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>if I make a picture, false statements become true.
4chan is made and marketed for enthusiasts of jpopular culture. Thus it is implied that ck is a board for discussing food and cooking, marketed and made for enthusiasts of jpop culture. Return to reddit, tourist.

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>cook in water
>add milk after

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I don't drink piss, sorry

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>Always make it with just pasta, cheese, and milk
>No roux/bechamel
>Still get a nice creamy cheese sauce that doesn't separate
It does thicken up when left sitting much faster than one made with a roux does, but that's about it.

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>tfw used to be a fast eater as a kid
>mom would make me sit at the table until everyone was done
>awkward as fuck
>learn to eat slower
>if i eat too slow shell just stare at me and watch me eat without saying anything
>learned how to pace myself and finish around when everyone else does bc of this
i dont really have the metabolism to eat fast anymore though

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Animals are given brain damage before slaughter and therefore count as vegetable.

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It's just extra protein, what's the issue? I bet you faggots are also adverse to using your own blood if you run out of egg.

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Pepper? I barely know her.

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Dancing always looks fucking retarded, why are normies so mad at this?

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>19% lower risk of death
>risk of death is ∞%

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Do American soda dispensers really do this?
I've never had this issue before.

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>wisdom tooth grew in a month ago
>no problems whatsoever
based genetics

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