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What are foods that taste good without having to chew them? Got my wisdom teeth removed.

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My stepson was oon a strictly vegan diet and shrunk from 6ft2 to under 4 feet tall. Breath smelled of compost and I found baby corn spears in his underwear while he was wearing them.

It isn't healthy it's dangerous.

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>Regularly eats piles of salt

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OP is a faggot. Eggs say good for months and months with little difference in quality. Poached eggs MIGHT be SLIGHTLY better fresh, but boiled eggs peel SLIGHTLY easier when old.

The difference is negligible, your frugal roommates are right to keep their eggs, OP you have certified autism.

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>he makes a decent crust off it.

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>grocery store I usually go to stops selling plastic bags
>take my business elsewhere and make sure to buy a bag every time

Fuck eco fascism

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>Implying you're not all a bunch of angry frogs, annoyed that Australia has cheaper, better wine and we're putting your entry to mid level wine makers out of business

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beat me to it

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That's not glass either dumbfuck

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