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Why so many fags here hate ketchup?

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Hot dogs are only good if made correctly. Its not hard to do. pic related

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for me its ketchup

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>I'll have one hotdog with just ketchup on it. Thank you.

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Nothing beats a sausage with ketchup.

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Any other way is trash.

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If I'm eating them at home I actually like them dry or with a little bit of mustard and relish. However, if I'm at a baseball game, I for some reason have to drench it in mustard and ketchup to the point where it's oozing out and getting all over the place (like pic related but equal parts mustard). But then again there's a lot of strange things I do at baseball games that normally wouldn't do...like for some reason I don't drink and have never drank beer. I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that it's truly the last place on earth where I can feel like a kid again.

So thanks covid 19 for taking that shit from me too.

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Name a better duo.

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This is what the perfect hot dog looks like.

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Chicago dogs are objectively the worst hot dogs only loved by tryhards trying to impress others. The best is a simple all beef hot dog with ketchup.

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Paveru hakase, shiaiei desu

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need I say more

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Ketchup does not belong on a hot dog.
This is a west coast conceptional idea that needs to be dismantled and put to bed.

You got your mustard. Your onion. Pickles. Relish. Cheese sauce. Hell... even jalapenos. But not ketchup. Never ketchup.

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The only way I will eat a hot dog.

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>It's a matter of tradition.

No, a tradition is something that is _accepted_ by people, otherwise it's an imposition.

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You have 10 seconds to explain why a hotdog isn't a sandwich.

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Brb gonna get a drink,watch my hot dog.

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favorite hot dog topping?

>pic related for me.

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