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If you aren't using whatever disposable income you have to stock up on nonperishable bulk goods (rice, beans, grains, ect), you better start doing so. It's gonna get a lot worse before it gets better, anons.

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If your shit looks like injera you most likely shed your stomach lining and should probably go to a hospital immediately.

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>popular sake such as Gekkeikan
That's like saying you tried "popular wine such as Franzia".

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>after many hours of slaving over a hot stove cooking gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice, etouffee, and countless other things i've finally mastered this cuisine and feel confident enough to move on to the next thing
>i will now go on a food and cooking board and post a dumb frog

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Is that really what tic tacs look like these days? Why would they change one of the most iconic packages? Now I want to look up what altoids look like just to have an excuse to day drink.

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>closing down due to razor thin margins of the pandemic
>of the pandemic
You mean "AND the pandemic", right? RIGHT??

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>hawaiian shaved ice

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>brisling: based
>riga gold: meh
>fried, in tomato sauce: wut?

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I sleep like 5-6 hours a night on weekdays and 13 hours on weekends. I spend 2 hours a day on commute.
I have no time to cook. If I do cook, is some shitty fried rice with onions and Chinese spices premix, since it takes so little time to prepare
Do not let your children fall for the stem meme, and certainly not the cse meme

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oh fuck

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>Be American living in a foreign country
>"So Anon, what's your favorite dish?"
>tfw I unironically love Hamburgers but don't want to say it because I don't want to play to the stereotype

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say it ain't so

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>Tfw don't have a big house to make an adopted kitty park

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>looked up what's gulang in urban dictionary
>still couldn't figure it out

Why am i so out of touch

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Lol, I think most of his haters just moved on in the face of massive delusion. But I'm curious as to what you said to get banned. Did you just tell him he was a shit cook?

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