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>ignores anything he doesn’t understand
>selects “beef”, the least adventurous entree

Why are Americans absolute block heads when it comes to culinary appreciation?

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This website has less freedom of speech than fucking reddit.

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>anons itt believing this guy is natty
we're all doomed

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this is clearly bait
i eat sardines at work every day and no one gags because of some overwhelming smell
what do you have against sardines? why do you want to make people think they smell horrible?

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>food is fuel
And sex is for baby-making only right

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there is no such thing as 'clearing things out of your system'
you are being peddled discount diuretics and laxatives by cruel salespeople and willing fools.

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>Some retard broke the F'Real milkshake machine....again....

"do it yourself" meme gadgets were a mistake.
They should have just made it a vending machine with a little window on it.

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>order KFC delivery
>it arrives
>they forgot to put the gravy in

may as well just put the rest of it in the bin

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>Be a fast food wagie.
>Some fat white woman with "quirky" hair decides to start another "pay it forward" line.
>This is the 3rd one today.

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>new yorkers claim to hate ketchup, will visciously mock anyone who uses it.

>they prefer to cover their dogs in onion sauce.
>look up what is onion sauce???
>it's onions in ketchup

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>cheeseburger is now 20 cents more expensive than regular burger

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>not made from grapes
>contains zero nuts

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do germans really?

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>kraft singles

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Not him but it's incredibly biased to put a skull and crossbones listing "disease" going one way and not mentioning the millions of deaths in Europe and elsewhere caused by syphilis, which came from the New World. Why does their "tobacco" show a pretty leaf instead of listing lung cancer, COPD, asthma, and hypertension? The "Old world" lists 8 diseases. If you don't see the problem with that I feel bad for you.

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>last ingredient is "love"

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>only 8% of people order cheese on their pizza

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>go out for sushi
>the Asian family next to me has a beautiful plate of sashimi and nigiri
>the American family next to me has a hideous array of deep fried mayo sriracha panko bullshit

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>Teehee I'm going to waste food and show /CK/! I'll bet they'll think it's a hoot and a half!

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>no real communist states ever, and comunism, antifa, the weather underground, isis, and everything doesn't even exist

If you're gonna write bait my guy you have to at least try to make it sound believable and not just just schitzo ramblings. Try harder next time 3/10.

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