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Operation Pasta Chads

Okay /ck/ it's that time again! Olive Garden’s famed unlimited ‘Pasta Pass’ returns this week. The passes will officially go on sale Thursday at 2pm, but this year they’ll also be a new addition to the Pasta Pass lineup: a Lifetime Pass.

That's right... Pasta until you fucking die!

The passes will be for sale for 30 minutes only starting at 2pm Thursday, with the waiting room opening up at 1:55pm ET.

Here's where it gets interesting. To get the Lifetime pass, you have to purchase a traditional pass and opt-in to potentially buy the lifetime model. The first 50 people that do will be upgraded to the lifetime option for $500.

Now imagine 50 of us able to walk into an Olive Garden and become a family whenever we want. Getting those soups, breadsticks, pastas and salads when we want them.

Those 50 will be the Pasta Chads. If you’re one of the lucky 50, you’ll get an email Friday letting you know you’re one of the chosen ones. From then, you’ll have 48 hours to pay.

Thoughts of what we could do with such power?

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