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>places tried to bring it to australia
>melbourne hipsters complained that it was too "unhealthy" and got it banned

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no-one cares about cityfag opinions

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Yes, I know its based

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>never seen this in aus

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remember you're talking about a land mass that's bigger than the continental US but where everyone lives in one of 3 cities on the east coast
australia's prevailing winds all go eastwards which is where the 3 cities are.
but you wouldnt nuke cities in australia, literal waste of time when they're so isolated from each other or anything that they'd be easy to starve out with some ground troops and a naval blockade
the only things worth nuking in aus would be Townsville and Darwin for the military bases, so any radiation would just go out into the pacific anyway.

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>they tried to sell these in Australia but Melbourne hipsters complained that they werent kale quinoa salads so fish n chip shops stopped selling them

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there's a reason why "nuke melbourne" is a meme

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>he's a cityfag
of course you poofters would love a show about a jew living in an expensive apartment
did you unironically watch shit like "everybody loves raymond" as well?

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Australia is secretly run by property developers, the mining industry, big cotton and the 4 banks.
They go out of their way to design towns and infrastructure in a way to force people to move to the big cities, pay $2mil for a 1/10th acre block so they can FIFO to one of Fat Slug's or Fatty McFuckhead's mines, just so those same fat billionaire cunts can hide their profits overseas to avoid paying tax.

If a Macca's has popped up in your shitty country town then it usually means the food at your local fish n chip shop, roadhouse, bakery or pub is ass.
The best bakery in the country is in a 2-horse town like an hour from fucking Gympie, and the cunts still sell out a batch of 400 meat pies by 8am.
Half of why companies like Starbucks went bankrupt in Australia is because they cant compete with small local places like that.
But unfortunately the faggot Melbournian millenials are moving into the country bit by bit and trying to bring their dystopian corporate shithole with them.

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