and feeling nauseous
>get home, drink a glass of water and lay in bed thinking it might help
>it doesn't
>charge into the bathroom to throw up
>as I'm exerting energy to puke I feel the need to shit
>hold a bucket while sitting down shitting my bowels out while simultaneously throwing up everything and more in my stomach
>go back to laying in bed, feel like I've been hit by a train and like my body temperature had dropped by half
>constantly need to throw up so end up dry heaving because stomach is empty
>spend the next 36 hours in bed laying under several blankets
>sit up to throw up every 15 minutes, barely get any good sleep during said 36 hours

Haven't had a kebab since. My entire upper body was sore for a week after the incident because of the violent stomach cramps I had while dry heaving. Fucking turks man.

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I used to be a sommelier and the shithead chef made crab cakes for a Jewish woman's ~80th birthday party. Crab cakes are not kosher.

They were these little crab meatballs on tiny porcelain spoons with some kind of reduction drizzled over them, they looked awful and offended literally everybody and the manager blamed me for not "selling" the food enough.

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B-but anon, you don't practice plating every meal you make

>pls don't let me be the only one

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Boycotting Chik FIl A isn't going to make the CEO not have religious opposition to homosexuals, and silent boycotting isn't gonna raise any awareness either.

There are people who shop at WalMart EVERYDAY and don't care about how the products are made or the employees who won't eat at Chik Fil A because the CEO doesn't like gays. What a time to be alive.

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I need to prepare tons of that shit every christmas because I'm a pollack and thats the shitty traditional food here.

Fucking bitch to make, bony as fuck and doesnt even taste that great the way its traditionally prepared.
Probably doesnt ever taste great.

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Doesn't carbonara require cream and cheese?

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