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1st of the month Christmas every month!

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just needs some butter and ketchup now

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>heh, jokes on u, gues u don't get to enjoy atherosclerosis, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes type 2

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>Ayy lemme shart in mart healthy food is for yuros lmao *prolonged involuntary wet fecal noise*

Then why do you eat it retard

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>I'd rather be happy and eat delicious food than eat disgusting icky vegetables and slimy gross fish

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t. your standard obese american
t. only thing he busted was the button on his jeans

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>dirty mexicans make up a dish
>fat americans copy said dish
>fat americans can't be bothered to prep this dish
>company makes a shortcut to prepping this dish with shitty spices in a bag
>fat retard wants to spend extra time making a homemade version of this shitty shortcut
The absolute state of this board smdh

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Free healthcare

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El Goblino

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>I not only have to pay for my food but also give the waiter 20% of what I pay to ensure he actually does something an ape could do properly
Fuck off, Americans truly are the dumbest fucking people on earth

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Because cows milk is not meant to be consumed by humans. Get soy or almond milk like normal people.

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