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Sounds pretty tasty. I'll have to make that if I ever get my hands on some unrendered pork fat (which I might this year)

I generally make pate with my duck organs, since I generally am not fond of the taste and want to utilize other soft organs that I don't enjoy on their own like lungs and testicles.

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Really tasty and sweet like dried fruit. They can be used on their own as a snack, or you can use them in cooking.
Here's a pic of them with some homemade duck pate and other sides for dipping.

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I had homemade home raised duck pate with dried cherry tomatoes harvested from my garden last fall

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You can but gavaging is kind of shitty, geese are monsters with literal teeth on their tongues, and you can make a perfectly delicious pate with healthy fowl liver. I use my healthy home raised duck liver for my latest pate and I find it delicious. And I have eaten my fair share of foie gras.

Pic related is the pate I made with duck liver. Served with vegetables, dried cherry tomatoes from my garden, and a bit of bacon

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