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Print it out, hang it on your wall.

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Print it out and laminate it, hang on your kitchen wall.

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Here. Fuck off forever.

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How do I call my local publix, or related grocery store and tell them I will be picking through there garbage. I want to get on there good side.

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Can we have a recipes chart thread going ?

Easy recipes in charts/infographics & also food shopping stuff

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You mean stuff like this maybe?

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I buy canned black beans (low sodium) when on sale. I just can't wait to wash and soak shit, for several hours.

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>Am I wasting my time?
No. I had a sister with MDD, some kind of bipolar disorder/depressive mania and substance abuse. She was admitted at some point, after she was released, I spent a lot of time with her, through the ups and downs, we all tried our best, but she still decided to jump in front of a train. Eventhough we couldn't save her I'd hate myself even more if I hadn't tried my best to support her and at least I got to spend time with her. If you really love your father, try your best to help him, spend time with him, otherwise you might regret it.
(pic unrelated)

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Dear /ck/,

I've found a few articles on how to gain weight quickly, but I figured you ottermode anons might have some charts or other advice.

So far, I'm on a diet of refried rice, tuna, sausage, peanut butter, toast, avocados, eggs, and whatever other veggies get stir fried in.

Should I get a supplement? Any recommendations?

love, anon

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Don't die OP

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nuts last almost forever under room temperature. Military food MRE guidelines usually have a minimum of 2000 - 3000 calories per meal so if you were seeing combat constantly you might want to keep that in mind when preparing.

I hate to break it to you but when it comes to getting protein, calories, and fiber (last one is mandatory if food is scarce) Steel cut oats and oatmeal in general is the way to go.


Also just because something is in a jar or a can does not mean it will have a long shelf life. For example, rather than stock up on peanut butter, you may want to buy peanuts since they will last quite a while. Ramen is actually good but be careful, eat the noodle but dump the broth. The sodium content is far too high and all the calories are in the noodles.

Yes to this.

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Nah, not from reddit in any sense.
I admit to rarely go look for some info some games, that /v/ is not having any threads on, except once in a blue moon. Like Kerbal Space Program.

It is just that I don't post often. And when I do, I don't conform to boardculture.

Apparently, my ability to string together complex sentences and my unwillingness to behave like most of the high frequency posters on this site, gets me branded as reddit and fedora.

I don't care though, cause I know the great majority of boardusers are constant lurkers, who are just as tired of your "dank memes".

And this is not even bait. Just and honest opinion.

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