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Why do you think extra virgin oil is more tolerant to high temperatures? It's the opposite. The first cold press only extracts oil from the fruit which retains so you get strong aromatic compounds which are suitable for flavorings and dressings. Later presses have impurities from the pit which are bitter and unpleasant tasting so they are reserved for cooking. Those aromatic compounds are delicate and will break down under high temperature making virgin oil identical to regular then.

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>radroaches irl

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Literally a bait thread, and it still gets more responses than half of /ck/



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Yes it is.

>No alcohol allowed! I dont have any fun, so you cant either

The only instance I've seen of people inflicting this kind of bullshit on guests is at weddings. Never a house party. Vegans/vegetarians on the other hand will outright ban meat and animal products from their homes/activities with solemn judiciousness.

They are beyond insane.

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