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I liked wine since I was a teenager but I couldn't actually afford decent wine until my late 20s, until then it was muh craft beer and muh whisky, and drinking good wines when I was staying with family.

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I liked adulterated novelty teas when I was a child too. Eventually you grow up and appreciate finer things, like 岩茶

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Let the butthurt flow through you

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>thinks north american grapes are native to mega purple land
Lay off the Meiomi, cali-kun

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You wouldn't have been able to taste the difference anyway, poorfag

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>muh oak
>muh mega purple
>muh judgment of paris
no thanks

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>externally routed cables
For you, something cheap obviously

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god I hate media that panders to poors

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Enjoying alcohol requires a palate that craves diversity

If you're afraid of trying different wines and such, you're also probably scared of veggies and fish and all you can eat is tendies and ranch or you'll have an autistic fit

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>everything is youtube and tiktok
Cringe @ this zoomzoom
It's right here in my copy of Larousse, it says:

"“The ancient provinces of Angoumois, Aunis, and Saintonge, which today form the Charente, pride themselves on their simple and straightforward cooking - described as ‘peasant’ by Curnonsky. Its charm is due mainly due to the …. (goes on to list 340,239 species of sentient eels, talking goats that cooperate with eagles to catch a special kind of vegetarian crab, herbs from a special unique cave that can give you night vision, etc)”"

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Yes, it tastes like hops and not a science project joke that's supposed to taste like grapefruit juice and birthday cake and whatever other zoomzoom bullshit you can think of

Am*ricans can make great beer just like they can make some great wine... trouble is 99% of the time they don't WANT to make great beer or great wine. They want novelty joke food. So even if the product comes out tasting great, they then will proceed to ruin it with something else. Toss it in a vat with sandalwood and honey and a few bales of cinnamon and habaneros, Why? Because their taste buds are fucked from fast food

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You know those dystopian sci fi movies where the masses of poor eat pucks of compressed meat and get drunk on illicit fluids collected from the drippings of old machines? We're all in that movie, don't get confused with the increasingly ornate labels like >>14046959

It's deeply horrifying if you really sit there dwelling on it but that doesn't help anyone, does it. So I'll keep drinking my fruit alcohol like an eloi, and you can slurp that morlock varnish flavored with whatever fell from the sky that day

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No, not really
Why do poors get so catty when dealing with other poors? Maybe if you banded together instead of doing that crabs in a bucket thing you always do, you might finally "seize the means of production" or however the saying goes?

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A bunch of drive-thru [sic] burgers. I have no idea what those cost so let's just call it a "hole bunch".

As you can see from my "folksy" spelling and my having recommended food that could appeal to the type of person with an annual compensation in the five figure range, I am a man of the people. Shooting things I don't understand is good, reading and understanding is for cucks! I am a strong strong man. I dream of upgrading my pickup truck to a far less efficient model. Foreigners should be killed, especially if they speak English in a way that emphasizes vowels and consonants in a way that differs from my own speech (a tendency which is, naturally, very upsetting to me and makes me feel scared). Adult men should be permitted, without consequences to themselves, to rape and molest very young girls, as it is described in the Bible. Taxes are bad because they might benefit a person with the wrong skin color. University professors are dangerous and subversive, owing to their habitual use of compound sentences. The government is far too big, except when it is rounding up and harassing people I personally dislike based on completely arbitrary and petty reasons, in which case it is not nearly big enough. Having said these things, I hope you consider me to have demonstrated trustworthiness.

I'd like to conclude with a toast. Here's to the prosperity of the local franchise team sportsball season. Let us raise our cans of inexpensive domestic beer in unison. May the team put the ball in the circle successfully, hoo-uh!

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>he doesn't have elite status
>he actually pays to fly first class

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Oh no, I can't cage my cage to the traffic sewer and gorge myself on 99 cent trashfood, what will I do now!

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Who is "you guys"? This is my home board.

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Imagine being so incapable of defending your pleb taste that you try to claim it's a political disagreement and that what you're drinking isn't OBJECTIVELY bad

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Still too much for coffee, especially because that's probably one of those scam 8oz bags they use for "exotic" beans. Diminishing returns sets in fast around $18/12oz bag.

At the moment gesha is the Screaming Eagle of coffee, gullible idiots will pay anything for it because they heard it was good. We're going to reach a point where it's as widely planted as bourbon or caturra, and 25 years from now it will be viewed with utmost contempt. Mark my words.

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