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Dysthymia and somewhat serious social anxiety. I find being around other people exhausting and frustrating and don't enjoy most activities. I only have one friend. I was working in customer service under a terrible scumfuck boss and it was taking a toll on my mental health, I haven't worked in over a month now and I'm generally feeling a lot better. That being said still unsure as to what I should be doing next, but I know it has to be something because my parents won't put up with me being a NEET for long.

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These threads have gotten too cancerous. This used to be a fun meme, but now it seems a small group of autists are too invested in the whole thing, as exemplified by crossboardshitposting and sperging out "redbully". You're poisoning the water supply with your cringeworthy circlejerk over memes.

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this is a picture ofmy soul rn

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