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>this whole thread
Every day I thank God for not dooming me to live in America

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>I share a board with retards that drink from random opened bottles found in club bathrooms

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>whiskey and rum because I think they're way too sweet and faggy.
Jesus i shudder to think how grey your palate is if thats the descriptor you use for dark liquors.

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>drinking soda with breakfast
>cola of all things
I could see sparkling juice or water but fucking cola, seriously?

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wait what the fuck

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>name your "food" after a fictional product literally made from human corpses
>soygoys buy it by the ton
Stop the world, I want to get off

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>reminding your husband of the promises he made about getting his shit together warrants physical abuse
Holy fucking shit how did you make it this far in life with only two functional brain cells?

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>Realize what the picture above is
>Start laughing
>Scroll down to this

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>a ramen house that also sells tater tots with a side of cheese whiz

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for real though please assess your eating habits
I say this in the kindest way, changing your blood PH that much can be very dangerous

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