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Give me that recipe.

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Whats his best recipe?

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Put the fucking cayenne in OR ELSE

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Whats his best recipe lads?

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say that again, bitch

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>implying I would pick either when based picrel exists

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hellooooo this is chef johnnn from fooooood wishes dot coooom wiiiiith

where the fuck is your cayenne? Thats right - today isn't really a regular episode; Its more of a ransom. Basically I'm pointing this loaded gun at you and you have thirty seconds to show me your cayenne. I know, it sounds crazy! But you know what would be really crazy? Living in a house without cayenne. So with said, show me your cayenne!

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Anon. Cayenne. Now.

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What's the deal with fricasseeing stuff?

The only references to it that I can recall are from old ass Looney Toons and Merry Melodies cartoons.

It's rare for a cooking method to outright disappear. The only videos on J00t00b even mentioning it are from central America, and I have a feeling that they're just using it as a loan-word, though I cannot confirm.

From what I've managed to understand, it's similar to braising, but at a lower temperature and the cooking liquid is made into a gravy before(?) the meat is finished.

Has anyone tried it? It seems like it'd be nice. I can't really find any mainstream recipes featuring it.

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>pureed pigs assholes
pick 1

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Pick up the Cayenne

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Fuuuuuuck wishing dot com

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Im taking your daughter for a bit adam, I like em tender, as they say amongst us chefs. Isnt that right adam?

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hand over the cayenne

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Alright, I'll do that. One more thing: there was another restaurant I applied to and the guy emailed me saying "I'm reaching out to see if you'd like to work at another one of our restaurants" and I said yes but haven't heard anything from him in a week as well. Should I email him too or no... Man I hate applying for jobs

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HelloooOOOO, this is Chef John from fooooood wishes dot comm, wiiiiith...

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Hey Fagusea, shut the fuck up. No. Just shut the fuck up you pathetic dickless spinless brainless little fuck. When I'm done relentlessly plowing your mother, aunts, sisters, wife, and daughters until all their holes gape like a raw Thanksgiving turkey, I'm going to slide my rock hard 15" long thick as tallboy still slick with your mothers cum monster dong all the way down your throat and then I'm going rest my massive balls over your nose completely cutting off your air supply. The last thing you see is going to be my powerful masculine anus shitting blue cheese popovers and easy beef wellington into your eyes as the lights go out. I'm coming for you Adam.

T. Chef "I'm the great ape of your family's anal rape" John

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wrong pic anon

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Get the fuck off my board Fagusea

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>only one man in the thread has mentioned him so far

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what did you say about him?

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He attempts to be an instruction channel while actively showing off that he is special and only people like him with access to the same tools and training can do it, and lords it over the viewer. I also hate Babish for his editing and the sponsor shit he started doing a year or two ago, but he at least does what his channel sets out to do, inform beginner cooks.
Meanwhile chef john does as involved recipies as the cwispy fag but does it specifically in a way to make it accessible and easy for all people to consume. It's like one is for dudes who want to believe they're cool cause they spent $300 on a knife and the other just wants to make some fucking food. Even sam the reddit guy is better at being an instructional recipe channel and he sucks ass.

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I've been eating a variet of fresh produce (Tommatoes , Avacado's, Beetroot ETC) and making stuff like Tuna Salad with Feta. Deenz on crackers

What are some other good meals for when you don't have access to a kitchen

What are some other

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