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Used to manage a diner, and my employees were all useless fucking gremlins the instant a cop walked in the door. I don't know what inspires people to be such fucking self-defeating retards that they want to fuck with the only guy in sight who visibly carried a gun.
>Nigga named Roger, everyone called him Roggy
>Absolute retard that thought he was the coolest guy around for causing trouble for people. Thought he was gangsta despite living in a suburb with fucking "Autumn" in its name
>Cop comes in and orders a plate of eggs
>Roggy makes his plate, and while my back is turned I hear someone's zipper going up
>Spin around and ask Roggy what the fuck he just did
>Look down, he has clearly just pissed on this cop's eggs
>I snap
>Pull Roggy out and sit him next to the cop, ask the man to watch as I tell Roggy to eat the eggs.
>Fucking cries and gags as he chokes down his pisseggs.
>Inform the cop and anyone else listening that this stupid kid had pissed in his order, the one he'd just watched him eat, and ask if he'd like a new order prepared.
>Half the fucking floor and the whole kitchen staff's giggling like schoolkids and Roggy's still crying like a bitch. When I tell him to go home I swear I see a little bit of piss stain on his pants to boot.
>Fire him the next day, and when his dad comes in to complain I get to tell him what his son tried to pull.
Not really any point to that tangent but fuck I hated them all. Roggy wasn't even the worst he's just the one I caught red-handed.

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>maple flavored corn syrup

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>I like to soak it up with ground beef or tuna, alternatively pop them on a bed of guac

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