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While this is true--CityFAG is a mentality.
There are Frens in the cities who HATE iT.
For them...Escape is the ONLY option.
Let's ALL hope they can say farewell to the Shitty if they want to...

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IDGAF--WHO the fuck are YOU?
Well, Sir, 90% of the poasters whoms foods I've raped have LIKED it.
I only ever RAPE decent foods and it's ALWAYS only been meant as a tounge-in-cheek ENCOURAGEMENT to cook your own food.
Maybe all the Fast "FOOD" threads are more to your liking.
I have ALSO poasted both Real cooking THREADS and plenty of good advice for neophyte cooks.
You DO, In fact, KNOW where you are, right?
This is NOT some highbrow cooking forum.
POAST YOUR last contribution...
I'll wait.

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I dun DOOOD it.

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