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Hot mustard / savory
Maple Syrup/ sweet
Yeah, I'm breaking your rules, OP. And yeah, I'm a maverick.

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Half of those veggies aren't even from India

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When I was young I helped this professor move all of their books out of their basement with a few friends. He ordered Hawaiian pizza for us, which I never had before. He ordered a shit ton, and throughout the day I just kept popping into the kitchen for more pizza. Definitely a favorite food memory. Then the dude gave us a ton of money (maybe like $150). I used it to buy a new watch. Shit was cash.

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8 inches. Any other answer is wrong.

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uhhh based department...?

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based and breakfast for dinner enjoyer

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both of you are dumb faggot coomer consoomer zoomer zogbot boomer frogposting putin monke turds.

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Basically I’m just not gonna pay them, my taxes.

I’m sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know.... UGH I know.....

It’s just that I’m not going to give the government anymore of my money when they can just print their own


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