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Honestly, anything by Tilamook is extremely high quality. They actually take pride in thier work and you support local dairy farmers. I used to help them with insurance, they are very good people and I buy thier ice cream regularly.

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>Are you really so entitled as to think that you should receive the service that their employer pays for exclusively?

No, dipshit, I think I should pay what is listed out on the fucking bill. If you want to charge a gratuity, fine, but don't ever expect me to fucking pay if you do not include it. I'm not legally required to pay if it is not on the bill, so I don't.

>And you'll get paid in labor what you're willing to pay in tips. I'd shit in your food too.

Yeah, I bet you fantasize about that every single day you spineless fuck.

Unironically work in a large investment firm, so basically pic related.

I don't think I deserve special treatment, I just refuse to tip waiters and waitresses because of some ridiculous expectation that they are somehow entitled to 20 percent of the bill because they filled my water and brought my food. I'd rather tip the chef, honestly, but even that is morally appealing to me. The fact that you signed an employment contract to be a waiter or waitress is your own fucking fault and your fucking choice, and if you want to make more money, go and get another job, or get educated and find another job that pays more.

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