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This is why the internet should be 18+

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>Welcome to the Midwest
Fuck off, i'm from the midwest and i'm not fat. All the fat people I know are fat because there lazy and eat like shit.
>Vast majority of us here were corn fed and raised on a food pyramid that consisted of big grain propaganda.
You mean the same one the whole country grew up on? This is just some bullshit excuse trying to blame grain farmers for you stuffing your face with a costco size bag of cheetos because there made with corn.

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Epic. Simply epic.

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>hogging the condiments so you can inject each side of a tater tot with ketchup and mustard

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Five guys is great dude. I feel sorry for people so pertentious that they can't enjoy a simple, from scratch hamburger just cause its not fucking 'artisan'
Kill yourself you pompous fuck

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>Intentionally ignoring trends in the craft beer world just because you don't like the term "meme" being used to describe something other than an image with text

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>dash of white vinegar, just a tiny tiny bit

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How can you be self-aware enough to tell the story but not self-aware enough to do what you did? Jesus crhist

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>names the only three things in the picture that could negate my point
>neglects to mention the picture contains twinkies, sugar cereal, cheese-covered pretzel pieces, liquid jarred cheese, peanut butter, and jelly

I literally mentioned "cherry picking" in my original post. Are you trying to make me upset?

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