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Eating a pizza with a fork and a knife is pretentious, but that pizza looks fine.

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I woke up and was surprised that this thread was still going. Was going to beat off to a dream I had in some film noir style porn but then came across this link you posted. Better than porn. I remember when working at a pizza parlor the guy in charge of the dough always said to make the balls of dough like "boobies". Always thought that funny but watching this and freshly woken from erotic dreaming, I gotta say, that's magic in getting the dough right.

>language of the gods
I don't know Italian but with the sub-titles I picked up enough by the end of the video that I didn't need them anymore. Funny how explaining food works that way. I needed them for the measurements, though.

I'd never heard of a dough tray before. He says he was born in one. Jesus was born in a "manger" and Bethlehem means "house of bread" and "eat my body", etc... the Rising of the body of Christ. The metaphors all at once made me laugh. Davide Civitiello is the Chosen One. He will bring balance to the Force.

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