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In fucking Norway its fucking 5,50€ for one bottle. I hate this country.

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>From all our cooking the one webm that sticks is production of some libtard shitpaper blogspot which is owned by some german-swiss group of dish that never existed before
>This is after me making more than 50 WebMD

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One thing that always boggles my mind is why the fuck no one invest in mechanization there ? I mean, slave labor = cheap, but fuck me sideways if you couldn't shell the stupid nuts faster with motor.
And move all people to collecting them instead and pay them triple what they earned before because you are monopoly who can produce cheapest cashews and can waiver around how green you are And supporting 3rd world and shit and people will gobble it up.
This is like the most retarded form of explotation, forcing them to bash nuts with rocks all day, jesus christ powerfull people are so retarded.

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>halal certified pork chops

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I am european but who the fuck boils water for pasta in kettle ?!?
Unless you are poorfag making instant noodles which should not be even considered pasta.
I boils like 5 litres minimum for spaghetti.
You use kettle because it has internal temperature sensor and cuts of when needed so you don't burn the fuck out of tea levaes or coffee.

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What the fuck is that, please dot tell me >>15570531 is right.

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