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You know nothing, humans developed "typical" because it works.

Lets say, and im going to keep this simple so pay attention.

Carbs=fast burning/depending on carbs
Fat=moderate burning/depending on quality and bioavailability
Protein=slow burning-moderate burn

When a person eats breakfast, you want a long burn to get you to lunch, but depending on what you choose to eat your body will utilize different nutrients first[cite me].

If you eat only carbs, you will be full, but burn it quickly and be hungry in an hour or two. If you eat only fat, you wont get full, but it will sustain you. If you eat only protein, you wont get a boost of energy to wake you up.

In this order your body needs to, Get a carbs to wake your body up, fat to have a solid energy to get you through the morning and then protein to rebuild muscles while you're out taking care of buisness.

AT LUNCH TIME..forget lunchtime. The formula gets mixed up and altered for an either picking up or winding down day. but essentially at night time, you want to eat light, less protein, less fat, and less carbs. Always wake up with a FULL breakfast, because in the MORNING your body WILL need to rejuvenate itself from the previous day, whether it be muscles, fatigue, or a lack of nutrients and electrolytes.

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How do you keep your food from turning cold right after you're done cooking that dish, but there are still others on the stove?

Too many times have I ended up finish cooking one dish while the others cook and they end up cold by the time I'm ready to eat.

Should I microwave them, keep them covered, or just time everything better?

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